Fun Freebies

Welcome to my page of Fun Freebies. You can download free study guides and fun activities to go along with each Circle C and Goldtown book in every series. You can also try a lapbook, if you don't mind printing out all those colored pages.

Also enjoy free coloring pages for the Circle C Beginnings and Circle C Stepping Stones.

Circle C Milestones Free Enrichment Guides: You'll learn tons of fun behind-the-scenes extra history in these guides. Pick and choose the pages you want to explore: ranching, lice, cattle rustling, the Palace Hotel, dime novels, La Quincea├▒era, 1880s arithmetic, cattle drives, the Kaweah Oak Preserve, camels in the Old West, the chuck wagon, Fort Tejon, Los Angeles, world’s fairs, Frank and Jesse James, Jules Verne’s works, wind pumps, barbed wire, Old West prisons, and more!
Thick as Thieves
Heartbreak Trail
The Last Ride
Courageous Love 

Also enjoy a free Thick as Thieves lapbook. 

Circle C Adventures Free Enrichment Guides: Again, lots of fun and interesting extras that you won't find in the books, like real journal entries from the missionaries who rescued the Chinese girls from slavery. Pick and choose what you want to do.
Long Ride Home
Dangerous Decision
Family Secret
San Francisco Smugglers
Trouble with Treasure
Price of Truth

Also enjoy a free Long Ride Home lapbook.
Circle C Stepping Stones Free Activity Pages: Chock full of fun and educational behind-the-scenes activities to go along with the Stepping Stones books. 
Andi Saddles Up
Andi Under the Big Top
Andi Lassos Trouble
Andi to the Rescue
Andi Dreams of Gold
Andi Far from Home

Also enjoy a free Andi Saddles Up lapbook.

Circle C Beginnings Free Activity Pages: Learning activities for the youngest! Weave a place mat, learn about state fairs and the Yokut Indians, make character ribbons and cut out a real McGuffy Reader, plus more!
Andi's Pony Trouble
Andi's Indian Summer
Andi's Fair Surprise
Andi's Scary School Days
Andi's Lonely Little Foal
Andi's Circle C Christmas

Also enjoy a free Andi's Pony Trouble lapbook.

Goldtown Adventures Free Enrichment Guides: Everything you've ever wanted to know about placer gold mining, hard-rock mining, canyons, and riverboats. "Pan" for cold in icy water and build a miner's stove that really works to heat up your hot chocolate or beef stew. Plus much, much more!
Badge of Honor
Tunnel of Gold
Canyon of Danger
River of Peril

Also enjoy a free Badge of Honor lapbook. 

Coloring Pages Circle C Stepping Stones:
Andi Saddles Up coloring pages
Andi Under the Big Top coloring pages
Andi Lassos Trouble coloring pages
Andi to the Rescue coloring pages
Andi Dreams of Gold coloring pages
Andi Far from Home coloring pages

 Illustrations taken from the Circle C Stepping Stones for readers ages 7-10, copyright 2017-2018 by Leslie Gammelgaard. Not for resale. 

Coloring Pages Circle C Beginnings
Andi's Pony Trouble coloring pages
Andi's Indian Summer coloring pages
Andi's Fair Surprise coloring pages
Andi's Scary School Days coloring pages
Andi's Lonely Little Foal coloring pages
Andi's Circle C Christmas coloring pages

 Illustrations taken from the Circle C Beginnings for readers ages 6-9, copyright 2010-2011 by Leslie Gammelgaard. Not for resale.


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