Friday, February 16, 2018

Photo Friday: Mitch Carter

I needed a picture of Mitch for a lapbook I'm creating for the Stepping Stones. I found these two, and I do believe I've landed on a portrait of Mitch that I really like (and I can use the picture wherever I want, since I found it on a royalty site). Yay. So I'm sharing it with you. What do you think? The first portrait is a smiling, happy-go-lucky Mitch. The second picture is a serious, watch-your-step Mitch.
And yes, I photoshopped the Mitch pictures onto Circle C ranch backgrounds. Then I flipped things around and put Mitch and Andi in a picture. So much fun!

I'd like to find good pictures of all the Carters. If you want to put one up for my consideration, send photo links in the comments. :-)


  1. Great photos Mrs. Marlow sorry but that's not exactly how I imagined him but great job on the photos they look amazing.

  2. I think that does look a lot more like Mitch! It must've been hard to find pictures, Mrs. M!

  3. I like it! But in your books you said Mitch had blond hair, but other then that it's great!

    1. He is not white blond. More like my son Ryan, who is Cory on Trouble with Treasure. Very blond as a kid and teen, but now in his twenties the blond has darkened. But compared to Andi and the other Carter's, this is blond, lol

  4. Replies
    1. Do you mean that he didn't have blue eyes in the beginning? :) And where did you find these pics?

    2. Well, Mitch has always had blue eyes, but this picture of him did not. Lol they were light hazel, which is a color I can change to blue easily. 😉

      I got Mitch on Deposit photos. I have credits there that I can download.

      The picture of Andi I took with my camera. Then I photoshopped mitch on top. It's fun.

    3. It sure does sound fun! I myself love doing things with pictures and I know how fun it is. :)

  5. Great picture of Mitch!


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