Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Trivia Contest: The Last Ride

By the way . . .  the Chat Box vanished on me. I was in the middle of a convention and I did not pay the six-month payment in time. I have noticed, however, that hardly anybody uses it, so I think I should save the $$ and leave it off for a while. However, if there is a huge outcry of "bring it back!" I will investigate and see how I can get it back. Okay, moving on to the contest . . .

It's spring and the perfect time to launch the last of the Milestones Trivia Contests. I hope you are enjoying the challenge. This time it's The Last Ride, and the winner can choose any one of the five available new ANNIVERSARY editions of the Circle C Adventures.

This time there are 31 questions! But for your sake, I have put them in order. Thanks again to reader Ellen's help, or there would be no trivia contest (as I've been busy with creating activities for the last two Stepping Stones books and don't have time to think up challenging trivia questions).

Send your answers to As before, the one with the most correct answers will win their choice of an autographed book (comes with a sticker and a bookmark too). In the event of multiple winners, a random drawing will determine the winner.

Contest begins Saturday, April 14, and ends Monday, April 23. I will be at conventions the month of April, so it might take me a little longer to look over the answers and determine the winner.

Have fun!

      1. Where is Andi at the beginning of the story?
2. What is the main reason why Andi has forgiven Justin for marrying Lucy?
3. Who is the new wrangler Chad has hired to train the colts?
4. When does Andi resolve to ask Chad about Shasta’s training?
5. What does Andi have to wear to the train station when Justin and she meet Aunt Rebecca 
           and Daniel? 
      6. How old is Sammy?
7. What’s Andi’s biggest temptation, one in which she often fails?
8. Who knows where Aunt Rebecca’s pills for her heart are kept?
9.  Into whose orchard does the buggy with Andi and Daniel crash?
10. Which part of the buggy breaks?
11. Which of Andi's schoolbooks flew out of the buggy and onto the road?
12. What does Andi fear Cory will do when he learns about the wrecked buggy?
13. Who accompanies Aunt Rebecca to San Francisco?
14. How long is Justin gone searching for Daniel?
15. Where does Justin finally find Daniel? 
16. Name two of Daniel’s punishments for his behavior. 
17. After catching Daniel snooping in her journal, where does Andi put her journal for
18. Who does Andi ask to go riding with so she can share the secret she has discovered about
      their cousin?
19. What is the secret Andi discovers about Daniel?
20. What makes Taffy sidestep close to the edge of the draw?
21. What does Mitch promise Andi just before she takes Dr. Weaver’s laudanum?
22. What is the wheelchair’s added luxury? 
23. Who ends up breaking the news that Taffy has been put down? 
24. Who actually puts Taffy down?
25. Where does Riley take Andi the first time he coaxes her somewhere?
26. How long has Andi been unable to walk after her accident?
27. How old was Riley when Midnight died?
28. When Andi and Riley return home, who is the first brother Andi talks to?
29. What is the surprise waiting for Andi in the house?
30. What does Mr. Foster present to Andi?
31. What gift does Riley give Andi?


  1. Yay, another trivia contest!! I can't wait to do it! :D

  2. Yes! Thank you so much Ellen and Mrs. M! Can't wait to start digging into these questions!


  3. Can me and my sister do it together?

  4. Mrs. Marlow, are we allowed to use the book for the answers? Thanks for doing this!

  5. I can't wait! Trivia Contests are so fun!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! Thank you, Mrs. Marlow, thank you, Ellen!!
    I'm working on the answers right now, this is going to be so fun! :)

    -Sadie S.

  7. Can me and my sister do it together?

  8. Yes! Thank you so much Mrs. M! And thank you Ellen! I love these trivia contests.


  9. Can I read the book in order to find the answers?

  10. This one is tough!!

  11. Tough, but fun! Thank you Ellen and Mrs. M!


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