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Photo Friday: Circle C Hall of Shame Part 2

Welcome back to the Circle C Hall of Shame Part 2. Here is another line-up of some troublemakers (some of them quite dangerous) I've encountered during my adventures. It does appear I've had plenty of contact with some scary folks. Thank God for my family and my faith. Both have carried me through some scary times. To read Part 1 of this Photo Friday post , go HERE. You can comment as to your favorite "bad guys" or if their pictures match your vision of them from reading my adventures. Also, feel free to suggest another character to the Hall of Shame. If there are enough, I will do a Part 3 for another Photo Friday. But honestly, could there be so many bad guys in one girl's life?

10. Deputy Hugh Baker
I didn't like this shifty-eyed character from the moment he arrested my friends and me. His bad-guy status was confirmed when he turned out to be the third member of a bank robbery--the sneaky snake! He got his just reward (ouch!) from my friend Jenny and--I trust--a long stay in San Quentin penitentiary.

11. Johnny Wilson
This young man has been a pest since my school days at age six. Pea shooters, mean words, pulling my hair. Oooh! Johnny drives me crazy. And that stolen kiss! I still burn thinking about it even years later. He made my life a misery when I was only 13. He thought I was lying about seeing his brother kill somebody. Johnny finally reformed (a smidgen) and ended up being my brother-in-law, due to the fact that my sister Melinda married his older brother Peter. Talk about strange twists!

12. Mr. Wilson
I always thought Mr. Wilson was a nice person, fair, just, and rich (being the bank owner). My friends and I even brought back his stolen gold and money from the bank robbers. But I reckon blood is thicker than right and wrong (at least in Mr. Wilson's case). He was in the thick of things when push came to shove and tried to get me to change my story. Although it doesn't speak of it in the first version of my adventure (Price of Truth), his consequences for that will be addressed in the new, revised version of the story.

13. Maxwell Browning
Peter's lawyer was shrewd and tricky. I dreaded having to answer his questions on the witness stand. Justin told me Mr. Browning would badger me to change my story. As it turned out, I never had to sit under his questioning, but he has a place in this Hall of Shame anyway.

14. The Walker Brothers
While Macy Walker has no place in this Hall of Shame (since we ended up close friends), I have no trouble lining up her three nasty brothers--Ty, Jase, and Rudy--here. Every time I think of those three no-accounts, I shudder and wonder how Macy put up with them all of her short life. They planned to kill me. Even Jed would never have gone so far to even think of killing me. I hope the Walker brothers stay locked up for a long, long time.

15. Toledo
Not much to say about this cattle rustling cowhand except to say that I am not above being tricked by a handsome face and a fancy horse (mostly the horse). Toledo had it all--except good character. Makes me think of the verse "Man (or girl, like me) look on the outside, but God sees the heart." Toledo will have plenty of time to dwell on his bad choices as he sits in prison for cattle rustling and kidnapping (Levi and me).

16. Daniel Carter
I'm ashamed to say that a close family member (first cousin) landed in my Hall of Shame. I feel sorry to have to put him here, but he made the choices. Really bad ones. And he looks so much like Mitch too (whom I adore). Just makes me do a double-take whenever I see Daniel. He served his six months in jail for his thieving in town and is now safely back in New York--3,000 miles from me. But family is family. I wonder when we will pop up next?

17. Tomaso Procopio Rodendo
The most notorious bandit in California history, so of course Procopio gets a prominent place in my Circle C Hall of Shame. The nerve of this nephew of Joaquin Murrieta! To kidnap me and Lucy and Sammy so he could make my nephew his own son. Ooooh! He gets my ire up more than anyone else, I think. Mostly because he'd planned everything out to the last detail. A very scary fellow. And since he'd already escaped San Quentin once, I'm not sorry that the sheriff and his posse ended his life. A great relief, actually.

18. Mateo Vega
Procopio's right-hand man and compadre, Vega frightened me more than the Mexican bandit. Procopio wanted me alive. Vega would just as soon see me dead. And he almost did too. The very first person (and hopefully the last) I have ever shot. Riley and I left him behind in camp, still very much alive, but when the posse went up there to clean out that rat's nest, Vega was gone!

19. Benita
Last but not least, this Mexcian woman was Sammy's new mama. Every time I saw her kissing Sammy I wanted to scratch her eyes out. I restrained myself, of course. That reaction would have done me very little good. I'm sure I would have been beaten. I finally took Sammy away from her and barely made it out of her cabin alive. When the posse went up to the hideout, Benita was gone as well. Only a few people were left to round up. Vega shot. Benita shot. But both are still on the loose. *shudder*

Thanks for joining me for Part Two of the Circle C Hall of Shame!


  1. This is pretty much exactly how I imagined everyone, Mrs. M! :-) Hmm..I know that the men who shot Mitch weren't really a part of the story(Trouble with treasure) it was mostly Hugh Baker, but maybe you could add them? Also, since you have been sharing "The terrible secret" chapters with us, could you add Henderson? And on a completely different note, I was just wondering if you could at some point post a picture of Jem Coulter grown up? I know you already have one of Ellie. :-)

  2. I thought everyone pretty much like that I think, except Johnny Wilson, I imagined him differently. Hmm maybe you could do umm maybe I don't know I'll let you know if I think of anyone. Have a great Easter weekend ya'all!!!
    <3 MA

  3. Everyone looks great, 'cept Jonny looks way too nice for the bully he is. lol And Macy's brothers look older than I pictured them, how much older than Macy are they? <3

    1. I agree, Macy's brothers look way too old! Everyone else is how I imagined them though :)

    2. I agree that Johnny looks way to nice. Lol
      <3 MA

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  4. I like how Vega got out alive. I mean, that would be a lot on your conscience. You did what you had to do, I just glad he lived; even though he was so scary.

  5. It's the only picture I could find with three bad guys, horses, and guns. LOL (Macy's brothers). I"m open to another picture!

    Yes, I was of two minds about Johnny. But he's a slick one and can charm when we wants to, so I went ahead with this one.

  6. I like the picture of Johnny! It was very close to what I imagined! :) Love seeing all the pics!

  7. Okay so maybe u could do a hall of shame on the bad guys of the goldtown series. Or u could put it in the hall of shame part 3. Here's a starter: Frenchy. And for heads up: Girls, I love goldtown books. If u think they're just for boys, you're wrong. The setting is when when Jeremiah (Jem) Coulter is growing up. Jem's sister, Ellie, becomes Chad's wife. Jem is also one of his good friends.

    1. Good suggestion. I'll see what I can do . . .

  8. Oh my! I really like reading these! they all look like I expected, but like everyone else, Johnny is too cute to be Johnny, and Benita is younger than I thought. Thanks for this Andi!

  9. Jonny looks like what the Jack Goodwin in my mind looked like. I have a very strong hatred for Toledo...


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