Friday, February 16, 2018

Photo Friday: Mitch Carter

I needed a picture of Mitch for a lapbook I'm creating for the Stepping Stones. I found these two, and I do believe I've landed on a portrait of Mitch that I really like (and I can use the picture wherever I want, since I found it on a royalty site). Yay. So I'm sharing it with you. What do you think? The first portrait is a smiling, happy-go-lucky Mitch. The second picture is a serious, watch-your-step Mitch.
And yes, I photoshopped the Mitch pictures onto Circle C ranch backgrounds. Then I flipped things around and put Mitch and Andi in a picture. So much fun!

I'd like to find good pictures of all the Carters. If you want to put one up for my consideration, send photo links in the comments. :-)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 6

Go HERE to begin this Lost Story.

This "lost scene" is not as lost as some of the others. You will recognize it as a scene from Trouble with Treasure, but with some obvious omissions. This story (I might as well tell you) was originally intended to be a Mitch and Andi story. They are not headed to a lumber camp, but Mitch lets Andi tag along with him for two weeks, while he makes his way up to the high country to resupply the lineshacks. (A lineshack being a small cabin far away from the "home" ranch for use in case a cowhand needs to seek shelter.) It's a yearly task for the Carters. What's missing are the extra characters of Cory and Jenny. Trivia fact: I added the young characters so Andi would have somebody to interact with, etc., and to add more dimensions to the story. But originally, Mitch and Andi were the only players for most of the story.


Lost Scene #6

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Chad leaned over the corral fence and watched his brother tie up the rest of the supplies on the backs of two heavily laden packhorses.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Mitch answered good-naturedly. “Listen here. I’d much rather be on a two-week trip re-suppling a string of line shacks than at Russ’s beck-and-call if he gets it into his head to put together another posse to go after the Dylans again.” He shook his head. “You should have volunteered for this job. Too bad for you.”

“Checking up on a bunch of isolated line shacks in the middle of nowhere isn’t my idea of a vacation. Half of them have probably been vandalized. Or worse, a bunch of squatters have taken them over.” Chad scratched at his chin. “Though I reckon it does beat chasing down outlaws.”

“Don’t worry about me, big brother.” Mitch jerked his thumb in the direction of the pack-horse. “I’ve got my fishing pole. There are some mighty nice lakes up around there.” He rolled his eyes skyward. “I just have to find a shack in good time, check the supplies, then spend the rest of the day leisurely fishing in the cool breeze of the hills. Fresh fish every night. What could be better?”

“Well, little brother, you do make it sound mighty tempting.” Chad pushed back his hat and regarded his brother thoughtfully. Then he shook his head. “I can see you’re ready for the trip, but my real question was are you ready for the company you’ll be keeping for two weeks—day in and day out?” Chad cocked his head in the direction of the barn as a small figure emerged, leading a golden palomino horse.

“Ah, Chad.” Mitch waved it off. “Andi and I’ll have a great time. She’ll be company. It’s the truth you can’t spare any of the men right now. She’s so excited to be allowed to go. Don’t give her a hard time.”
“Better you than me,” Chad said.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine's Day Courageous Love Trivia Contest

The Courageous Love Trivia contest has been put together just in time for Valentine's Day. With the help of an Andi fan, Ellen (and her friend Patience), this trivia contest will be quite the challenge. The prize is a brand-new Circle C mug. The one in the picture below shows a Beginnings insert, but you will win a set of three Circle C Adventures (and Milestones) inserts instead. Or, if you prefer, you can choose which set of inserts you would like. You can see all of the inserts HERE. The mug is not waterproof or dishwasher safe, but can be used for a fun pencil holder, candy, trinkets, etc. The inserts are interchangeable. See below for the contest details and where to send your answers. 

This Valentine's Day trivia contest invites readers to answer 26 questions about the last Circle C Milestones book, Courageous Love. The entry with the most answers correct wins the prize. In the case of multiple ties, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner.

Send your answers to Good luck, and have fun!
The contest begins Saturday, February 10, and ends Monday, February 19, and runs ten days. 
Winner will be announced no later than Wednesday, February 21.
Hint: Feel free to reread Courageous Love to refresh your memory. Happy "hunting"!


1. How many cattle are supposed to be in the pasture when Andi counts them?
2. After Andi's fall off of Dakota and the realization that she has to attend Chad's gala with a swollen nose, what does Riley tell her to prove things could be worse? 
3. What two things do Mother and Luisa apply to Andi's face?
4. What spills all over Andi's dress at Chad's engagement party?
5. After the brick crashes through the window, where does Andi hide herself and Sammy?
6. Why don't Chad, Mitch, Riley, and the rest of the hands see the bag that is the cause of the alkali poisoning?
7. At what time in the morning does the fire alarm ring?
8. Who saves Andi from the barn fire?
9. What does Chad tease Andi about the week after the fire?
10. When Justin asks Andi to stay with Lucy while he's away, what two things does Andi
       not pack in her suitcase?
11. During which month does the kidnapping escapade take place?
12. What is the name of the little boy who delivers the note?
13. What does "ojo por ojo" mean?
14. What was in Lucy's bag that Andi slips into her pocket?
15. Jed tells Andi he isn't guilty for all that has happened to the Carter family. What two
      things is he guilty of?
16. While on the trail, what does Procopio give Sammy in hopes of soothing him?
17. What does Andi put around Tucker's neck?
18. What food is always in the huge cooking pot at the outlaw camp?
19. Who does Riley pretend to be when he enters the camp?
20. What is Benita doing when Andi bursts in to rescue Sammy?
21. Whom does Andi shoot?
22. What does Riley make Andi promise him? 
23. What happens to Jed Hatton?
24. What is the date of Andi and Riley's wedding?
25. Why is Aunt Rebecca not in attendance at the wedding?
26. What is the name of Justin's and Lucy's baby girl?


Friday, February 9, 2018

Photo Friday: More Circle C Timelines

I fixed some of the dates and added a few things to Timeline 1. Below that is the new Timeline 2. Enjoy! And if I've missed anything, please let me know. However, it's not in the scope of this timeline to record the births of every minor character, i.e. "Andi meets Sadie" is one thing, but there is no sense in having Sadie's birthday. That will just clog things up.

TIMELINE 1: 1848-1868

TIMELINE 2: 1870-1878

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Andi Saddles Up Audio Book

Just a mid-week post in case anybody is interested. The Andi Saddles Up audio book just went up on Amazon. The narrator is also completely redoing Andi's Pony Trouble to make it sound a little older, as well as the rest of the Beginnings, but I already liked her reading of the Stepping Stones books.

If nothing else, you can listen to most of the first chapter at the link (an audio sample).

I'll eventually put them all up on my own site, along with samples, but I have to wait for my son Chad to combine the tracks the narrator sent me.

Jennifer, the narrator, started all over again with everything when she decided her own studio wasn't good enough for these recordings. She is borrowing a friend's studio in New York City. I'm happy that she is being so conscientious. She is a real blessing. When I asked if she was prepared to do the rest of the books she said she would love to because they are "so lovely." I don't know if she is a believer, but perhaps reading these books will draw her to Christ. I pray this is so.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 5

Go HERE to begin this Lost Story.

The aftermath! "New" scene. Enjoy.


Lost Scene #5

By the time Justin and Andi reached home, it was well past seven, and their mother had held dinner for them. Elizabeth Carter liked her family together for meals, so it wasn’t unusual to wait until eight or even nine o’clock if the situation called for it.
“Mother!” Andi raced through the front door. “You’ll never guess what happened!”
“What kept you?” Elizabeth stood up with a smile.
“A number of things,” Justin replied, dropping his briefcase on the table. “Not the least being—”
“The bank was held up, Mother!” Andi shouted. “Justin says it’s the Dylan Gang.”
“The Dylan Gang!” Chad jumped up and turned to his brother. “Last I heard they were lying low over in Nevada. What are they doing around here?”
Justin sighed. “Robbing Wilson’s bank, so it would seem.”
Andi went on. “They pointed a gun at me, and at Justin. They made Ned put all the money in a---”
Mother’s hands went to her face. She gasped. “Please don’t tell me you were at the bank when it happened.”
“Yes, I was.” Andi shivered. “It was so scary. But Justin told them to take all the money.” She shook her head. “Poor Mr. Wilson. He’s going to be awfully upset.”
“Oh, my stars!” Mother fell into a chair. “You could have been—”
“All’s well that ends well, Mother.” Justin waved away her concerns. “Andi and I are fine.” He turned to his brothers. “I’ll change clothes and be right down. The sheriff is putting together a posse as we speak. He told us to catch up to them as quick as we could.”

Friday, February 2, 2018

Photo Friday: Stepping Stones Sneak Peek

My illustrator, Leslie Gammelgaard, has done a great job on all of the Stepping Stones books. She likes it when I send her ideas, so I have done that many times. Here are a few examples from the upcoming books 5 and 6 (Andi Dreams of Gold and Andi Far from Home) of how Leslie has turned pictures into fun scenes. Enjoy!

Andi and Cory are off on a gold expedition, but Andi has trouble lifting Taffy's saddle. Leave it to Cory to show off just a little and take care of that task for her. I grabbed the "cover boy" (who looks enough like the Cory on Trouble with Treasure to be a younger Cory!) to hold the saddle for a picture.

Andi ends up meeting what she is sure is a real, live bear! I found the picture on the Internet from a movie where I once saw an old man dressed up in a bear skin. He was the perfect model.

And I needed to show Leslie a cramped, messy cabin, so I found this one. She did great making it look just how I imagined it from the story.

In Book 6, Andi meets the little neighbor boy's cat, who constantly is sneaking out of the house to catch mice in Aunt Rebecca's carriage house. This cat is also on the cover. It is Cleopatra (Garfield in real life). Garfield is the sneakiest cat alive. She sneaks out and catches valley gophers and mice every chance she gets--just like Brody's "city" cat. Leslie used Garfield as a model, but the funny thing is . . . she drew the illustration way before Garfield caught this mouse! But it's a perfect resemblance.

Later, they all go to the beach. Leslie used the outfit Julie is wearing for the picture.

And here is one from Andi Saddles Up. That is my father-in-law years ago on a ranch in South Dakota. Leslie turned the grown-up into Tom Hollister for this picture.

I hope you enjoyed these little sneak peeks of things to come.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 4

Go HERE to begin this Lost Story.

I hope you're having fun. Lost Scene #4 finds Andi cold and wet, and paying dearly for not thinking things through earlier in the afternoon. This next scene is never-before-seen also. Enjoy!


Lost Scene #4

 Andi spent the better part of the next hour trying her best to follow her brother’s instructions regarding the paperwork. Justin had a clerical assistant to take care of this part of his law practice. Tim could have finished the job in a fraction of the time it was taking Andi.

She kept her eyes on the filing cabinets and away from Justin. It had been horribly quiet for the entire hour. Andi wondered if he would ever speak to her again.
A couple of times she had attempted to start a conversation, but he had politely cut her off. “I’m sorry, Andi. I’m busy right now.” She had taken the hint and been quiet ever since.
“Justin,” Andi asked meekly, a full hour later. “Are you all right?”
“Of course, honey. Why?”
“You looked sort of . . . well . . . far away.”
“I was. Now, what can I do for you?”
“Are you . . . are you awfully sore?”
“I was,” came the reply. “But now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’ve decided that I’m merely disappointed and frustrated.”
Andi frowned. “I think I’d rather you were angry.”
“You mean like Chad?”
“Yeah, I guess so. At least he’s quick about it. Seems like you’re hanging onto this an awfully long time.”
Justin cracked a smile. “An hour? That’s not very long. And I really am frustrated with this situation.”
“But why? It was an accident.”
“Yes. I know. You told me.” He indicated a chair. “Sit down, honey. We need to have a long-overdue conversation.”

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I Missed Photo Friday. Sorry!

Here is the entire cover flat for the new Dangerous Decision. It went to the printer on Friday. Yay!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Testimony Time

I don't do it often, but occasionally a testimony comes in that the writer would like me to share with other readers. This one is a story of God's grace and protection, when we least expect it. Thanks, Abbi G.,for sharing about our sovereign God--up close and personal.

      I give the LORD a lot of opportunities to prove His word! I seem to be like Andi in that respect. 
      I travel to Florida fairly often as I have to see a specialty doctor there. Last time, my sister was in her appointment, so I decided to walk the doctor's puppy around the strip mall. 
      I had been jogging for awhile, when a white car with blacked-out windows pulled up next to me. The window rolled down, and there was a mountain of a man in sunglasses and a jacket. That was my first sign. (Who wears a jacket in 100 degree weather?) 
      He asked, "Are you okay, little girl?" 
     That also set off a warning bell as I'm 15 and often accused of looking older. 
      I responded, "Yes, sir. I'm fine." And kept jogging. 
     I was just about to cross the street when the man angled his car where I couldn't get to the other sidewalk. He opened his door, unbuckled, and was driving straight toward me with one leg out of his car. 
      After a situation, you think of all kinds of things you should of done, but when faced with often don't do what you've always been taught. I shot around the back of his car, running faster then I ever had in my life. I was practically dragging the poor dog. (It was a little dog) 
      The man left his car 1/2 parked on the sidewalk and jumped out. He chased me all the way up the sidewalk saying, "Come back! I'm not gonna hurt you." 
      Jesus gave me wings, and goodness did I use them! I charged through the door and ran down the long hall to the doctor's office. I busted in panting, and shaking like a leaf. The man did not follow me into the building. 
      I poured out my story between ragged breaths, and my legs literally couldn't hold me up. After getting the gist of the story, my mom and the doctor ran out to see the car flying down a back road, away. 
    Now I think, I should've started screaming, I should've gotten the license plate number... But through all of my failures, God came through. He always does! I'm so thankful that God never leaves or forsakes you! 
     Thank you!
    Abbi G

Monday, January 22, 2018

Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 3

Go HERE to begin this Lost Story.

Greetings, readers! Lost Scene #3 is also set in town. We left our intrepid heroes paying the price for their foolishness. In the published version of this scene, Justin reacts very differently than he does here. Read and see what happens instead!


Lost Scene #3

“It was worth it,” Cory grinned. He gripped the bars of his cell and pushed his face up against them. Nothing seemed to daunt his spirits, not even the thought of the work his father would no doubt think up in order to pay off the fine.
“Hey, Sheriff!” a new voice hailed him. The occupant of a faraway corner cell stood up and walked over. He sneered. “There goes my peace and quiet. A bunch o’ kids. What’d they do? Rob the bank?”
“Shut up, Toby,” Russ snapped. “You’ve still got ’til dark to serve your 24 hours for drunk-and-disorderliness. Let these kids be.”
“Sure, Sheriff.” He returned to his cot. “Just keep ’em quiet.”
“At least it’s nice and cool in here,” Jack said. He sat down  on the little cot. “My pa’s gonna kill me.”

Just across the aisle, Andi sat on her cot. There was a small puddle of water under her feet. Her long, wet hair continued to drip, and her dress was still soaked. She shivered.
“You all right, Andi?” Jack asked.
“I reckon. But I wish I could change out of these wet clothes. It may be hot outside, but this jail cell is freezing.”
“So,” Toby broke in. “Ain’t this nice? I get to share my jail house with respectable folks’ kids”
Nobody answered.
Toby frowned. “Ain’t I good enough to talk to?”
“Leave us alone, Toby,” Cory said. “The sheriff told you to.”

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Locket Engraving Update

Help! I'm afraid my editor didn't go for the engraving you helped me with.

Here is our "final" original: "May you grow in grace in wisdom in Christ, sweet sister. Love, Justin."

Here is the editor's comment: Even in teeny tiny script, that’s a lot to fit on a locket. And later it says it’s a heart-shaped locket, so that’d be even less room for engraving than an oval.

So, could you please help me cut it down to size? And I need it fast, like by Tuesday. Thanks!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Photo Friday Circle C Timeline

I thought everybody might get a kick out of a Circle C Timeline. I'm not sure how fast I can create it, but this is page 1 "The Early Years." I hope you can see it okay! If you have any suggestions, i.e. what you would like to see listed on a continuing timeline, let me know in the comments.

I have an idea of what I plan to include, like major events of all the stories, and how they are related to the different time periods, like the year Katherine leaves, etc. Or the month/year Daniel shows up at the ranch. But I can't think of everything! Feel free to list ideas.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Contest Is a Go!

The 2018 Circle C Story Writing Contest is officially a "go." I received more than enough entries, in fact I was swamped the last two days of the contest, even receiving a few just before midnight. (Go figure.)

I feel sorry for the official judges! I read all of the stories, and they are going to have a hard time choosing first, second, third places, and honorable mentions. Eeek!

I need to stop getting into a panic at the first of the year when I only have a handful. :-)

So hang on to to your cowboy hats and be patient. Remember, the winner is not announced until April 1, in order to give the judges time to make an unrushed decision, and also for yours truly (Mrs. M) to format the winning stories, edit them (yes, for spelling, smoothness, and anything else a real editor does for a book about to be published). I will make the winning stories shine even brighter!

The winners will be notified privately before I make any announcements on the blog, so don't bother asking about it until April 1. *sorry, O impatient ones*

Thanks for entering!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 2

Go HERE to begin this Lost Story.

Greetings, readers! Lost Scene #2 is set in town. It will feel very familiar, but with a twist. What's the twist in this scene that didn't get included in the final version of a published Circle C Adventures book? Hopefully this version is different enough that you will enjoy it! (I decided to post the lost scenes on Monday to take the place of Andi's Journal for now.)


Lost Scene #2

Andi never made it to the barn to see Taffy. The sound of a buggy brought her around.
It was Melinda. She was dressed in a light-weight summer gown. On her head was a pretty straw hat. Compared to Andi she looked fresh and cool.
Andi waved her to a stop. “Where are you going?”
“Into town. Mrs. Pigott said my new hat would be finished this afternoon, and want it for Sunday.”

“May I come along?” She hadn’t seen her friend Rachel for weeks. Perhaps they could sit out in the shade under the Pigott’s huge oak tree and drink iced lemonade. That would surely be such lady-like activity that Mother would agree at once.
Melinda sighed. “I suppose.”
Andi climbed into the buggy alongside her sister. Melinda didn’t move. “What’s the matter?”
“You know Mother will never let you off the ranch looking like that.”
Andi looked down at herself. Her sister was right, and for once she agreed. A lightweight cotton dress and summer slippers would be much cooler than these dusty overalls. “I’ll be back in just a few minutes.  Don’t leave without me.” She jumped from the buggy and took off for the house at a run.
“Don’t forget your hat,” Melinda yelled after her. “It’s a long ride into town in the open!”

Friday, January 12, 2018

Photo Friday: Covers and More

My publisher sent the final two covers for Stepping Stones books 5-6. They are below.

Also, scroll down to see the final engraving on the locket. I updated it. I have also changed Andi's birthday of getting the locket to her tenth birthday. The picture from the back of Andi Far from Home is the reason why. We needed some kind of necklace around Julie's (Andi's) neck when I took the pictures, and my daughter had a locket. "Great!" I said. Not realizing that would cause all kinds of problems in the canon (Circle C timeline) for the stories.

Luckily, I'm revising Family Secret and can fix all that. I guess this is what happens when an author has no idea she will end up writing so many different eras of Andi's life. Good thing I have you fans to help me keep everything straight!

 Official, final covers:

Unofficial BACK COVERS: (note locket around Andi's neck)

And the final LOCKET picture:

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lost Stories: Andrea Carter and Trouble at the Lineshack 1

Guess what! I found an entire story that is different in many ways from what it ended up being in the real publishing world.

Here's the challenge. Each week I'll post a new "lost scene" from this story. I stole lots of things from this original story to create different books. Can you figure out where the different parts of these scenes ended up in other books?

Hint: Most of this first scene has never been seen before (I don't think so, anyway, so bear with me). Variations, however, have found their way into another book. Have fun! Leave your guesses in the comments. A new scene every Monday until I run out of story.

Lost Scene #1
A blast of hot summer air struck Andrea Carter directly in the face as she left the relative coolness of the house. She had been looking forward to a nice afternoon ride, but immediately the very thought of climbing onto a horse and galloping around under the fierce California sun made her reconsider.
“It’s too hot to ride,” she muttered to herself in disappointment. “I should’ve ridden early this morning before I got saddled with all those chores Mother found for me.” She pulled the strings of her hat forward, bringing the black felt riding hat onto her head. It afforded some protection from the glaring sun, but none from the heat.
The yard seemed deserted. A few ranch hands were lounging around, repairing their equipment, lazily brushing their horses, and in general trying to find a cool spot to rest. They gave her a half-hearted wave.
“Hot, ain’t it, Miss Andi?” one of the more energetic of the men remarked.
Andi smiled and returned the wave. She nodded, too drained to speak.
“Betcha it’s a hundred and ten in the shade,” came another comment. The young cowhand removed his hat and swiped a bandana across his sweaty brow.
Andi watched with interest as the man left his spot on the bunkhouse porch, made his way to the pump and trough, and plunged the bandana into the water. He squeezed out a generous portion of water, then tied the wet cloth around his neck.
“That’s a mite better.” He grinned. “That should last at least two minutes.” He returned to the porch.
“Why don’t you dunk your whole head in, Josh?” Andi wandered over to the trough and gazed into the now-still water. It was mighty tempting.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Photo Friday: Help! Andi's Locket from Family Secret

My publisher just sent me the file for Andrea Carter and the Family Secret. I have been asked by a couple of fans to please give more details about the locket Hannah grabs, Andi takes back, and then gives to Hannah to keep her from crying when Troy is taking the children away. (And I have been asked to explain how Andi gets the locket back so she can use it again in Courageous Love.) And I will TRY to squeeze in a rumor about Troy too, if I don't run over my 40,000 word limit. (I'm at 39,500 right now, so I have some wiggle room.)

I am in the process of doing that over the next several days. I will explain about the locket coming back to Andi in the last chapter, just before her sister Kate and the kids go to San Francisco.

In the meantime, I need your help on the details of the locket. I've woven in some short details into the story (costly, gold, etchings, etc.), and mentioned that even more precious are the two miniatures of her mother and father on the inside, but I also want to describe a short engraving that Justin wrote on the back of the locket (for her 12th birthday). Here's what I have so far: "Grow in grace and wisdom, sweet little sister. Love Justin."

But honestly, I'm terrible at thinking of sentimental things to write, and you are probably better. Here you go! Give me ideas of 12-14 words or less (more would never have fit. I looked it up on line, and 16 words is like the max!). Write your ideas in the comments. If I like one of yours better than the one I have right now, I'll put yours in so fast it will make your head spin! If you like what I have, vote for it, okay? But believe me, my feelings won't be hurt if you think of something better!

But hurry! I will be finishing the edits the middle of next week and sending the file back to my publisher. 


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Fan Fiction Award!

What a nice New Year's surprise. This morning I received an email from The Writer Awards, a group of volunteer writers who banded together to find the best fan fiction blogs and websites. Go figure. Most of the actual Fan Fiction stories surrounding the Circle C Adventures are a sub-blog at the Fan Fiction Blog. But maybe they like the whole "Andi's Adventures in the Old West," since the entire thing is a big fan venture, and they posted this URL as the winner. Whatever the reason, thanks to you, fans, for participating by being faithful to Andi's blog, since without readers the whole fan fiction idea would not fly.

And the award? This little graphic to post, and they plan to promote the top 9 sites, so maybe others will learn about Andi and her adventures in the Old West.

Here is what they wrote:

First off, a huge congratulations! We've selected Circle C Adventures as one of the top fanfiction websites and blogs of 2017! We were suggested over 200 fan fiction blogs and sites to review. It took awhile, but we went through them all and pulled together the final list of sites that we felt were the highest quality and most unique. 

A huge congratulations! Out of the hundreds of sites, you made the list! The top 9 we selected were all so high quality that it was very difficult to rank them; every blog selected is of extremely high quality.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Fifteen Days Left to Enter the Circle C Contest!

I thought I'd give you an update and a reminder. Only about a dozen stories have been submitted for the upcoming Circle C Short Story Contest. The deadline is January 15, so if you are even thinking of entering, I suggest you get that story polished and sent to ASAP.

In the past I have received up to eighty entries (!!), and I cannot run the contest with less than twelve entries per category. This would be a shame for all of you who have already sent in stories. I've got them ready, and I've read them all so far. *smile*

Just a New Year's reminder.