Friday, May 26, 2017

Photo Friday: Lasso Lesson

This is not your typical Photo Friday, but somebody wanted to see me lassoing. Yeah, right.
I attended a lassoing clinic a few years back. It was a chilly November Saturday in an unheated arena-like area. Brrrr!

Step 1: Learn how to hold and circle your rope correctly. It requires a little special wrist action. No problem. I figured that out right away.

Step 2: Let your rope go at just the right moment as to encircle your waiting "calf." This was way more difficult. I was terrible at it. And that "calf" was going nowhere. It sat there still as a fence post.

Step 3: After hours of twirling and throwing, I managed to rope my "calf." It would have been faster to walk up to it and drop the lasso around its neck. Yes, that is how far away I was standing.

Step 4: Once you are good enough at roping the fake calf, my friend (who invited me) said the next step is to get on the horse and practice. Sorry, I did not bring a horse, and neither did she. Marie would return another day to practice with her horse.

Step 5: Practice on a real calf while it is running. (Sorry, not in this lifetime.)


I think one of the Andi fans, Lexi, does it much better. Look at this little cowgirl go! Nice wrist action, Lexi. :-) Meet Peaches, the miniature pony, and Barney, the bottle calf. Here is her blog if you want to read more about this cowgirl. Little Rancher


  1. Yee-haw, Cowgirl!!! Way to go, Lexi! Like I said, you keep that up and you'll be in the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) someday!
    And keep up the good work, Mrs. M, where there's a will, there's a way! ;)
    In fact, I'll have you know that just yesterday, after quite a while of swinging my way-too-short, VERY abrasive, not at all like a lasso's supposed to be rope, I finally lassoed the Spigot! Ahem, why don't I hear any clapping?! ;) Well, I was practicing alone, so there was nobody there to clap! (that must be the reason ;)
    ~Hope M.

  2. Good job HOPE!!!!! oh, I completely forgot that Mrs. M was postin this today!

  3. Mrs. M!!!!!!! You are NOT as bad as you say you are!! Your good!

  4. Oh, BTW, Lexi. I have that exact same shirt! The one you're wearin' in the pictures! Yup. I told you Cowgirls think alike! ;)
    Random question: What's your favorite color? (you can divide that into two different sections, if you like. that's what do when people ask me that. One for your favorite color in general, and of course, one for your favorite horse color ;)
    ~Hope M.

  5. I think you did a great job Mrs. M!
    Btw, I've seen your blog Lexi, it really nice! <3 <3

  6. Super fun pictures! I can't lasso anything for the life of me. XD

  7. I actually get to rope real cows for the first time ever next week!


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