Friday, January 12, 2018

Photo Friday: Covers and More

My publisher sent the final two covers for Stepping Stones books 5-6. They are below.

Also, scroll down to see the final engraving on the locket. I updated it. I have also changed Andi's birthday of getting the locket to her tenth birthday. The picture from the back of Andi Far from Home is the reason why. We needed some kind of necklace around Julie's (Andi's) neck when I took the pictures, and my daughter had a locket. "Great!" I said. Not realizing that would cause all kinds of problems in the canon (Circle C timeline) for the stories.

Luckily, I'm revising Family Secret and can fix all that. I guess this is what happens when an author has no idea she will end up writing so many different eras of Andi's life. Good thing I have you fans to help me keep everything straight!

 Official, final covers:

Unofficial BACK COVERS: (note locket around Andi's neck)

And the final LOCKET picture:


  1. They're all perfect, Mrs. Marlow! Perfect! I can't wait to get those Stepping Stone books! Must I wait until July? I'll be like Trixie Belden...I'll die if I have to wait so long (LOL)!
    That locket is beautiful! So cool! You did a great job on it all! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!


  2. The locket is pretty, and I like the covers of the Stepping Stone books.

  3. They all look great!

  4. Yaaaaaaaay! I can’t wait to get those!!!!! They look SOOOOO great, Mrs. M! I love ‘em!

    The locket looks perfect! It is beautiful (the locket itself and the engraving) and what it says sounds like something Justin would say. Have a great Friday!


  5. Looks awesome Mrs. M! I love engraving on the locker and the design on it. I also like the book's covers! Great job! Thanks Mrs. M!


  6. I love the locket. Andi I was wondering if you ever celebrated Valentines Day? And if you did, did any of your friends ask you to be their valentine?

    1. Cory might have asked! LOL;)

    2. LOL! I wonder what Andi would’ve said!


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