Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kate Character Quiz Winner and Answers

I had help drawing the winning name this morning. Thank you, Susie.

And the winner is JESSALYN SCHRODER. Please email me at and tell me if you want a mug (and which series) OR if you want a book or journal, and which one you want.

Out of all of the entries, this time 9 got 100%, so the random drawing was a little bit harder to win in.

In October, Sadie and I will bring you the How Well Do You Know Mitch Carter? character quiz.
Until then, here are the answers to the Kate Carter Character Quiz.
Q1. How old was Kate when she ran away with Troy?
 A.                  15 (Family Secret)
 B.                  16
 C.                  17
Q2. Where has Kate always wanted to live?
 A.                  In town
 B.                  In the city (Family Secret)
 C.                  On the ranch
Q3.  What embarrassing thing happened to Kate when she was young?
 A.                  She had an accident at school. ("A Matter of Honor" Tales from the CC Ranch)
 B.                  She spilled soup on a guest at dinner.
 C.                  She tripped and fell into horse manure.
Q4. What is Kate’s married name?
 A.                  Swanson (Family Secret)
 B.                  Swensen
 C.                  Sweden
Q5. How old was Kate when she first started school?
A.                  Six
B.                  Eight
C.                  Seven ("A Matter of Honor" Tales from the CC Ranch)
Q6. How many children does Kate have?
 A.                  Four
 B.                 Three (Family Secret)
 C.                  Two
Q7.  How old was Kate when she came back home to the ranch?
  A.                  20
  B.                  23
  C.                  25 (Family Secret)
Q8. What “reader” was Kate in when she first started school?
  A.                 The second reader
  B.                 The first reader ("A Matter of Honor" Tales from the CC Ranch)
  C.                  The fourth reader
Q9. When Kate first arrived home, who behaved like a giddy-school boy on the last day of school?
   A.                  Chad
   B.                  Justin
   C.                  Mitch (Family Secret)
Q10. How many times has Kate run away from home?
   A.                  Two (Family Secret)
   B.                  Three
   C.                  One
Q11. Out of all of her family, who is Kate most like?
   A.                  Justin
   B.                  Mother
   C.                  Father (Family Secret)
Q12. Who was the first person to introduce Kate to her youngest sister?
   A.                 Melinda
   B.                 Mother (Family Secret)
   C.                  Mitch
Q13. Who was Katherine’s teacher when she was in school?
   A.                  Mr. Foster
   B.                  Miss Ryder
   C.                  Miss Hall ("A Matter of Honor" Tales from the CC Ranch)
Q14. How long did it take Kate to save for the train fare home?
   A.                  Several weeks
   B.                  Nearly a year (Family Secret)
   C.                  Six months
Q15. With whom did Kate stay the first time she ran away to San Francisco?
   A.                  Miss Edith Whitaker
   B.                  Aunt Rebecca (Family Secret)
   C.                  Justin
Q16. Who was the only person who didn’t know that Kate was their sibling?
   A.                  Mitch
   B.                  Melinda
   C.                  Andi (Family Secret)
Q17. What was the one thing that Kate hated most about the ranch?
   A.                 Owning so many livestock
   B.                 Living so far away from civilization (Family Secret)
   C.                  Having to do tons of chores
Q18. What did Kate leave at the train depot?
   A.                 Her purse
   B.                 Her baggage (Family Secret)
   C.                  Levi
Q19. Who was the first person to explain about Kate to Andi?
   A.                  Mother
   B.                 Justin (Family Secret)
   C.                  Chad
Q20. Where was the last place Kate was living right before she came back home?
   A.                  Chicago (Family Secret)
   B.                  New York
   C.                  San Francisco 


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