Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mitch Carter Trivia Quiz & Winner

Congratulations! LYDIA B. is the winner. I'm afraid I didn't have my helper this month to draw out the winner from the bowl of 100% winners, but I managed to close my eyes and grab a winner from the eight 100% winners. Maybe next time (November) for the Melinda character quiz I will have a helper.
Anyway, I need the winner's mailing address, so email sometime and I'll send your fun prize (whichever you choose--stickers and pen or a book or journal of your choice) ASAP. Until then, here are the correct answers and which book they came from:

MITCHELL CARTER, character quiz. How well do you know Mitch?

Q1.  What is the name of the college Mitch attends?
C.                 Berkeley (Courageous Love)

Q2.  What is Mitch studying at college?
A.    Agriculture (Courageous Love)

Q3.  What is the name of Mitch’s horse?
B.                 Chase (“Hurrah for the Fourth of July”, Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q4.  How old was Mitch when he tried to race the "iron horse”?
B.                 16 (The Last Ride)

Q5.  Where was Mitch planning on going for a trip the summer of 1881?
C.                 Yosemite (Price of Truth)

Q6.  Who always asks Mitch to do his/her chores?
A.                Andi (Family Secret)

Q7.  What birth order is Mitch compared to his other brothers?
B.                 He is the youngest Carter brother. (any book)

Q8.  What does Mitch do to Jeffrey Sullivan after Jeffrey hits Mitch's little sister? 
A.                Dumps him in the horse trough and punches him. (“Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan,” Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q9.   How long have Mitch and Peter Wilson been friends?
B.                 They’ve been friends since grammar school (Price of Truth)

Q10.  What breed of cattle does Mitch bring home from college?
B.                 Angus (Courageous Love)

Q11.  Which “good” character quality can sometimes get Mitch into trouble?
B.                 His loyalty to his friends (Price of Truth)

Q12.  Which of Kate’s children does Mitch connect with best?
C.                 Levi (Family Secret)

Q13.  Where does Mitch like to keep his hoof pick? 
B.                 In his back pocket (“Hurrah for the Fourth of July,” Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q14.  In the year 1884, whom does Mitch punch and knock to the floor?
B.                 Daniel Carter (The Last Ride)

Q15.  Mitch is the only boy in the family with what?
B.                 Blonde hair (any book)

Q16. How old was Mitch the first time he saw snow on the ranch?
A.                Eight (“White Christmas,” Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q17. What prevents Mitch from riding in the Fourth Of July race? 
C.                 His horse Chase gets a stone in his hoof. (“Hurrah for the Fourth of July,” Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q18. How many times has Mitch been shot?
B.                 He’s been shot once. (Trouble with Treasure)

Q19. What mean trick did Chad and Justin play on Mitch when they were young?
C.                They washed his face with snow. (“White Christmas,” Tales from the CC Ranch)

Q20. In what year does Mitch get to boss his first cattle drive?
B.                 1883 (Heartbreak Trail)


  1. Congratulations, Lydia! Great job!


  2. Good job Lydia!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃

  3. Congratulations Lydia!! I'm so happy for you!
    Enjoy your prize! :)

    -Sadie S.

    1. Thank you, Sadie, for these AWESOME quizzes! They're the best!


    2. Oh, you're so welcome, Ellen! Thank YOU! I'm so happy that you are enjoying them - I've had a ton of fun making them all. :)

      -Sadie S.


    ~ Jovey

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