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Character Quiz #1: Andrea Carter


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Sadie S., an Andi fan, has come up with some character quizzes for the main Circle C characters. She wanted to know if Mrs. M was interested in posting them. Oh, yeah. They are fun. Even Mrs. M. wasn't sure about some of the answers without looking them up.

How well do you know Andrea Carter? That is the question for this first character quiz post.

Below are 20 questions. Sadie has generously created the quizzes as multiple choice. If you think this is too easy, hang on. The next one (about Chad) is super hard and you will be glad about the multiple choice! Trust me. And yes, you may look in the books to find the answers.

Send your answers to
Please send this way:
Number your answer, write the letter, and also your answer. Example: #51 C  a promise

In the event of ties between correct answers, a random drawing of the tie-winners will be conducted. And the prize for the winner? Taffy and a Circle C pen. How fun is that?

Now, on to the questions . . . Have fun!

Q1. Out of all of the Carter brothers, who does Andi consider to be her “favorite” brother?
A. Chad
B.  Justin
C.  Mitch

Q2. What is Andi’s least favorite dime novel? 
A.   The Outlaw Ranger 
B.    The Indian Captive
C.    Seminole Chief

Q3. What is Andi’s middle name?
A. Rose
B.  Elizabeth
C.  Grace

Q4. Out of all of her family, who is Andi most like?
A. Mother
B.  Melinda
C.  Chad

Q5. What’s Andi’s worst school subject?
A. Grammar
B.  Math
C.  History

Q6. Who was Andi named after?
A. Her aunt
B.  Her mother
C.  Her grandmother

Q7. When was Andi born?
A. May 20, 1868
B.  February 6, 1868
C.  April 14, 1868

Q8. Who was Andi’s first “pet”?
A. Pickles
B. Coco
C. Taffy

Q9. What barn chore is Andi responsible for when she is eleven-going-on-twelve years old?
A. Cleaning the stalls
B.  Feeding and watering the horses
C.  Grooming the horses

Q10. Who was Andi’s first friend?
A. Jack
B.  Riley
C.  Cory

Q11. What two languages does Andi speak fluently?
A. Spanish and Greek
B.  English and French
C.  English and Spanish

Q12. What are three of Andi’s favorite foods for supper?
A. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits/jam
B.  Roast beef, biscuits and gravy, sweet corn
C.  Trout, cornbread, peach cobbler

Q13. On which special “holiday” did Andi receive Taffy? 
      A. Her birthday
      B. Christmas Day 
      C. Thanksgiving Day

Q14. Who gave Andi her first pair of overalls? 
A. Mitch
B.  Riley
C.  Father

Q15. What are three of the many items inside Andi’s “treasure box?” 
A. Pressed flowers, a necklace, a Bible
B.  A horseshoe, a lock of Taffy’s mane, a snakeskin
C.  An eagle feather, a gold nugget, a rattle

Q16. Out of all the girls in her family, whom does Andi look the most like? 
A. Mother
B.  Katherine
C.  Melinda

Q17. What is Andi’s usual bedtime when she’s twelve years old?
       A. Nine o’clock
B. Eight o’ clock
C. Ten o’ clock

Q18. What is Andi forbidden to wear outside the ranch? 
      A. Overalls
      B. Bloomers 
      C. Trousers

Q19. What has Andi always longed to do? 
       A. Catch the biggest trout ever
B.  Win a race against Cory
C.  Go on a cattle drive

Q20. What is Andi’s favorite day of the week?
 A. Sunday
 B.  Tuesday
 C.  Saturday



  1. Thank you, Mrs. Marlow and Sadie S.!!! You two are great! This quiz is amazing!


  2. This is so much fun! :D I definitely hope to enter!

  3. This is soooo cool! Thanks Sadie and Mrs M!

  4. I would love to try this! Thank you, Sadie, for making this fun contest! -Mae

  5. Thank you Sadie! I love it sooo much!! One thing I have read all the books and they never said who gave Andi her first pair of overall's. Am I missing something?
    Thank you!

    1. The answer is in one of the stories in the Tales from the Circle C Ranch book. :-)

    2. I haven't read it. Are we allowed to look up the answers in the books?

    3. That's the only book I don't have!


    4. I can't find in any of the books where it says who Andi is most like.

    5. You might trying looking in "Thick as Thieves." ;-)


  6. Sounds really fun! Is there a age limit to enter??

  7. This is so cool


  8. When are you going to announce the winner?

    1. I announced the winner today at about noon. Check it out. It's in a new post.


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