Circle C Book Trailers

Here are the video trailers for the six Circle C Adventures books plus Thick as Thieves. Enjoy!
The Thick as Thieves trailer is my favorite, since I starting figuring out how to make these things. 

1-Long Ride Home

2-Dangerous Decision

3-Family Secret

4-San Francisco Smugglers

5-Trouble with Treasure

6-Price of Truth
(This trailer was created by fan Ira-Grace a few years ago. Thanks!)


  1. Oh my goodness, Mrs. Marlow! THEY'RE AWESOME!!!! My favorite trailers were Trouble with Treasure and Price of Truth. :D They were ALL SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh! Wow! I loved all of them! Makes me want to read all of them again--even though I've ready everyone a million times! This was really neat. Thanks, Mrs. M!

  3. These are awesome!

  4. I really like all of these trailers!!!

  5. Savannah Musser🌺January 11, 2019 at 6:30 PM

    I LOVE it! 😀

  6. My favorites were, by far, Family Secret and Trouble with Treasure. But I also liked San Francisco Smugglers. I find it kind of funny that Andi and Cory are smiling while they're in jail, though . . These are REALLY good! I like 'em!

  7. My favorite is Thick as Thieves


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