Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Character Quiz #2 - Chad Carter

How well do you know Andi's brother, Chad? Thanks again to Sadie S. for this tough quiz. Trust me, I had to ask her about a couple of them. But then, you know the characters better than I do!

The prize this time is any book of your choice (except the anniversary edition of San Francisco Smugglers). I do not want to wait until next March to remember to send it to the winner. Or, if you own all of the books, you may choose a journal and pen instead.

Send your answers to CircleCAdventures@gmail.com

Do not send your answers via the contact form. Do not send your answers to my susankmarlow email. Thank you.

As always, the winner will be randomly drawn from any ties. This is a tough quiz. Have fun!
Contest begins Tuesday, August 7. Ends Tuesday, August 14.

CHAD CARTER, character quiz. How well do you know Chad?

Q1. What animal does Chad dislike?
A.                cattle
B.                 sheep
C.                 chickens

Q2. What is Chad’s middle name?
A.                Thomas
B.                 Paul
C.                 Aaron

Q3. How old was Chad when he first started courting Ellie?
A.                30
B.                 26
C.                 32

Q4. How tall is Chad?
A.                Five foot four
B.                 Six feet
C.                 Six foot seven

Q5. What is the name of Chad’s horse?
A.                Cloud
B.                 Blue
C.                 Sky

Q6. What breed is Chad’s horse?
A.                Appaloosa
B.                 Buckskin
C.                 Palomino

Q7. What has always been Chad’s dream?
A.                Owning a farm
B.                 Running the ranch
C.                 Bossing a cattle drive

Q8. When Chad was a kid, what was one of his least favorite chores on the ranch?
A.                Mending fences
B.                 Grooming horses
C.                 Branding cattle

Q9.  How old was Chad when he visited Goldtown?
A.                16
B.                 10
C.                 12

Q10. What was one thing that Chad didn’t do?
A.                Get trapped in a mine shaft
B.                 Win a 600 dollar purse
C.                 Steal a horse

Q11. What was Chad told not to bring to school when he was younger?
A.                A wooden gun
B.                 A peashooter
C.                 A rattlesnake’s rattle

Q12. How old was Chad when he “graduated” from school?
 A.                15
B.                 16
C.                 17

Q13. Who’s coffee does Chad think taste’s the worst?
A.                Strike’s
B.                 Cook’s
C.                 Melinda’s

Q14.  Chad once called a horse what?
A.                A lovely leaper
B.                 A jughead
C.                 A stubborn brute

Q15. Who was Chad’s first pony?
A.                Patches
B.                 Nutmeg
C.                 Coco

Q16. What did Chad do to the boy who was picking on his little sister, Katherine?
A.                Threw him in the horse trough
B.                 Tattled on him
C.                 Tripped him and knocked his teeth out

Q17. What was something terrible that happened to Chad?
A.                He fell into an old well
B.                 He got shot in the chest
C.                 He broke his nose

Q18. What color is Chad’s hair?
A.                Brown
B.                 Black
C.                 Blond

Q19. Which sibling does Chad have conflict with the most?
A.                Justin
B.                 Andi
C.                 Melinda

Q20. When Chad was younger, what did he write on his saddle?
A.                "Chad's Saddle Keep Off"
B.                 "Chad Carter's Private Property"
C.                 "Chad Age 6 Keep Off"



  1. Oh, wow, Sadie!! You're amazing!!! This quiz looks like so much fun!!! Thank you!


  2. Cool Sadie! I bet most of the answers are in the Circle C Stepping Stones and in the Circle C begginings! I only have the Circle C adventures and the Milestone books. I never read the others though. But it still sounds fun even though I don't know all the answers! Thanks a lot!

  3. Wow! This is tough...really tough. I'll be back once i have re-read every book I own and bought the other few!

    1. LOL. I don't think you have time to do all that in a week!

    2. Agreed. Have to think of another way...

  4. This looks like lots of fun! Great questions, Sadie!!!

  5. This quiz is fun! It's Almost as easy as the Andi character quiz😂

  6. This is so much fun!

    - Jovey

  7. Oh, this is fun, thank you Sadie! I love Chad's character.

  8. Way too hard! Wow Sadie! You must know all of them sooo well =)


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