Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Melinda Quiz Winner and Answers

Congratulations! HANNAH M. is the winner. I had my faithful helper, Ellianna, draw the winner this time. I need the winner to send me her mailing address and also what prize you choose. ASAP.

Until then, scroll down to see the correct answers and in which book they can be found.
Melinda Carter Answers

Q1. B September (Courageous Love)

Q2. A Peter Wilson (Courageous Love)

Q3. A Panda (The Last Ride)

Q4. A Sorrel (The Last Ride)

Q5. B. She slapped him (The Last Ride)

Q6. A. New York (The Last Ride)

Q7. A. She went shopping, dined in fancy restaurants, and attended a concert (The Last Ride)

Q8.  C. Planning the wedding and leaving home (The Last Ride)

Q9. A She is the fifth born

Q10. A. Attend Ladies Aid Society meetings, find a beau, and volunteer at the orphanage (Heartbreak Trail)

Q11. Either: A. She was fourteen (when she left to go to school) or B. She was fifteen (she turned fifteen when she was at school). (Andi to the Rescue & Andi Far from Home)

Q12. C Jeffrey Sullivan (Long Ride Home)

Q13. B. homemade quilt (“Prince Loco” from Tales from the Circle C Ranch & Andi’s Fair Surprise)

Q14. C The songs (“Hurrah for the Fourth of July” from Tales from the Circle C Ranch)

Q15.  B. A fluffy pink shawl (“The Best Gift of All” from Tales from the Circle C Ranch)

Q16. A Blonde (Adventures and Milestones books)

Q17. A. Spiders (Long Ride Home)

Q18. C. Her “Grand-Lady-Airs” (Price Of Truth)

Q19.  B. The piano  (Short story, White Christmas)

Q20. C. Blue  (Heartbreak Trail, and other books)



  1. Whoo-hoo! Congrats and great job, Hannah!!!
    Thank you, Sadie and Mrs. Marlow, for these (very fun) trivia contests!


  2. Good job Hannah! I didn't have enough time to study for the quiz... But I am glad you had enough time! Great job!

  3. Congratulations, Hannah! I just checked my answers, Mrs. M, and I got them all correct for the first time! Hooray!

  4. Congratulations Hannah!Um, look I know this is random but do you live in England? I think I know you...

    1. No, she doesn't. I just sent her the prize, and I don't send things to England, as you know. *eeks* :-)

    2. You know a different Hannah in England, whose last name also starts with an M. *grin*

    3. Uh, yes I do actually, well, I don't actually know her but my dad knows her dad. One of her stories won the contest.
      Yeah I know all to well about posting. *Sigh*

  5. Congratulations, Hannah!

  6. Yay! Congratulations, Hannah!


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