Friday, March 30, 2018

Photo Friday: Goldtown

I found this old "page" that I had pulled from the page tabs a couple of years ago. Since I'm a little behind on my Circle C Timeline for Photo Fridays, I thought I'd offer these fun photos of the Goldtown series. Enjoy!

Pictures to help visualize the story settings:

A "coyote" hole (mining hole) with a creek running alongside it.

Jem panning gold in Cripple Creek. See all those rocks? 
They don't call it Cripple Creek for nothing. 
Livestock easily can go lame slipping on these rocks.

Nugget, the Coulter family dog.
Cripple Falls when the water is not being diverted.
The Goldtown stagecoach pulling into town.

The broken-down Coulter ranch. This is the barn.
From the chapter "On the Run" from Badge of Honor.

Copper, the Coulters' horse
Pa's precious Henry rifle that Jem loses to thieves in Canyon of Danger.

Frenchy and his cohorts use a windlass to pull gold-laden dirt from a hole. 
(Badge of Honor)

Aunt Rose's cook stove at the Coulter ranch.

Springtime in gold country near the setting of Goldtown.
(See the poppies in the foreground and the manzanita bush.)

The Midas mine (aka the Priest mine in reality) Tunnel of Gold

Inside the Midas mine, with an ore cart. Tunnel of Gold
How would you like to be trapped in here? Eeek!

This is where I got the idea for the illustration of the two mines with the air shaft. 
The "Priest" mine ended up as the Belle diggings, and the "Gold Bug" mine became the Midas mine.


Sheriff Matt Coulter confronting Earnest Sterling about his mine.

Matt reading Rose's letter.

Aunt Rose Tyson

Strike-it-rich Sam
Cousin Nathan
Will Sterling

And last but not least, Chad Carter when he goes to Goldtown with his father to check on the Carters' holdings of the Midas mine. I hope you have enjoyed all of these Photo Friday pictures. One of the reasons I wanted to remind you about Goldtown is because I am considering writing a Goldtown Beginnings for young readers (like the Circle C Beginnings). Jem would be 8, Ellie 6, and their mom would still be alive.

More on this later in another post, where I will list some ideas I have. I'd love other plot ideas (don't write them here, wait for the Goldtown Beginnings Ideas post later). I will list the ideas I already have and you could add to them or list other ideas. If I use your ideas then you would earn a free book.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is thrilling! You don't know how long I've been hoping you might make some more Goldtown books, the idea of a beginning's book is wonderful! And I absolutely love the pictures!!! Thank you, thank you! :)

    -Sadie S.

  2. How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be looking forward to your future post, but for now, I want to thank you for sharing these awesome pictures and trailer with us!


  3. So cool. can't wait!!! my brother loves goldtown

  4. Haha. Love the picture of "Copper". ;) Any racehorse fan (of which I am chief) would have to get that.

  5. Hey. Isn't Copper Charger in Taffy's Family Tree????


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