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Mail-order Brides and Scalawags

Author note: This is a true story, with names changed and dates changed to merge it with the Circle C Adventures. Enjoy!

After I got used to going to school way back when I was 6, I discovered that my school mistress (the same teacher all my brothers and sisters sat under) was always full of stories. One day when I was about 8, Miss Hall was standing in the schoolyard during noon recess with a funny little smile on her face. I could tell she was bursting to tell us something . . . it usually involved her family back East.
      We rushed over and gathered around. "What is it, Miss Hall?" Cory burst out.
     "Oh, just the most unusual thing I've heard in a long, long time," she said mysteriously.
     "Tell us!" I said, grinning.
     "Please do!" Melinda added her voice. It appeared that even the older pupils liked Miss Hall's stories.
     She waved her hand away, as if her ramblings were of no account. It took 5 minutes of pleading for the schoolmarm to give in.
     She laughed softly. "Do you youngsters know what a mail-order bride is?"
     Everybody nodded. Even I knew that lonely bachelors out West often placed ads in the "lonely hearts" column in Eastern newspapers. Young ladies came out West and married these young (or old) fellows). It sounded chancy to me.
     "Well," Miss Hall continued, "my baby sister, Ella, answered one of those ads recently. I was so excited to hear she would be coming to California!" She sighed, then shook her head. "But it didn't turn out exactly like she hoped."
     "What happened?" Melinda asked. So many things could go wrong on a trip from the States to faraway California.
      "Did the stagecoach break down?" Cory asked.
      "Did Indians attack?" Jack piped up.
      "I bet it was outlaws--" 
      "Hush, children." Miss Hall laughed.
      We quieted right down.
      "The stagecoach was traveling from Colfax to Grass Valley, up in the northern part of the state. Aboard were 11 male passengers and one Miss E. Hall, my sister. Ella was on her way to marry a wealthy miner, sight unseen, whom she had met through a lonely hearts column in the newspaper back in Indianapolis. On that trip, the Wells Fargo stagecoach had a strongbox aboard that contained $7,078 in gold coin."
       I gasped. "$7,000!"
      Miss Hall nodded. "That's not unusual for Wells Fargo. Anyway, after crossing the Bear River, the stagecoach was stopped by five masked bandits who removed the passengers and placed explosive charges on the treasure box."

     "Did they blow up the stage?" Cory wanted to know.
     "Patience, Cory," Miss Hall said.
     Johnny Wilson poked Cory. "Let her tell the story without all the interruptions!"
     Miss Hall smiled. "Like the gentle woman she is, Ella engaged the scoundrels in conversation. She nicely asked the robbers to spare her luggage. It contained all her possessions, and the crooks had no immediate interest in it. One thief gallantly agreed to bring it down for her. As he pulled the trunk from atop the coach, my sister caught a glimpse of his face. She knew it might help to identify the outlaws later when the posse went after them."
      We nodded. Smart lady.
      "Explosives opened the treasure box," Miss Hall continued. "And the outlaws faded into the forest with the money. Wells Fargo stagecoaches are very well made, and the coach survived the blast. The passengers and crew continued on to Grass Valley, where they told the story and went on with their lives.
     "Ella made it to her destination and waited a short time for her unknown fiancĂ©. He came to call a few hours later and brought a preacher to marry them."
     Cory shuffled his feet, and I yawned. This story wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. It would have been better had she told us more about the exploding strong box and catching the thieves.
     "The groom was unusually shy and kept his head down," Miss Hall said. "But when the minister declared the couple married, he faced Ella for the first kiss."
     Jack made a gagging noise. None of the boys in our school wanted to hear about any kissing.
     "But low and behold! My sister Ella recognized his face—it was the scalawag who had robbed the stagecoach only a few hours before! She screamed and fled the room."
     Miss Hall had our attention now! We all gasped; even Johnny's eyes popped out. "No!" he cried.   
      "The sheriff was able to track down the outlaw, a man named Louis Dreibelbis, and got the full confession with names of all his partners. They all paid for their crime in prison."
     Miss Hall finished her story with a sad smile. "Ella, meanwhile, was able to take some comfort in the fact that the marriage was not official—she did not have to bear the pain of being married to a criminal. She returned to her hometown in Indiana and married her childhood sweetheart."
     We all returned to class, stunned. Not even a paperback writer of those new dime novels could think up a story more incredible than this. Like Miss Hall said, "Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction." 

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Excerpt from Tales from the Circle C Ranch

An excerpt from the upcoming short-story collection, Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch, is now up! Want to learn about my (Andi's) father? Click over to the website and read the first story!


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A True Test of a Family's Strength Part 2 . . . by Faith

Here is the conclusion!

Part 2

In record time Andi saddled Taffy and the two tore off to Andi’s special spot by the creek. She tried to keep the tears in check without success.
  As soon as she got there she jumped down from Taffy’s back and ground-tied the palomino. Collapsing on the ground against a large oak tree she began praying aloud. “God, please take care of my family! Please take care of Justin. Doc Weaver says he’s bad off. He has been almost like a second father to me since our Father died. God, if I lost Justin I---”
Andi stopped mid-sentence as a new thought hit her. She hadn’t realized until now that Justin, or Chad or Melinda for that matter, could actually die from the influenza. She continued her prayer as fresh tears wet her cheeks. “God, I’m putting myself and my family in your hands. Please make those sick well and give us all strength as only you can. Amen.”
Andi, feeling better after her talk with The Lord mounted up on Taffy and turned towards the ranch.
 When Andi hurried through the main door she meet the Carter’s foreman, Sid McCoy, and Diego, carrying out a stretcher with a man on it. The man’s face was covered with a sheet.
 Andi gasped. Please Lord, Please don’t let that be Justin or Chad. Without thinking to ask Diego or Sid who it was she turned and ran upstairs with tears coursing down her face.
Andi stepped quietly into Justin’s room, where Justin and Chad had been sleeping before she went riding. Justin’s bed was neatly made and Chad was asleep. Nobody else was there. She frantically looked around as the tears multiplied, No not Justin!! Please God no!
She turned and ran out the door and down the hallway.
   As Andi started to enter the room where Melinda was, she met her mother coming out. “Oh, Mother!” Andi sobbed throwing herself into her mother’s arms. “I saw them carry a man out and Justin isn’t in his room! Mother, where is he?” Andi wept uncontrollably, feeling her heart was breaking.
 “Andrea, it’s alright sweetie,” her mother comforted her. “Justin is fine.”
 Andi looked up into her mother’s face, “Where is he, Mother?”
“He woke up while you were gone. He’s in the guest room. His fever broke and Dr. Weaver says he’ll pull through this,” her mother smiled.
 “That wasn’t Justin. He going to be alright!” Andi said, more to herself than to her mother.
 “Would you like to see him?” Elizabeth asked.
 Andi simply nodded.
  Andi stepped in to the room. Justin was propped up in a bed next to the window. He turned and smiled at her when she came in. Andi sat on the side of his bed, “I love you Justin. I was worried about you.”
 “I know, sweetie. I love you too.” He reached over and gently took her hand. “You’re upset. What’s wrong?”
 “Oh, Justin it was awful!” Andi began. “I came in the door just as Diego and Sid were carrying a man out. His face was covered and I was worried. I came upstairs and went into your room and Chad was there, but you weren’t.” Andi’s shoulders shook as she cried. “I thought you were---” She stopped.
 “Come here, sweetheart,” Justin said holding his arms out to her, knowing what she had assumed. She immediately accepted. It felt good be held and to cry on Justin’s shoulder. He held her and gently brushed over her hair with his hand until her sobbing quieted.
 “How is everyone?” Justin asked when Andi straightened up.
 She wiped her eyes and answered, “Well, yesterday everyone was dangerously sick. Especially you.” Andi paused before continuing in a whisper, “This morning Dr. Weaver said he didn’t know if you would make it.”
 Justin squeezed her hand, “Who is everyone?”
 “You, Chad, and Melinda. Mitch hasn’t---” Andi stopped and turned around at the sound of her mother’s voice. Elizabeth was standing in the doorway, “Andi, could you come to the room where Chad is for a moment, please?”
 “Coming,” Andi replied as her mind now filled with worry for Chad. She quickly told Justin goodbye, and hurried after her mother. Please let Chad be alright, Lord. We don’t always see eye to eye, but he’s still my brother and I love him dearly.
Dr. Weaver
She took a deep breath and entered the room. Dr. Weaver, Diego, and Mother were hovered around the bed where Justin had been only an hour earlier. Chad was still asleep as he had been when Andi had seen him a few minutes ago. If Chad is still sleeping, why did Mother call me? Andi wondered as she stepped over next to her mother.
 Andi gasped and held back tears when she saw who lay there, “Oh, no! Not Mitch, too!”
 Her mother reached out to hug her, “It’s all right, Andrea. We’ve been through a lot together as a family, and we’ll get through this too.”
 That night Andi knelt by her bed to pray. “God, please heal Chad, Melinda, and Mitch. And thank you for healing Justin. Please keep Mother well and give us all strength. Amen.”
 As she stood and started to climb under the covers part of a verse she had memorized in Sunday School popped into her head. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick.... James 5:15
 Andi paused and repeated the verse aloud. “The prayer of faith. I need to have faith in God to heal my family.”
 She returned to her knees in prayer. “Dear God, I’m putting my faith in you. I know you can heal my siblings. And I know you will if I place my trust in you, because you are a miracle working God. Thank you for always listening. Amen.”
  Hope filled her heart and she sleep peacefully all night.
  The next morning Andi quickly dressed and hurried down the hall. She met her mother coming out of the guest room. Elizabeth’s eyes were full of tears but she was smiling.
 “Andrea! I was just coming to see if you were awake. Chad asked to see you.”
 “Chad! Is he alright?”
 “Yes, dear. His fever broke in the night, so did Melinda’s.” She smiled.
 “Mother I remembered a Bible verse last night. James 5:15. God healed them.”
 “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.” Elizabeth quoted.
 Andi gasped. “You know the verse?”
Elizabeth nodded. “I read it last night before I went to bed.”
 “It’s a miracle.” Andi whispered.
 “Yes I believe it is, dear.” Elizabeth smiled.
  Later that afternoon Andi was walking past the door to Chad’s room when she heard something. Dr. Weaver had had Chad moved to the guest room with Justin, so only Mitch was there now.
  “Psst! Psst! Andi!”
  Andi slowly opened the door and slipped inside. “Mitch! You’re awake!”
“Yep.” He gave her a lopsided grin. “Anything to eat around here?”
“Eat?” Andi gently pressed the back of get hand against his forehead. “You don’t feel hot.”
 Andi called down the hall, “Mother! Dr. Weaver!”
 Elizabeth entered the room with the doctor right behind her. “What’s the matter, Andrea? Mitch! How are you?”
 “Hungry,” Mitch smiled at his mother.
 Dr. Weaver placed his hand across Mitch’s forehead. “No fever.” He pulled the covers down to Mitch’s waist and placing his stethoscope against Mitch chest, listened. Andi and Elizabeth held their breath and waited.
 “And no pneumonia. In a few days you’ll be back to your normal self.” The doctor said.
 “Thank you, God!” Elizabeth said.
 “Amen to that.” Dr. Weaver agreed. “Andi, Elizabeth. I’d like to speak with you.”
 Elizabeth nodded and followed the doctor out the door.
 “Be right back, Mitch.” Andi squeezed his hand and hurried out the door after her mother.
   In the hallway Dr. Weaver turned to Elizabeth. “I’m going to be honest with you, Elizabeth. For a while there I really wasn’t sure if any of them would make it, much less all of them. It’s truly a miracle.”
 Elizabeth smiled, “A miracle.” She repeated.
 “A Carter family miracle.” Andi smiled.
 “Hey, little sister!” A voice called from the nearest bedroom. “Bring something to eat. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”
 Andi laughed, “Not my horse you won’t, Mitch Carter!”
 Elizabeth and Dr. Weaver joined in the laughter.
 Andi’s heart felt filled to the brim and it felt so good to laugh!

                                        ~ The End ~


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A True Test of a Family's Strength Part 1 . . . by Faith

Faith sent this story in probably a month ago, but leave it to me to lose it. Thankfully, she sent some pics to go along with it, and that's when I realized the story had vanished. So now, with no further apologies, I present "A True Test of a Family's Strength" . . . part 1

Part 1

“Hurry up, Melinda!” Andi called through her sister’s bedroom door. “We’re going to be late to pick up Justin at the train station.”
  “I’ll be right out,” came the annoyed reply. Andi groaned and headed outside to see if she could help Mitch get the surrey ready. Justin had been gone to San Francisco for four weeks. That was the longest he had ever been away and Andi missed him terribly.
But now he was on the twelve o’clock train to Fresno, and he would take up for her when Chad found out she hadn’t finished her chores and Andi’s world would be a happier one again. Or so she thought. Little did she know the trials that lay ahead.
  Andi and her family were gathered on the station platform when Justin’s train pulled in. There were lots of hugs and handshakes when Justin joined them. He pointed out which bags were his, Chad and Mitch loaded them, and they were soon on their way.
 “You don’t look well, Justin,” Mother said on the ride home, placing the back of her hand against his forehead.
 “I’m just tired,” Justin yawned. “I think that was the longest month of my life.”
  The next morning when Andi went into the dining room for breakfast she was surprised to find only Melinda was there.
 “I know I’m not early. Where is everyone?” Andi smiled, but her expression quickly changed when she saw the upset look on her sister’s face. “Melinda, what’s wrong?”
 “I guess you’ll have to know sometime,” she sighed. “Justin’s sick. He woke up with a high fever this morning, and Mother sent him back to bed. Mitch just left to get the doctor, and Chad already ate and went outside.”
 “Doctor? That sounds serious.”
 Melinda nodded, “You better eat and get to your chores. No school for you today. What Justin has could be catchy.”
 Andi sat down at the table to do as her sister said, although she wasn’t hungry. “Aren’t you going to join me?” She asked when she saw that Melinda hadn’t ate a bite.
 “I’m not hungry anymore.”
 Just then there was the sound of horse hooves outside. Andi and Melinda went out onto the porch and found Mitch and Dr. Weaver at the hitching post. Melinda showed the doctor upstairs. Andi and Mitch followed and waited outside of Justin’s door. Chad joined them soon. After what seemed like an eternity to Andi, Mother and Melinda came out.
 “Mother?” Andi said as she stepped over and slipped her arm around her mother’s waist.
 Mother gave her a weak smile, “It’s all right, Andrea.” She paused and looked around at the rest of her children. “Dr. Weaver says Justin has influenza.” They all gasped and waited for her to continue. “He also says anyone who had any contact with Justin could catch the illness. We may end up with an epidemic on our hands.”
 “Mother, will Justin be alright?” Andi asked.
 “Andrea, you’re thirteen years old now, old enough to be told the truth. Influenza is a serious illness. But God will see us through this. It will be alright.” Elizabeth hugged her daughter tighter.
 Andi swallowed hard to hold back the tears that threatened to flow down her face. “I’m going to the barn,” she whispered before hurrying down the stairs.
 Over an hour later Andi had done all her chores and was finishing grooming Taffy when she heard Mitch call for her. “Andi! Come quick! I need you!” She rushed out of the barn and soon found Mitch dragging Chad around the corral.
 “Mitch! What happened?”
 “We had just saddled up to ride out to the west pasture and check on the herd when he said he had a headache. I had no sooner turned around and he hit the ground,” Mitch managed between breaths. “Go get Diego to help me carry him to the house.”
 Andi nodded and turned to go, then she paused and turned back to Mitch, “You think he has it too?”
 “I may be wrong, but that would be my guess,” Mitch grimaced.
  Andi nodded and ran off to find Diego.
  Andi held the door open as Mitch and Diego carried Chad in. As they started up the stairs, Elizabeth came down. Tears welled in her eyes when she saw them, “Put him in Justin’s room. There’s a bed ready for him, by Dr. Weaver’s suggestion.” Mitch nodded and they headed on up the stairs.
 “One other thing, Mitch,” Elizabeth put her arm around Andi’s shoulders before continuing. “The doctor is with Melinda. She has it, too.”
 Mitch groaned and then kept going upstairs.
Andi gasped and returned her mother’s embrace, praying. Lord, please take care of my family, and give me strength for the days ahead.
 Elizabeth pulled back from her youngest daughter, and wiped the tears from both their faces. “Andrea, I want you to move some of your things to the downstairs bedroom. And I want you to stay there or outdoors, so that you’re away from most of sickness but not spreading it anywhere else. Do you understand?”
 “But Mother, I want to help! I can help care for Justin, Chad, and Melinda. Please?”
 “I know you want to help, dear. But I would rather you stay away as much as you can. That way there is less possibility of you catching-”
“Elizabeth?” Andi and Elizabeth both turned and found the Dr. Weaver standing at the top of the stairs. “I don’t mean to nose into your business. But I couldn’t help overhearing. Since Andi has already been around Justin and the others, keeping her away now wouldn’t change things. She has already been exposed.”
 Elizabeth nodded, “I see. Alright then. Andrea, you may help take care of your brothers and sister on one condition. If you began to feel ill, you tell me immediately and get plenty of rest. Agreed?”
 “Yes Mother. Thank you!” Andi grabbed her mother in a tight hug. “And thank you doctor!”
 Elizabeth returned the hug. Dr. Weaver simply nodded and went back down the hall.
 Andi and her mother were back and forth all day between Justin’s room, where he and Chad were, and Melinda’s room. Placing cool, damp cloths on their foreheads and gave them medicine and sips of water when they were awake.
  Long after supper time Elizabeth sent Andi downstairs to eat. Although Elizabeth had told Nila and Luisa to stay in their cabins away from the sickness, they still brought some food to the kitchen, insisting Andi, Elizabeth, Mitch, and Dr. Weaver needed to eat. Andi went downstairs and finding the four plates of food the housekeepers had left, took one of them and a glass of milk and sat at the table. Mitch soon joined her.
 Andi didn’t have much appetite but told herself she needed to eat. Glancing across the table she saw Mitch picking at his food. He seemed to be deep in thought.
 “Mitch?” Andi said.
 He looked up from his plate. “Yeah?”
“Are you as worried as I am?”
“That depends in how worried you are.” Her grinned but not for long. “I’m plenty worried, that’s for sure. I think I’m as worried about Mother as I am about everyone else.”
 “Mother? But she isn’t sick.”
 “Exactly. She’s trying to care for Justin, Chad, and Melinda and worry about whether me and you will take sick.”
 Andi hadn’t thought of that. “Mitch? Do you think---” Andi’s voice quivered. Her vision blurred with unshed tears.
 “What is it, sis?” Mitch asked with concern.
 She looked up at her brother. “Do you think everyone will.....will make it?”
 “You shouldn’t think about things like that.” Mitch said softly.
 “I can’t help it. Mother says it’s serious.” Her voice broke and the tears came. Without giving it a second thought Andi ran around the end of the table and threw her arms around Mitch’s neck.
 “Hey, it’s alright,” Mitch comforted her. He pulled her onto his lap and holding her tight let her cry. They were still sitting there when Elizabeth came in. Mitch tenderly kissed the top of Andi’s head.
 Elizabeth put an arm around Andi. “Come on, dear. You need to get some rest.” Andi was too exhausted to argue. She called good night to Mitch and allowed her mother to guide her upstairs to her room and some much needed rest.
  Around noon two days later, Andi was seated at Chad’s bedside washing sweat from his forehead. Chad, along with Justin and Melinda were still burning up with fever. Two of the hands had come down sick and were now occupying Chad’s room, so the doctor didn’t have to go out to the bunkhouse to keep check on them.
 Her mother stepped up behind her. “I know you want to help care for your siblings, honey, but you haven’t been outside for two days now. Why don’t you go saddle up Taffy and go riding for a few hours? I think it will do you good.”
 Andi sat contemplating Mother’s offer. It sounded really inviting.
 Dr. Weaver came in the door, “Elizabeth? Andi? I’d like to speak to you a minute.”
 Elizabeth nodded, took Andi by the hand and followed him out the door.
 Once the door was closed Elizabeth turned to the doctor. “What is it, John?”
 “I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, Elizabeth.” He paused.
 “Go on,” Elizabeth urged.
 “They’re all dangerously sick. But Justin is the worst. I don’t know if....” His voice trailed off.
 “What? I need to know,” Elizabeth persisted, near tears
 The doctor turned to look her in the eye. “I don’t know if he’ll pull through this.”
 Elizabeth breathed in sharp, and letting the tears come turned to hug Andi.
Andi wanted to scream. No this can’t be happening! It’s just a bad dream, she thought. Andi looked up at the doctor, “What can we do?”
 “You’re doing everything you can already. Just pray. God can heal them,” Dr. Weaver managed a weak smile.
  Andi faced her mother. “I’m going riding.”
 Elizabeth nodded, “Don’t stay gone too long or I’ll be worried.”
 Andi agreed and turned and hurried down the stairs. She needed some time alone to pray and think. Just her, Taffy, and God.


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Where Trouble Lies Part 2 . . . by Anne and Heidi

The conclusion!

Part 2

Just as the sun was beginning to set, Chad returned from his search with no trace of his sister.
Worry plastered all over his mother’s face when he told her of his failed mission. “Where on earth could she be?” 
“She has run off like this before. She’ll be fine, Mother,” Chad reassured her. “I’ll take another look around the ranch tomorrow morning.”
“Thanks, Chad,” Justin said from the corner where he was working. “I’m sorry to leave, but I have to be on the 6:00 train to San Francisco tomorrow morning.”
“You’re fine, Justin. You had better go and pack,” Elizabeth addressed her oldest son.
“I’d better turn in for the night. See you later Justin,” Chad said, heading upstairs.
“Good night, Chad” Justin replied, and then in a barely audible voice added, And God help you find our little sister.
The next morning Chad guided his horse toward a clump of bushes and trees at the Carter borderline. His mood was fairly dark. He pressed his lips together and scanned the premises. Andi was going to be in big trouble when he found her.
A flash of color and a small whimper captured his attention. He pushed his way into the bushes and found a small patch of ground. There, huddled next to the tree, sat Andi.
Anger like a volcano suddenly burst out of him. “Andrea Rose Carter! Just what do you think you are doing?” 
Andi looked up in surprise. “Chad, what…”
Chad bore his piercing gaze into his sister’s eyes. ”Well?” he asked. 
Andi suddenly ducked and turned to flee. But Chad was too quick for her. “Oh, no, you don’t,” he barked. He snatched his sister by her braid, dragged her out of the clearing, and flung her on his horse. He then hoisted himself up in front of her and dug his heels into the horse’s flank.
“Do you care to tell me what’s going on?” Chad asked curtly once they were half way into their ride.
Andi clenched her teeth and sucked in a long breath before starting her explanation.
After Andi finished, Chad gave a shake of his head. “You are sure in one heap of trouble. Mother is pretty upset.”
Andi tightened her grip around Chad’s waist. “What do you think she’ll do?” she whispered.
“What do you think?” was Chad’s short reply. 
Andi uttered a groan. “Oh, Chad, why does everything I do always seem to land me in trouble?” she asked, slumping against her brother’s back.
“I don’t know, little sister. I don’t know.”
It was almost ten by the time the duo trotted into the Carter barnyard. ”You’d better run and tell Mother you’re safe,” Chad instructed, nodding in the direction of the house.
After a nudge from Chad, Andi slid down from the horse and trudged up to the porch. As she slipped into the house, she was met by her mother.
Tears flooded Elizabeth Carter’s eyes when she saw her youngest daughter. “Andrea!” she cried as she rushed over to envelope her with hugs.
“Hello, Mother,” Andi said weakly through embraces.
Elizabeth pushed her daughter back and held her at arm’s length, a hard look set in her eye.  “Andrea, I am very, very, disappointed in you. You are ten years old and know better than to display such childish behavior. There has got to be a punishment for this.”
Andi dropped her gaze to the floor, shame washing over her.
“Chad will…”
Suddenly, Chad popped his head in through the door and interrupted Elizabeth’s lecture. “Mother, a lady in a buggy has just pulled up. She’s asking for you.”
“I’ll be right there,” she replied, making her way towards the door. She paused as she gave some last minute instructions. “Andrea, go to your room and change. Chad will deal with you later.”
For once Andi was glad to obey and escape to her room.
Andi deliberately took the longest time picking out a “suitable” dress to wear. By the time she made her way downstairs, it was almost lunch time.
“Andrea,” Elizabeth called from the parlor, “I would like to introduce Mrs. Delaney Ricker. As I remember, you met her last time she came through.”
Andi groaned inwardly. Yes, she remembered. Last time Mrs. Ricker had come, she stayed a whole week. The entire week had been filled with dresses, frills, shopping, ribbons, and more frills. 
Andi plastered a smile on her face as she walked into the room. “Yes, I remember.” She turned and dropped a curtsy towards Mrs. Ricker. “Good day, Mrs. Ricker.”
“Well, hello, Andrea,” Mrs. Ricker replied in her shrill voice, giving Andi a sickly-sweet smile. Turning to Mother, she said, “Oh Elizabeth, what a sweet little young lady you have.”
“Yes,” Mother agreed, “Andrea is ten years old now.”
“My word, how time flies,” Mrs. Ricker remarked.
Andi bristled in annoyance, Oh. how she hated being talked about as if she wasn’t even there!
The two ladies conversed for about ten more minutes until the cook came in and announced that lunch was to be served. The conversation at lunch was overly dominated by Mrs. Ricker and her occasional statements telling Andi what a cute little girl she was.
Through the constant jabbering, Andi was able to learn that Mrs. Ricker would only be staying until Sunday this time. Well, Andi thought hopefully, maybe by then Chad might forget about me.
The next day trickled by like molasses, but it did look like Chad had forgotten. That was one bonus.  On Sunday morning, a telegram arrived from Justin saying that he would be home on the 4:00 train.
Oh goody, Andi thought, At least then Chad won’t get to deal with me. Ohhh… but then Justin will. This new realization put a damper on Andi’s spirits.
After breakfast, Andi followed her mother out to say goodbye to Mrs. Ricker. “Oh how I wish you had more time, Delaney,” Elizabeth was saying, “we hardly had time to catch up.”
“I would like to,” Mrs. Ricker replied, “but I am expected at my son’s home in Tulare for supper. I truly had a wonderful time, Elizabeth. I thank you for your hospitality. Goodbye, my friend.” With these parting words Mrs. Ricker stepped into the buggy.
When the buggy pulled out, Mother walked back into the house quietly. “It was so good to see Delaney again,” Mother commented, “I hadn’t realized how much I missed our conversations.”
Sour thoughts swam through Andi’s mind. “I don’t miss her,” She grumbled, “She isn’t much fun.  All she does is talk and—”
Her Mother’s stern voice cut Andi off. “Andrea! That was extremely disrespectful and rude.  I thought you had gotten over that impertinent attitude from last week, but I guess I was wrong. You are going to stay in your room until Justin gets home.” 
A fresh wave of anger washed over Andi. She opened her mouth for a reply but then snapped it shut again, biting down hard on her tongue. As Andi stomped to her room, her mood which was already as dark as a thundercloud, turned into a tornado.
 It’s not fair! She slammed shut her door and flung herself on her bed, I was just “voicing my opinion.” After a few more dark thoughts, Andi focused her attention on counting the spots on the wall until she drifted into a troubled sleep.  
The crunching sound of buggy wheels coming up the driveway pulled Andi away from her sleep. She propelled herself to the window and peeked out.
Justin was getting out of a buggy.
Andi drifted away from the window as he walked up onto their porch and into the house. She checked herself in the mirror and then flounced on her bed. Andi cupped her chin in her palm and sat on the edge of the bed thinking. Finally, a knock sounded on the door.
Justin peeked his head in, “May I come in?”
Andi gave a nod of approval  and scooted over on her bed making a place for him to sit. 
His face was grave. “Is there something you need to tell me?” he asked as he took his seat on the bed.
Andi dropped her gaze to the floor.
“Well?” He prompted.
Andi sighed, “Oh, Justin. I don’t know what has been wrong with me this week. I wish this week would just start over.”
Justin wrapped his arms around her, “Oh, Andi.” he murmured.
Andi stared up into his blue eyes. ”Justin, I’ve been thinking. I was wrong. I am really sorry and I am ready to take whatever you have for me.”  
Justin gave her a soft smile. “I’m proud of you, Andi. It really does take guts to confess like you did, but you’re right, there must be a punishment.” He paused before continuing/ “For the rest of the week, you must be in sight of an adult at all times. Also, for the next month no riding Taffy unless someone from the ranch is with you.”  
“Alright, Justin,” Andi replied, giving him a weak smile.
Justin stood up and extended his hand. “Come on, Andi, let’s go downstairs.”
Andi slipped her hand into his. “Justin? I just remembered a Bible verse that I think goes with this.”
“What is it, hon?”
Andi closed her eyes as she recited, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all iniquity.”  
Justin met her gaze with a warm smile. “ Yes honey, that does fit in.”  
                                               THE END