Friday, June 9, 2017

Photo Friday: Real life palomino twins

(Thanks to Anna C. for posting this article link on my Circle C Adventures Facebook Group Page.)
These rare twin palomino foals were born May 11, 2017, to their palomino mare mother in Texas. You can read the full article and watch the video of the two little foals with their mom.
They are named Bonnie and Clyde, and their personalities reflect Sunny and Shasta to a T. (One foal is rambunctious, and the other laid back.). One had a harder start in life (like Sunny). I love it when fiction is a reflection of real life. Enjoy! Read all about it and see more picture at the above link.
This mare looks a lot like Taffy, i.e. her white blaze and her four white socks. Amazing!


  1. Oh my, that is SOOO cute! Those little fellas are ADORABLE!

    1. Hey Lexah!
      Love your blog! I'd love to comment on it but can't figure out how to. The life span of a dog mostly depends on its its size (among other things) Smaller dogs usually live into their teens (depending on the dog and whether or not it has health problems of course ��) And big dogs can live into their early teens unless it's a Great Dane (I'm no expert, but I hope this helps!) so how old is Lady? She seems sweet.

  2. Oh that is so COOL!!!! The foals are sooo cute.
    <3 MA

  3. Awww! They're soooooo cute! I just love lookin' at foals, especially favorite color. Born in Texas, too! <3 Ya see, I have this thing for Texas. *wink*
    ~Hope M.

  4. They are beautiful! And they match their mother almost perfectly! Just soooo cute, I'm daydreaming about them now:)!!!!!

  5. They are very cute and it's rather ironic. A while ago two palomino twins were born at the farm I board at. We call them Alex and Anna they were just weaned and Anna got sold but will be back for 2-year-old-training soon. Plus Alex had a harder start to life also :). One was born to a surregent mare though so they have different birthdays.


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