Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Character Quiz #4 - Mitchell Carter

How well do you know Andi's brother, Mitch? Thank you, Sadie S., for this latest fun quiz! 

The prize for this month's character quiz is a choice between these two offerings:

1) fun horse stickers and a Circle C pen,
OR . . .

2) a book or journal of your choice. 

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As always, the winner will be randomly drawn from any ties.

Contest begins Wednesday, October 10. Ends Wednesday, October 17. 

MITCHELL CARTER, character quiz. How well do you know Mitch?

Q1.  What is the name of the college Mitch attends?
A.                UC Los Angeles
B.                 Oxford
C.                 Berkeley

Q2.  What is Mitch studying at college?
A.    Agriculture
B.     Medicine
C.    Anthropology

Q3.  What is the name of Mitch’s horse?
A.                Speed
B.                 Chase
C.                 Flash

Q4.  How old was Mitch when he tried to race the "iron horse”?
A.                13
B.                 16
C.                 21

Q5.  Where was Mitch planning on going for a trip the summer of 1881?
A.                San Francisco
B.                 Tacoma
C.                 Yosemite

Q6.  Who always asks Mitch to do his/her chores?
A.                Andi
B.                 Levi
C.                 Melinda

Q7.  What birth order is Mitch compared to his other brothers?
A.                 He comes between Justin and Chad.
B.                 He is the youngest Carter brother.
C.                 He is the oldest Carter brother.

Q8.  What does Mitch do to Jeffrey Sullivan after Jeffrey hits Mitch's little sister? 
A.                Dumps him in the horse trough and punches him.
B.                 Forces him to apologize.
C.                 Trips him and knocks him out.

Q9.   How long have Mitch and Peter Wilson been friends?
A.                They first met when they were both twenty-two
B.                 They’ve been friends since grammar school
C.                 They’ve been friends for ten years

Q10.  What breed of cattle does Mitch bring home from college?
A.                Brown Swiss
B.                 Angus
C.                 Longhorn

Q11.  Which “good” character quality can sometimes get Mitch into trouble?
A.                His self-control
B.                 His loyalty to his friends
C.                 His kindness and patience

Q12.  Which of Kate’s children does Mitch connect with best?
A.                Betsy
B.                 Hannah
C.                 Levi

Q13.  Where does Mitch like to keep his hoof pick? 
A.                In the tack room
B.                 In his back pocket
C.                 In his saddle bag

Q14.  In the year 1884, whom does Mitch punch and knock to the floor?
A.                Riley Prescott
B.                 Daniel Carter
C.                 Jeffrey Sullivan

Q15.  Mitch is the only boy in the family with what?
A.                Brown eyes
B.                 Blonde hair
C.                An appaloosa horse

Q16. How old was Mitch the first time he saw snow on the ranch?
A.                Eight
B.                 Nine
C.                Ten

Q17. What prevents Mitch from riding in the Fourth Of July race? 
A.                His horse Chase disappears.
B.                 His horse Chase comes down with colic.
C.                 His horse Chase gets a stone in his hoof.

Q18. How many times has Mitch been shot?
A.                He hasn’t been shot.
B.                 He’s been shot once.
C.                 He’s been shot twice.

Q19. What mean trick did Chad and Justin play on Mitch when they were young?
A.                They tossed him in the horse trough.
B.                 They put a frog in his bed.
C.                They washed his face with snow.

Q20. In what year does Mitch get to boss his first cattle drive?
A.                1881
B.                 1883
C.                 1885



  1. Wow! Great questions!

  2. This one looks like fun! I might just do it. 😁😀

  3. Oh, and thanks Sadie!!!! Your giving us Andi fans a lot of fun! 😀😀

  4. Neat! There are some tough questions there...Good job Sadie! Thanks =)

  5. Woah, this looks rather hard (harder even than the one about Chad), but I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for the quizzes, Sadie S.

  6. Awesome questions! Some of theses are really hard ones! :)

  7. This one is definitely harder than any of them! I will try these. Thanks for doing this Sadie!


  8. Thanks for the quizzes, can't wait to try it out!
    Just wondering though, can you look in the books for answers or would that be cheating?

  9. Can you use the blog to look up answers?


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