Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Heartbreak Trail sneak peek #2

Meet 2 brand-new characters. The hired trail hand is Toledo McGuire, and his horse is Sultan. Here's your assignment. I need pictures of him and of his horse, Sultan. Andi first meets him when the half dozen temporary trail hands Mitch hired the day before ride into the yard. They're all young and boisterous. All except the one off to the side . . . 

After reading the excerpt, please help me find a picture of Toledo! He's about 19 and you can read his description. I need a link for a picture, like you did before. And HELP! I can't find a picture of his gorgeous horse, either. So, I'd love links to both pictures. Thanks! Leave the links in the comments box. 

       Off to one side of the group, a tall, good-looking cowboy sat his horse as if he were leading a rodeo procession. Andi caught her breath. The horse was at least sixteen hands tall and held his head high. His black mane and tail stood out against his glistening white body.
       He’s gorgeous! Andi thought. Not your ordinary cow pony. She couldn’t help wondering if the horse was any good at rounding up maverick steers. He seemed more suited for a parade than for a cattle drive.
       The cowboy also held his head high. He acted more serious than the other drovers, though he was not much older. His clothes were clean and pressed instead of trail-worn. He caught Andi gaping at him and swept off his hat.
       “Howdy-do, miss,” he called to her in a pleasant voice, nodding politely. A wide smile showed even, white teeth.
       Andi blushed. Not just any cowboy, either. She returned his nod.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Shasta Pictures

Thank you for all the lovely links. You saved me a ton of work! After looking at all of them, I have chosen the ones that I think best represent Shasta. Hope you like them!

I saw a couple of dazzling "silver dapple" pictures, but upon further reflection, their body coats were too black to qualify as "chocolate" in my descriptions of Shasta in both books 1 and in book 3. But it was hard not to use them because they were so striking. 

At the very bottom is a quick picture of Sunny, the cream-colored twin. He glistens a pale gold in the sun.


Shasta grown up.
Thanks again for your help!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Upcoming Sneak Peek

I apologize for being nearly invisible this past week (and more). Mrs. M has been off the grid, and when she is off the grid, so am I. However, as a result of your patience, as soon as she finishes the last chapter and a half of the CCMilestones book 3, The Last Ride, she will post a new sneak peek for Book 2, Heartbreak Trail, releasing July 2015.

Here is an  example
Until then, Mrs. M is on the lookout for pictures of Shasta, Taffy's colt. He is a chocolate palomino (but if you find a nice picture of a silver dapple, I might be tempted to use it, even though it's not quite right, if you know what I mean!)

The kicker is Shasta is described as completely dark chocolate, with no white markings (socks, stars, etc.). Just the dark body and silvery/cream mane. Good luck. If you find something, please copy the link of the picture in a comment and Mrs. M will go check it out.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Contest now open for age 14

Someone commented that they wished the contest was open to 14 year olds. My author friend asked her publisher and they agreed! Go over to the link and ENTER THE CONTEST. It's like a . . . $150 prize of Breyer horses and Ms. Ferrell's NEW BOOK!

 <p align="left"><b>Here's the book included in both prizes ...</b></p>Thumbnail

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Horse Lover's Video Contest

<p align="left"><b>Here's the book included in both prizes ...</b></p>My author friend, Miralee Ferrell has written a new (Christian) horse book series for kids. The first book is A Horse for Kate, and I will be getting one of these books to offer as a giveaway right here on Andi's blog. But that will not be happening until after I get home (beginning of May) and receive the book.

But here is a super-fun contest the publisher, Cook, is offering. Go to this link for all the great details. You win some Breyer horses (and her book) in the process. It's called the a "Horse Lover's Video Contest."You create a quick video and tell why you love horses. All the details are at the link. Just click it for more.It is for ages up to AGE FOURTEEN.

Here is the cover. And I will be having a fun giveaway for this book later on . . .

Monday, April 6, 2015

Calamity Rene has changed her blog address!

Calamity Rene asked me to post this very important message to anyone who has been enjoying her Wild Washingtonian blog. Now that she's delving into the real world of authors, it's time she gave her blog a new facelift (and a new name and address) as befits and up and coming authoress.
Go to EMILY MCCONNELL's blog to see the same great material under a new name.


Justin's Homecoming . . . by Sarrah

This is (I believe) Sarrah's first fan story. Enjoy!

 Justin's Homecoming

             Andi woke up to the sun shining on her face. Then she remembered, Justin was coming home from a trial which had convicted Trey Still to prison for shooting the school master Ms. Amelia. She had wanted to go with her brother Chad to the train station to pick him up but Mother, when she overheard, said that she wanted her to go over to the Miller's and bring them some food since Mrs. Roselyn Miller's husband had just died a few weeks ago.
            Andi sighed deeply with annoyance when moments after she had slid her dress on a voice said, “Andi? Are you ready to take the food to the Millers? I have made up my mind. If you can hurry and take this food over to the Miller's before Chad leaves you may go with him.”

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mrs. M's Blog

As if Mrs. M didn't have enough on her plate . . . She spent the afternoon the other day combining all of her blogs (all 2 of them) under one user name. This means it is much, much easier to post on a blog that she hadn't really touched for over 2 years. But now it is back on line and easy to post things in Mrs. M's life -- not Andi's life. So, if you want to read trivia and see pictures and look behind the scenes at what Mrs. M is up to when she's not writing more Andi stories, feel free to follow "Suzy's Scribbles Blog." (hint: read the latest post about the blood moon. She got up to see it and there are pictures.)

Resurrection Day Retelling . . . by Jesseca

Thanks, Jesseca, for sending this just in time for Resurrection Day! A retelling of Christ's resurrection, taken from John 20 and Luke 24. Enjoy! And . . . happy Resurrection Day!
Me: He is risen!
You: He is risen indeed!

“He is risen, he is risen!” Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary, James’s mother hurried into the room where ten of the disciples were gathered.
Mary Magdalane closed the door softly behind them.
At the words of the women, the disciples cast disbelieving, confused glances at one another, an unspoken question showing in all their eyes. Have they gone mad?

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fans' POV stories #12 . . . by Blessing Counter

Well . . . wow. This POV scene is not from my books. It surely captured my attention--not only the original, but Blessing Counter's scene from the husband's POV. I actually like Blessing Counter's rendition better than the author's! :-)

Here is a POV that I did from the book, The King's Daughter, by Suzanne Martel.

I hope you enjoy it! :)

~ Blessing Counter

Setting the Scene: Jeanne Chatel de Rouville, her stepchildren, and their friends Gasagonas and Mathurin are left at home while Simon, Jeanne’s husband, goes hunting with his friends. After hearing that the Iroquois are coming, Jeanne makes her little dwelling look like it had already been attacked in order to trick the Iroquois. She hangs her hair on a branch, burns down the house, then hides in an underground cellar with the children and Gasagonas. Three days later she ventures out . . .

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Website Design

And, of course, whenever I play with the blog, I redesign the website too. I soon hope to put a new page up . . . a "growing up" character page, since the new Circle C Milestones introduces new characters and older "familiar" characters.

Check out the Circle C Milestones newly designed website!


Fans' POV stories #11 . . . by Grace

This is a really unique POV scene . . . a minor character from Price of Truth. "Li" is only in the book for one, short scene--when he opens the door for the sheriff and later fetches Peter. I liked how Grace gave Li a personality of his own by letting us see this scene through his eyes. 

Scene from Price of Truth, Chapter 9
Grace C.

Something very wrong is happening.

For a house servant like me, most days that I work for the prestigious banker, Mr. Wilson, and his family of Fresno, CA, are rather ordinary. I spend the hours fetching items, running errands, and making myself useful around my employer’s spacious house.

But today was NOT an ordinary day.

This particular afternoon, I was making my way through the house when I heard the loud, distinct sound of knocking. When I opened the heavy wooden door, I saw Sherriff Tate, along with another man I recognized as Justin Carter, a lawyer in town, and Mr. Carter’s sister, Andi. Their faces were grim, yet they also held uneasiness. The girl, especially, looked nervous. She hung back and pressed close to her brother, who stood near her.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A New Spring Look

I felt it was time for a spring makeover on the blog. So, here you have it. All of the former sidebar graphics of the categories are now written across the top of the blog. The only disappointment is the fact that I can't see your pictures when you comment. I even tried this out on my new "Andi's Design Studio" blog, and my comments showed up. I'm so ticked. Grrr.
Well, enjoy!

Fans' POV stories #10 . . . Bethany R.

This clearly was (and is) a fun assignment for everyone. And I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm having a lot of fun reading the different characters' points of view! This one is when Macy first shows up at school in Thick as Thieves. And it's from her POV. By Bethany R.

From Thick as Thieves: pp. 40-42

            “Ty, don't make me go!” I hissed furiously. I would not waste my time in no school learning stuff that I don't need to know.
            “Macy, you're going whether you like it or not. I can't keep watchin' you all day long. I got better stuff to do. Now get on in there,” my older brother commanded.
            “Not a chance, and you can't make me.” I planted my feet.
            “Oh yeah?” With that, Ty roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the classroom where a bunch of fancy, rich pupils stared. Some hung their mouths open and others wrinkled their noses.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fans' Point of View #9 . . . Jesseca

And the posts just keep rolling in. This is the story "Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan," from Jeffrey, the banished suitor's, point of view. By Jesseca. Enjoy!

Jeffrey Sullivan ran a hand over the smooth leather of his new buggy seat, then caressed the weatherproof top. This will make Melinda happy. And Libby too when I show it to her. He chuckled to himself. He was considered quite a catch among the ladies. He found it rather amusing the way they swooned over him.
I’ve got everything under control, he thought to himself with a smug smile. Not only was he courting Melinda Carter, he was also courting Libby Flanders and Katlin Wellington. All three of the girls were entitled to a large sum of money.
You’ve done pretty good for yourself, Jeffery. He certainly had his choice of girls. Granted, he had to be careful not to let any of them know about the other. If any of them suspected something, it would be over for him. “But they’ll never suspect, not while they think I love them.” he said out loud with a satisfied grin.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fans' POV scenes #8 . . . Bethany R.

Bethany R. offers this great scene from Dangerous Decision. See what she's got to say about what inspired her. And it's a unique point of view, that's for sure!

Dangerous Decision: pp. 10-12

 A thanks to Jesseca Dawn. When I read her POV story of this same scene but from Cory's POV, it gave me the idea for this one. It is the scene of the reckless race through Fresno.

            “You talk too much,” Cory, sitting astride my competition, complained. “Let's go already.”
            “Please, Jack,” my rider appealed to the young man on the ground, “It's mighty hot.”
            Yes, that it is. I'm already sweating under this saddle and the race has not even begun. I glance over at Flash, “Are you ready to be left in my dust?” I neighed.
            “Not a chance. My rider and I are gonna beat you by a mile!”
            “We'll see about that!” I challenged as the young man that my rider called 'Jack' droped his arm to side side and shouted, “Go!”
            My rider dug her heels into my sides and I lunged forward with a thrust of my mighty haunches. Without looking over, I could feel Flash right next to me. Suddenly an old farmer rattled by my side driving an old buckboard. I put on a surge of power now that Flash had swerve to avoid the buckboard.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fans' Point of View stories #7 . . . Kaitlyn

Here is a point of view scene from the Goldtown Adventures, written by Kaitlyn! It is from Badge of Honor, after the kids find an injured Strike-it-rich Sam. Nathan has gone back to town for help, and Ellie and Jem are alone. Jem leaves to bring back water for Strike and find Canary, the donkey, who has wandered off. The original chapter is from Jem's POV and what happens to him. We don't know what Ellie is doing as she waits with Strike. And now we do, thanks to this scene from Ellie's POV.

I wrote one of those different POV scenes…. here it is!  It's from that scene in the Goldtown book #1, Badge of Honor, when Jem is going to find Canary to bring water back to Ellie & Strike.  This is written from Ellie's POV.  It starts right when Jem is leaving:

Ellie Coulter watched her brother, Jem, disappear into the shadows of the forest, her courage fading with each of his steps. She looked intently at the campfire, as if the flames could calm the uneasiness causing a knot to form in the pit of her stomach.
            Something’s going to happen to Jem; I just know it! she thought. Maybe I should follow him...  she shook her head vigorously. No, he told me to stay here with Strike. But what if something really does happen to him, and he gets hurt because I wasn’t there to help? But then again, what could I do that he couldn’t? He’s just going to go find Canary, get the water, and bring it back here.  That’s all.  What could go wrong?  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fans Point of View Stories #6 . . . Lauren T.

Here is a unique scene from the point of view of little Lin Mei--the first time she sees Andi in San Francisco Smugglers. I found it full of insight into Lin Mei's personality. This is from Lauren T.          

Lin Mei wiped sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand as steam rose relentlessly from the pan she was scrubbing with hot water. She furtively glanced over her shoulder at her master, Fen-Chee. It seemed that no matter how well she did any task, he always found fault with it. When Fen-Chee’s temper was arisen, it reminded Lin-Mei of the steam burning her face. Ruthless and hot.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fans' Point of View Stories #5 . . . Megs

Here is another point of view look from Trouble with Treasure. Megs is letting readers know what Cory was up to after he left Andi and Jenny in the cabin and rode away on Flash for help back in Fresno Flats. It's great insight into Cory's personality.

“Cory, I’m scared. What if something happens to you? Then what?”
I gave her braid another tug. “If it makes you feel better, sure, I’ll take Mitch’s gun along.” I then scooped up the pistol, turned, and walked out the door. Andi followed close behind.
I went over to Flash, mounted up, then gave Andi a cheerful wave. “I’ll be back within two days. See you soon Andi!”
Then I headed down the trail to Fresno Flats…and help.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fans' Point of View stories #4 . . . by Lydia

This seems to be a popular "assignment" and the offerings are great. I am sure enjoying reading everyone's point of view stories. This one is from Lydia, and I'll let her explain the scene she chose in her own words:

I’m Lydia. I love to write in first person - I wrote my first three novellas in that style of writing. So when you posted about different points-of-view I thought it would be fun to write a scene from one of your books. This scene is from Thick As Thieves, the start of Chapter 18, from Macy’s point of view. I thought it would be fun because Macy is one of my favorite characters in your books, Mrs. M - aside from Andi of course. :)

Note to Lydia and everyone else: Originally I wrote one chapter (Chapter 17) from Macy's point of view, but it made the overall story feel disconnected so I worked very hard to give readers the information but keep it in Andi's POV. Just thought that was an interesting little point of trivia.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fans' Point of View 3 . . . Bethany

Now for a point of view taken from a different book. Bethany has (like I asked) provided both the original scene from DJ's point of view from OLYMPIC DREAMS by Lauraine Snelling, and then given us the scene from Amy's POV. This is such good writing practice, and I love to see how well you readers are doing.

Setting the scene: DJ (Darla Jean) has an idea for how to make some money for her horse fund. She has not yet explained it to her friend, Amy, who is chomping at the bit to find about about this idea. . .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A prayer request and a contest

Lots of posts going up this week. There has been a GREAT response to the point of view lesson I posted the other day. I have a few more offerings lined up for the week.

But in the meantime, a prayer request has come in from Lauren S.
 Hi Mrs. Marlow. I was wondering if you could post on the blog a prayer request for me. Just this morning, a good friend of mine's mother died of cancer. If you could please pray for the family, it would mean a lot to them and me. Thanks. Their name is "Knorr."

 Let's lift this family up, shall we?

Another opportunity to win not only one of Andi's adventures (Tales) but a nice bundle from http://christiancontest.com/.
A Horse for Kate is by my author friend, and it's a great book. 

Ends this Sunday.


Fans' Point of View Stories #2 . . . Megs

Today I'm posting a unique POV from Megs. She took the opening to Trouble with Treasure and wrote it from Cory's point of view. (If you remember, in Trouble with Treasure, Cory shows Andi and Jenny a map of old gold diggings up in the Sierras. Cory tells Andi where he got the map. That's all Megs needed to create a brand-new scene from Cory's POV. 

Cory's POV from Trouble with Treasure:

Cory Blake stepped out the front doors of the Blake livery stable, and was greeted by a blast of hot summer air. “Golly, it sure is a scorcher today!” 
He commented to no one in particular, wiping the forming sweat beads from his brow.
“Hey Blake!”
He looked up, shading his eyes from the bright sun, and saw Johnny Wilson come swaggering up the boardwalk. “Oh, hi Johnny.” 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fans' Point of View Stories #1 . . . Jesseca

This week I am posting the POV offerings, in the order I received them. So far, two are from Andi books. The third one (Wednesday) comes from another book. These are great! It looks like everybody enjoyed the assignment! I'll post others as they come in. 

POV #1: Jesseca took a scene from the new book, Thick as Thieves, and rewrote it from Mitch's POV. It is where Taffy is a runaway, due to some malicious mischief on Macy's part. 

Mitch walked slowly down the boardwalk. It had been another long, hard night of trying to track down the rustlers without any luck. We’d better find them soon. Chad’s just about gone crazy!
He was just about to open the door to the Mercantile when the shout “runaway” was heard echoing through the town as everyone scrambled to get out of the way. One look at the horse and Mitch felt his heart drop. It was Taffy, and Andi was still in the saddle hanging on for dear life.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Andrea Carter's Crazy Adventure . . . by Andrea

Mrs. M tried to figure out a good place to break this story into two parts, but she couldn't. So she apologizes for the length (and for the fact that this week has been so crazy-busy that she was not able to do a very good "edit" on it). I'm sure you will enjoy Andi's crazy adventure. I believe this is Andrea's first fan story!

Andrea Carter's Crazy Adventure
by Andrea
“Andrea!” A voice yelled.
Andi sighed, “Yes Chad?”
“How come you aren't in the barn? You forgot to feed Taffy and all the other horses, it was your chore from yesterday.” Chad scowled at Andi as she came down the stairs.
Andi gasped and said, “I'm so sorry Chad, let me do it right now.”
Chad said, “Alright, but hurry, you need to also fill all the horses troughs with water.”
This time it was Andi who scowled at Chad, “Chad Carter, you want me to spend my Saturday filling horse troughs and fill their food pails with grain?”
Chad said, “Yep, it doesn't take all day you know. Sid can get that chore done in one hour.”
“You mean Sid McCoy your foreman?” Andi asked.
“Yep.” Chad said.
“Alright Chad, you win. Let me eat something and I'll go feed and give the horses their water. Then can I go riding or do a race with Cory or something like that?” Andi asked.
“Yes sis, but after you do your chores, not before.” Chad said with a small smile on his face.
“Oh alright, just let me eat breakfast.” Andi said scowling again at Chad.
“Hi ya Andi.” A cheerful voice called out. It was Mitch.
“Hi Mitch!” Andi called out to him just as cheerfully.