Monday, September 17, 2018

Andi's Journal - June 23, 1887

June 23, 1887

Riley had questions. He wanted to know why there was no supper. He also wanted to know why a swarm of bees was buzzing around a wet spot on the back porch.
I was too tired to answer. When most of the bees had had their fill, I'd brought in the pie pan and washed it up. I took a bucket of water and threw it onto the bees and what they hadn’t eaten of the pie. That explained the wet spot on the porch.
Riley had bread and milk that night, and I went to bed.
The next morning, Riley asked, “Is something wrong?”
“Wrong?” I smeared jam on my toast. “Why do you ask?”
“Let’s see…” Riley stirred sugar into his coffee and eyed me. “You’re looking more tired than I’ve ever seen you. Last night you went right to bed without any supper. You’ve also acted more…” He cleared his throat and looked away.
“Grumpy?” I finished for him. I sighed. “I reckon I have.”
I flushed and ducked my head. “Lots of reasons.”
Riley said nothing, but his patient look prompted me to finish explaining.
I took a breath and exploded, “For one, there’s this baby. He or she won’t let me sleep at night, and wears me out during the day. Then”—I swallowed—“there’s Jasper.”
“More mischief?” 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Photo Friday- Behind the Scenes: Courageous Love

Better late than never. Go here for this week's Behind the Scenes look at Courageous Love.
Mrs. M was called to California unexpectedly to babysit, so things have been busy. I hope to have the Circle C Beginnings for Photo Friday next week, but no promises! 


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Character Quiz #3 - Katherine Carter

How well do you know Andi's oldest sister, Katherine? Sadie S. has once again brought a fun character quiz to ponder.

The prize for this character quiz is a choice between these two offerings:

1) a Circle C Adventures mug. You can choose any of the designs. Comes with three designs. Go HERE to check them out.
OR . . .
2) a book or journal of your choice. 

Send your answers to

Do not send your answers via the contact form. Do not send your answers to my susankmarlow email. Thank you.

As always, the winner will be randomly drawn from any ties.

Contest begins Wednesday, September 12. Ends Wednesday, September 19.

KATHERINE CARTER, character quiz. How well do you know Kate?

Q1. How old was Kate when she ran away with Troy?
 A.                  15
 B.                  16
 C.                  17

Q2. Where has Kate always wanted to live?
 A.                  In town
 B.                  In the city
 C.                  On the ranch

Q3.  What embarrassing thing happened to Kate when she was young?
 A.                  She had an accident at school.
 B.                  She spilled soup on a guest at dinner.
 C.                  She tripped and fell into horse manure.

Q4. What is Kate’s married name?
 A.                  Swanson
 B.                  Swensen
 C.                  Sweden

Q5. How old was Kate when she first started school?
A.                  Six
B.                  Eight
C.                  Seven

Q6. How many children does Kate have?
 A.                  Four
 B.                 Three
 C.                  Two

Q7.  How old was Kate when she came back home to the ranch?
  A.                  20
  B.                  23
  C.                  25

Q8. What “reader” was Kate in when she first started school?
  A.                 The second reader
  B.                 The first reader
  C.                  The fourth reader

Q9. When Kate first arrived home, who behaved like a giddy-school boy on the last day of school?
   A.                  Chad
   B.                  Justin
   C.                  Mitch

Q10. How many times has Kate run away from home?
   A.                  Two
   B.                  Three
   C.                  One

Q11. Out of all of her family, who is Kate most like?
   A.                  Justin
   B.                  Mother
   C.                  Father

Q12. Who was the first person to introduce Kate to her youngest sister?
   A.                 Melinda
   B.                 Mother
   C.                  Mitch

Q13. Who was Katherine’s teacher when she was in school?
   A.                  Mr. Foster
   B.                  Miss Ryder
   C.                  Miss Hall

Q14. How long did it take Kate to save for the train fare home?
   A.                  Several weeks
   B.                  Nearly a year
   C.                  Six months

Q15. With whom did Kate stay the first time she ran away to San Francisco?
   A.                  Miss Edith Whitaker
   B.                  Aunt Rebecca
   C.                  Justin

Q16. Who was the only person who didn’t know that Kate was their sibling?
   A.                  Mitch
   B.                  Melinda
   C.                  Andi

Q17. What was the one thing that Kate hated most about the ranch?
   A.                 Owning so many livestock
   B.                 Living so far away from civilization
   C.                  Having to do tons of chores

Q18. What did Kate leave at the train depot?
   A.                 Her purse
   B.                 Her baggage
   C.                  Levi

Q19. Who was the first person to explain about Kate to Andi?
   A.                  Mother
   B.                 Justin
   C.                  Chad

Q20. Where was the last place Kate was living right before she came back home?
   A.                  Chicago
   B.                  New York
   C.                  San Francisco 


Monday, September 10, 2018

Andi's Journal - June 16, 1887

June 16, 1887

            I love Jasper, that fuzzy little lamb Sadie gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. I am glad Riley said I could keep him, but recently he’s proved to be nothing but trouble.
            I was keeping Jasper in the barn, but he soon became cramped and unhappy. Baa, baa, baa all day long. He wanted out. His bleats and hoofbeats could be heard all the way from the house. Finally, in desperation, I released him from his prison and let him romp around the yard. He nibbled at the grass, but mostly he wanted to follow me around. Everywhere.
            Andi had a little lamb . . . I chanted to myself. So sweet.
Since this is a personal journal, and I have no intention of holding it out to my family and saying, “Come one, come all! Read Andi’s personal thoughts,” I can share my feelings.
And my feelings are not happy thoughts these days. It’s hot! I’m hot! I’m fat. I’m tired. And I just wish all this baby stuff would be over. I know I will love my baby, but . . .
Well, I had to pause and wash my face. I was crying just then. I. AM. TIRED. I want my mother. I want to be Andi Carter again and hop on Shasta and ride up to my special spot. Oh, wait. I’m living at my special spot. All of a sudden it doesn’t feel as special as it used to.
I have a feeling that right now I wish I didn’t have to grow up. Oops. The baby kicked just then. Hard. Too late. I’m stuck. (Good thing Riley is too much of a gentleman to snoop in my journal.)
The good grownup thing to do was wash all of the clothes I agonized over. Sew, sew, sew. Finally. Done! I figured it might be a good idea to see if the seams hold after a good scrubbing.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Andi's Journal--June 9, 1887

June 9, 1887

It has now been three weeks since Sadie brought me my new pet, but at least Riley and I are on good terms … although it felt like it took so long.
As soon as my family left after my birthday party that dreadful night, Riley seated us both on the settee and began to patiently explain all of the reasons why we couldn’t keep Jasper.
I already knew the reasons, so his words sounded like the drone of bees in my head.
Then Riley fell silent. My turn! I took the opportunity to unleash my fury.
“You’re not being fair,” I sputtered. “What’s so wrong about one little lamb?”
He let out a breath. “Didn’t you hear anything I just said?”
Truth be told, no, I hadn’t. Like I said, his words were a buzz. Besides, I’d been too busy steaming.
Be angry and sin not, my conscience whispered.
I ignored those well-worn and familiar words. “I’ve always wanted a sheep,” I begged, “Always. Chad was too mean and bossy to let me keep one.” I dug my fingernails into my palms and fought to keep my voice under control. “It’s not fair!”
I cringed inwardly. That was the cry of a spoiled child. I knew well, as I’d used those three little words too many times growing up.
They never got me anywhere back then. I wasn’t sure they’d get me anywhere tonight.