Friday, June 30, 2017

Photo Friday--Price of Truth full cover flat

Photos Fridays always sneak up on Mrs. M! Luckily, I just received this brand-new full cover flat for Price of Truth, which Kregel is re-releasing (anniversary edition) in a month. Yay! I love the purple.
Read on for more Price of Truth surprises . . . 

By popular demand, I revised a number of scenes in this book. Not a full chapter or anything, but I used your suggestions for some of the things that did not seem "quite right" in the older version. For example, one fan suggested that Andi show her "mettle" by telling the truth BEFORE Jack burst in and saves the day. Here is part of the revised scene:

       The truth will set you free. Her mother’s words echoed Andi’s thoughts. “What about Taffy?”

     “It won’t be easy, but you’ll have to let God take care of Taffy. You are going to tell the truth, even if you’re afraid. We’ll do our best to find Taffy.”
     “You can count on that,” Mitch said.
     Mother guided Andi off the settee. Then she wrapped her arms around her daughter and kissed her forehead. “I want you to go out there and show Charles Wilson and his attorney that he can’t scare a Carter out of telling the truth.”
     A few minutes later, the call came. Andi marched to the front of the courtroom and took her seat with grim determination. She risked a quick peek at the defense table. Peter’s lawyer was no longer smiling.
     Matthew Powers stood beside the witness chair. “Did you see who pushed Ben Decker?”
     "Yes, I did." In spite of her quivering insides, Andi's voice rang out loud and clear in the still courtroom. "It was Peter Wilson." A huge burden fell from her shoulders. She felt weak with relief. 
     Mother was right.

     Mr. Wilson’s palm slammed down against the railing. “No!”
     Before Judge Morrison could silence him, the door to the courtroom banged open. Jack Goodwin ran in, disheveled and breathless. He looked around wildly until his gaze fell on Andi in the witness chair. Ignoring the whispers and surprised looks, he hurried up the aisle.
     “What is the meaning of this interruption?” the judge bellowed. “Who are you?”
     “Jack Goodwin, sir. Has Andi testified?”

Other fans wondered why Mr. Wilson didn't get his punishment for going along (and actually spearheading) the whole kidnapping thing with Andi. I thought it was a really good point. Again, another revision. (There are many, many more, but these are the two highlights. And since you fans suggested them, I figured it was right and good to give you the newly revised scenes in this post.)

      The judge shook his head. “This is most irregular.” He banged his gavel for attention. “Since the defendant has changed his plea, I declare these proceedings a mistrial. Peter Wilson’s case will be reviewed at a later date.”
     Andi waited for the judge to end the trial and tell everybody to go home, but he didn’t. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and pierced Mr. Wilson with a hard look. “Charles Wilson , if there is any truth in what young Jack Goodwin has told us, then you will be facing your own set of charges very soon.”

     Mr. Wilson paled. “Yes, Your Honor.”
     Judge Morrison banged his gavel one more time. “Court is adjourned.”

And this one, where he "gets it." 

     Cory clambered down the stairs. “And the best news?” he called over his shoulder. “Tell Jack what you told me, Andi, about Johnny and his father.”
     Andi rolled her eyes. “Nothing’s on paper yet, but Justin came home last night after a meeting in the judge’s chambers. Judge Morrison plans to order Mr. Wilson to choose between jail time and military school back east for Johnny.”
     “It’s probably best if Johnny stays away from Fresno for a while,” Cory said. “Folks are heated up over what he and his father tried to do to you.”
     Jack gave Andi a sheepish look as they left the schoolhouse. “I’m glad I came to my senses, or I’d probably be on the train with Johnny—or worse.” He gulped. “Maybe even jail. Do you suppose Mr. Wilson will go to jail for what he did?”
     Andi wasn’t sure. True, he’d had his hand in kidnapping her, and he’d obstructed justice by threatening a witness, and . . . “I can’t remember everything Justin said, but he’s certain Mr. Wilson will not get off scot-free. Judge Morrison made it clear that he would be punished.”
     She didn’t repeat what Chad had said last night. “If Charles Wilson somehow escapes justice, I’ll make sure the banker gets a taste of Carter justice.”
     Andi was never sure when Chad was just sounding off. She sure hoped he was this time. I want to forget all of this as fast as I can.

Hope you enjoyed this peek!


  1. Yes! The new part of the book is amazing! I love it that she actually tells the truth and sacrifices Taffy for it:)


  2. Yay!!! I am so glad she told the truth even if she had to sacrifice taffy. I love the new cover, so cute. But purple is one of my favorite colors. Thanks Mrs M for posting this.

  3. I love the new cover!!!

  4. Yay! The new cover is awesome! I love purple.
    And thanks so much for sharing the sneak peeks Mrs. M!

    -Sadie S.

  5. Awww, Taffy isn't on this cover, Mrs. M. Too bad. I like the mountains in this one, though!

    1. The space was too narrow, and Taffy's muzzle got cut off. It looked terrible! So I found another picture and put the mountains in the background. It looks much "cleaner" and neater this way, but I too miss Taffy. It just couldn't work out with the new frame around the cover.

  6. I love Andi Carter books, I've read every one about 3 times. My favorite is probably Heartbreak Trail or Courageous Love. I like the new cover for price of truth, and I love Andi, Cory, and especially Riley. Thanks so much for writing these books!


  7. Love it! Love the mountains in the background Mrs. M! Looks great! It is sad that Taffy couldn’t be in the pic.


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