Monday, April 24, 2017

A Slice of Life - 7

Well, I never imagined in my wildest dreams who came calling today! I’m still in shock, and having a hard time accepting the fact that’s it’s true, even though she’s sleeping downstairs in the guest room at this very moment!.
Miss Felicity Livingstone.
I’d all but forgotten about her. It seems so long ago that I ran away with Taffy. And she was the last person I ever expected to see show up on my doorstep.
I had just finished cleaning up from supper when there was a knock at the door. Riley had headed out to the barn to check on some of the horses, and I wondered who in the world would be coming by this late in the evening.
Drying my hands on my apron, I made my way to the door. When I opened it, I didn’t recognize her at first. For one thing, her demeanor was completely different. Far from being the demanding young lady I remembered, her smile seemed a bit shy, and her manners were every bit as gentle and refined as Melinda’s.
She looked at me curiously for a moment, as if wondering why I didn’t recognize her. “Andi?” Her voice was hesitant.
“Yes, I’m Andi Prescott. May I help you?”
“I was told I could find you here.” Her eyes swept over me. “You haven’t changed much in all these years.”
By this point, I was beginning to feel uneasy. She noticed it, and a light chuckle escaped her lips. “I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced myself.? My name is Felicity. Felicity Livingstone.”
Had someone just told me that Justin had given up practicing law, I couldn't have been more surprised.
There was an awkward silence before I finally got a grip on my manners. “Oh, Felicity. It’s been a while. Won’t you come in?”
I stepped back and opened the door wider, all the while wondering if I was doing the right thing. Felicity sure seemed different from that ill-mannered, selfish girl I remembered, but I was still a bit wary. Can a leopard change its spots? I wondered.
She took a seat in the parlor. “Andi, you--ah, you must be wondering why I’m here.”
Yes, what mischief are you up to? I thought to myself. “The thought did cross my mind.”
Glancing down, Felicity fiddled with the small purse she held in her hands. “Well, you see, I’ve been attending college this past year, and I’ve met your brother.”
My eyebrows shot sky high. A woman attending college? It was almost unheard of in those days. It took a moment for the rest of her words to register. “My brother? You mean Mitch?”
She nodded. “Yes. Anyway, when he found out who I was, he of course remembered what happened a few years back.”
No one in my family would ever forget that horrid time.
During this point in the conversation, she looked up and met my gaze. “I’ve changed, Andi. I’ve been working hard to do something with my life, not waste it like the spoiled child that I was. Anyway, since the college is on break between terms, Mitch suggested I come and see you to  . . . uh . . . to try to make things right.”
I’d forgotten about the break. Mitch wasn’t coming home. He was too busy at Berkeley to come and go these days. But never in a million years had I imagined he would send Felicity in his stead.
“Well,” Felicity spoke again, interrupting my thoughts. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that . . . I’m terribly sorry for how I acted. You were only a child, and I acted appallingly. Would you . . . would you forgive me?”
It took a moment for her words to sink in. Felicity Livingstone, my tormentor from over six years ago, was apologizing.
My voice decided to cooperate, and I nodded. “You’re forgiven. To be honest, I forgave you a long time ago.” And I had. The lesson that bitterness never helps had been hard to learn, but it was one I never forgot.
I excused myself to the kitchen. It was warm, and we could both use cold drinks. On my way out of the kitchen, I grabbed a plate of freshly sliced oranges I’d had gathered a couple of days before. They make a nice after-supper snack.
We chatted for a while until RIley came in, and then introductions were made. I invited her to stay overnight, promising to go with her when she called on my mother at the main house tomorrow. Riley offered to put up her horse and the wagon she’d ridden up in.
I still can’t believe Felicity attends the same college Mitch does, and that she came all the way out here to apologize. Just goes to go that God still works miracles!
Till tomorrow,


  1. Ohh, how sweet:). I have a sneaking suspicion that Mitch is going court Felicity. What do you guys I mean girls think??
    <3 MA

    1. Mitch courting Felicity? Yeah I can see that.
      ~ Ingrid

    2. Definitely!! They would fit! When I read this, it made me remember when Felicity told Andi her family had arrived, an she thought Mitch was handsome...LOL!

    3. Hmm..maybe! I always wondered whom Mitch would court. :-) @Abbi, Haha, that would make it even more funny if they did get together. :-P

    4. Anything is possible! LOL
      Good memory, Abbi. That is in the book. But at the time I did not have any future ideas in my head about Mitch/Felicity.

    5. I think your totally right about Mitch and Felicity.

    6. I was also thinking of when in one of the 'lost story' chapters of Long Ride Home when Mitch and Chad and the whole family were at the Livingston's ranch and Felicity is flirting with Mitch. Though I guess we never know who Mrs M will end up having Mitch marry.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I predicted this! I can't believe it happened! Mrs. M, were you thinking this before I commented, or did you use my suggestion?? <3<3

    1. Before you commented when? No, I don't remember a comment to that effect. I just knew I wanted Felicity to come back. And just because Felicity goes to college with Mitch does not mean they are courting!!! LOL Imply what you like, but you will have to keep guessing.

  3. Aw, I always hoped Felicity would "come around"! That's so sweet that she came all the way out to apologize to Andi! Thanks for sharing this, Mrs. M! :-)

  4. like this slice of life! I always check in every Monday (if I can) and hope for another slice of life.

  5. Aww! That's really sweet, Andi! What is Felicity studying? That's a great picture of her!

    -Abigail D.

  6. how old was Andi when her dad died? Also, what year did Katherine run away?

    1. Andi was five and a half. It's the spring before she turns six.
      Katherine ran away when Andi wasn't quite two. Katherine was 15. So I guess that would make it 1870.

  7. Felicity looks beautiful in that picture! Maybe just a little TOO beautiful...I have a hard time imagining Felicity like that! Still though, I know God can change people. It's great that Felicity came to apologize after all these years...and she's obviously quite different. But I still don't know if it's a good idea for her and Mitch to get together...seems to me that a reformed Daniel would suit HER better...that way they would have something in common rather the one bein' completely undeservin' of the other. Anyhow, that's just MY opinion...nobody pay any attention to me!
    ~Hope M.

    1. Daniel is too young for Felicity. Felicity is Melinda's age. But hey, we may never know who Mitch ends up with unless somebody writes a fan fiction story about it or a contest story. :-)

    2. Yeah, that's a good point, Mrs. M. I guess I wasn't really thinkin' of how far apart they are in age.


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