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Fans' POV scenes #8 . . . Bethany R.

Bethany R. offers this great scene from Dangerous Decision. See what she's got to say about what inspired her. And it's a unique point of view, that's for sure!

Dangerous Decision: pp. 10-12

 A thanks to Jesseca Dawn. When I read her POV story of this same scene but from Cory's POV, it gave me the idea for this one. It is the scene of the reckless race through Fresno.

            “You talk too much,” Cory, sitting astride my competition, complained. “Let's go already.”
            “Please, Jack,” my rider appealed to the young man on the ground, “It's mighty hot.”
            Yes, that it is. I'm already sweating under this saddle and the race has not even begun. I glance over at Flash, “Are you ready to be left in my dust?” I neighed.
            “Not a chance. My rider and I are gonna beat you by a mile!”
            “We'll see about that!” I challenged as the young man that my rider called 'Jack' droped his arm to side side and shouted, “Go!”
            My rider dug her heels into my sides and I lunged forward with a thrust of my mighty haunches. Without looking over, I could feel Flash right next to me. Suddenly an old farmer rattled by my side driving an old buckboard. I put on a surge of power now that Flash had swerve to avoid the buckboard.
            But then, just as quick as Flash had fallen behind, I could hear him gaining on me. I kept my pace until my Flash had caught up to me. For a moment we raced neck and neck, eye to eye. Flash's presence taunted me. I snorted my displeasure at him and begged my rider to let me lengthen my stride. It seemed as though Flash was the only one who realized my fury at having his be this close to me. He used this to his advantage, “Hey, Taffy. 
Catch me if you can!”
            And with that he was suddenly ahead of me. I surged forward with renewed strength. As I passed Flash and his rider I gave a taunting flick of my tail in his face.
            I raced on toward the man holding a bandanna. I slowed only long enough for my rider to grasp the bandanna and then I was off again at top speed.  
           Now Flash was right on my side again. I just knew that I needed to muster up more strength. I could hear his rider urging him faster. But I was so tired. However, as my rider pleaded with me to go faster, I knew that I could not fail her. I pulled ahead in no time. I could feel the change of her position as she turned around to look at Flash and his rider. 
          All of a sudden Flash's rider shouted a warning and it came just in time. My rider pulled me to a complete halt a few inches from a man who now lay on the ground. I stared down into his face and sniffed. I hope I didn't hurt him! 


Monday, March 30, 2015

Fans' Point of View stories #7 . . . Kaitlyn

Here is a point of view scene from the Goldtown Adventures, written by Kaitlyn! It is from Badge of Honor, after the kids find an injured Strike-it-rich Sam. Nathan has gone back to town for help, and Ellie and Jem are alone. Jem leaves to bring back water for Strike and find Canary, the donkey, who has wandered off. The original chapter is from Jem's POV and what happens to him. We don't know what Ellie is doing as she waits with Strike. And now we do, thanks to this scene from Ellie's POV.


I wrote one of those different POV scenes…. here it is!  It's from that scene in the Goldtown book #1, Badge of Honor, when Jem is going to find Canary to bring water back to Ellie & Strike.  This is written from Ellie's POV.  It starts right when Jem is leaving:

Ellie Coulter watched her brother, Jem, disappear into the shadows of the forest, her courage fading with each of his steps. She looked intently at the campfire, as if the flames could calm the uneasiness causing a knot to form in the pit of her stomach.
            Something’s going to happen to Jem; I just know it! she thought. Maybe I should follow him...  she shook her head vigorously. No, he told me to stay here with Strike. But what if something really does happen to him, and he gets hurt because I wasn’t there to help? But then again, what could I do that he couldn’t? He’s just going to go find Canary, get the water, and bring it back here.  That’s all.  What could go wrong?  
            Ellie was thinking so intently that she didn’t hear Strike stir until he weakly called out, “Jem!”
            Ellie hurried to Strike’s side, where he was trying with all his might to sit up. “Strike, you’re supposed to be sleeping!” Ellie cried, gently pushing Strike back down. “Jem went to find Canary and bring back some water.  He’ll be back soon.”
            Strike weakly grasped her arm.  “Gotta... go... stop him,” he whispered. “Frenchy and his men... big gold strike... very dangerous.” he closed his eyes, exhausted.
            Ellie bit her lip, unsure of what to do.  Frenchy’s out here?  If Strike is right, then I’ve got to go warn him before it’s too late!  She made up her mind.
            “Nugget!  Here, Nugget!” she called softly.  The dog trotted up to her. “Nugget, stay here with Strike,” Ellie told him, squatting down & scratching him behind the ears. “I’m sorry, boy, but somebody’s got to protect him, and I’ve got to go find Jem without you barking.  I’m sorry, boy.”  And with that she stood up and walked out of the circle of light from the fire, not looking back.
            Now that she was on her way, Ellie realized that she didn’t know which way Jem had gone. God, where do I go now? Please show me the way. Ellie continued walking, eyes alert for any clue as to where her brother had gone. Where would I go if I were looking for Canary? In the direction of Canary’s “singing”, of course!  But... what if Jem got off course? It’s so dark, and I can’t even see where I’m going, so how would Jem, and where is his path, anyway-  she stopped with a jolt. There, right in front of her, was an obvious path that someone- or something- had taken. Well, I guess this is my best choice, she thought.
            After walking for what seemed like hours, Ellie broke out into the open. What met her eyes made her gasp. A flume! So that’s why the creek dried up so fast! She spotted Canary, tied to the flume.  
            “Canary!” She walked up to the animal cautiously, amazed that he hadn’t started “singing” yet.  She was about to untie him when she saw the canteen.  If the canteen’s here, and Canary’s here, but Jem’s not, and that was his trail I followed... then that could only mean one thing!  Fear began creeping in on her. If I follow the flume, it’ll probably lead to Frenchy’s camp.  But when I get there, what am I going to do?  Ellie started walking.  I’ll figure that out when the time comes, she thought decidedly.  
            Ellie slipped into the trees, staying in sight of the flume. Following the flume was easy. Ellie stumbled a few times, but the stars gave enough light to see the flume; yet it was still dark.  
            A verse popped into her head. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me... 
            Finally, Ellie spotted a fire. Approaching cautiously, she slipped back into the trees.  Then she spotted her brother. Jem! Oh, why did you have to let yourself get caught? Well, I guess you couldn’t help it. She watched angrily as Frenchy tied Jem to a tree, stretching the prisoner’s arms so that he was in obvious pain.  
            God, what do I do?  She watched Frenchy and his comrades bed down.  Finally, when it was dark and they appeared to be asleep, she dashed to where her brother was tied.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fans Point of View Stories #6 . . . Lauren T.

Here is a unique scene from the point of view of little Lin Mei--the first time she sees Andi in San Francisco Smugglers. I found it full of insight into Lin Mei's personality. This is from Lauren T.          

Lin Mei wiped sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand as steam rose relentlessly from the pan she was scrubbing with hot water. She furtively glanced over her shoulder at her master, Fen-Chee. It seemed that no matter how well she did any task, he always found fault with it. When Fen-Chee’s temper was arisen, it reminded Lin-Mei of the steam burning her face. Ruthless and hot.
She stopped scrubbing for a moment to think about her past in China, which she could remember so little of. She shuddered when she thought of how she had been sold as a slave.
When she came out of her daydream she gasped. Fen-Chee had seen her stop scrubbing the pan. He loosed a slew of angry words in Chinese as he shoved Lin Mei against the wall, calling her lazy and other, worse things. He gave her a hard slap across her face. Lin Mei erupted in tears. Her small body had already had more than its fair share of hard knocks.
Suddenly, Lin Mei looked up the narrow flight of stairs that led to the door out of the kitchen. A tall, pretty girl with long dark hair was standing in the doorway. It must be one of the students here, Lin Mei thought. But she doesn’t look familiar so she must be new. She is very brave to come into the kitchen!
Fen-Chee immediately stopped his shouting and addressed the strange girl as Lin Mei scrambled into the corner. She heard him warn the girl not to come into the kitchen again. Lin Mei risked one glance out the small slit of a window before going back to work, and she saw the girl walking out to the stables. This girl is not like the others here, thought Lin Mei, She chooses the strangest places to go! She secretly resolved to try and learn more about this girl if she could.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Fans' Point of View Stories #5 . . . Megs

Here is another point of view look from Trouble with Treasure. Megs is letting readers know what Cory was up to after he left Andi and Jenny in the cabin and rode away on Flash for help back in Fresno Flats. It's great insight into Cory's personality.

“Cory, I’m scared. What if something happens to you? Then what?”
I gave her braid another tug. “If it makes you feel better, sure, I’ll take Mitch’s gun along.” I then scooped up the pistol, turned, and walked out the door. Andi followed close behind.
I went over to Flash, mounted up, then gave Andi a cheerful wave. “I’ll be back within two days. See you soon Andi!”
Then I headed down the trail to Fresno Flats…and help.
I rode in silence for about twenty minutes, then I started to get kinda bored seeing the same scenery I saw on the way up. So I started talking to my horse. “I’m glad it’s a nice day, huh, Flash?”
He shook his mane, as if in agreement. I grinned.
“But then, you’d probably be happier if you were out in a nice green pasture, eating to your hearts content…”
It was a quiet ride, save an occasional bird that belted out a song here and there, and normally, I would have really enjoyed it. But with all that had happened in the last few days, my mind had too much to think about to be having any fun.
Around two o’clock, my stomach started to growl, so I kept a lookout for a cool place to have my lunch. I soon spotted a nice looking green spot beneath some pine trees. “Hey, this looks like a nice spot for eating…” I tugged his reins, “Whoa there boy, let’s stop here.”
I threw my leg over the saddle horn, and slid off the saddle. Lifting up the flap of my saddle bag, I pulled out an apple, a piece of bread, and a half eaten, moldy biscuit. “Eww.” I wrinkled my nose and tossed it over my shoulder. “Don’t know why I packed that in there…” I then plopped down into the soft grass, and took a chunk out of my “lunch,” the bread.
As I swallowed the last bite, I lay on my back and sighed. “Lord, please help me get some help real quick. Mitch needs you bad, and please keep the girls safe while I’m gone…”
A loud crunch sounded near my head and made me jump. I sat up, and saw that it was just Flash; he had found my apple, and had gobbled it right down. “Well, there goes my snack for later.” I sighed, “Oh well, you probably needed it more than I did anyway.” I reached out and patted Flash on the neck. He nickered, and nuzzled my hair. I laughed, and shoved him head out of my way. “Alright, that’s enough buddy. We’d better be going...”
So I mounted up, and we both rode on down the trail. After about a half an hour, I heard hoof beats coming up the trail, so I quickly pulled Flash off into the bushes; just in case it was another one of those bank robbers. I watched as the horse and rider appeared over the ridge, and was partially relieved to see that it was the former Deputy Baker.
Hoping he held nothing against me from our little jail encounter, I nudged my horse’s sides and went back onto the trail and into his view.
Hugh Baker stopped short, but seemed to relax when he saw that it was just me.
“Mister Baker!” I called. “Boy am I glad to see you. Mitch has been shot, and the girls are up at the cabin alone, and I’m headed to Fresno Flats for help… ”
He stopped just a few feet from me. “What’d you say boy? Somethin’ about a…cabin?”
I nodded. “Yes sir, and two men were up there, and shot Mitch up pretty bad, and we need help. Will you come with me to town? I sure could use…” I stopped short when I saw the strange expression on his face. “What’s wrong?”
He jumped off the horse he had been riding, and came up to me. “Did you find anything…valuable in the cabin?”
I blinked. “uh, no…why?” He looked as if he didn’t believe me. “You ain’t lying, are you boy?”
I grew indignant. “Of course not! Now are you coming down with me to town for help, or not?”
He reached out, grabbed my arm, and yanked my off my horse. “You’re coming with me boy, you ain’t goin’ to town. No sir ’ee!” 
I tried to wriggle free of his grasp, but he wouldn’t let go. I had a bad feeling about this guy, and knew right then that I really did need help. So I kicked his shins as hard as I could. He let out a howl of pain, and let loose of my arm. I took that chance, and leapt onto Flash, and dug my heels into his sides. With a surprised squeal, he took off...leaving me sitting in the dust, watching in horror as my horse left me behind with this crazy ex-deputy.
Hugh Baker stomped up to me and yanked me to my feet. Sticking his nose in my face, he bellowed, “Don’t ever try that again boy!” and he reached up a hand, and slapped me across the face.
I winced in pain, then swung my fist at his face with all my might. And was lucky enough to land a good hard punch on his jaw. He stumbled back from the shock of it, but then chuckled a low evil laugh, and slammed his fist into my face. That’s the last thing I remember before everything went black.
I woke up later, to find that I was tied up tight, had a gag in my mouth, and my eye was swollen almost completely shut. I looked around and found myself behind Deputy Baker, draped over his horse. My whole body ached, and my head was pounding. I judged by the position of the sun that it was late afternoon the next day. I figured that I had been knocked out pretty hard, and slept the rest of the time.
It wasn’t long before I saw the cabin coming into sight. I silently prayed that the girls would see us before we got there, and would meet Deputy Baker with the rifle, but no such luck . . .

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