Monday, April 3, 2017

A Slice of Life - 4

Someday I want to have kids. I honestly don’t think I’d mind if there were a dozen running around here. Though, this house might not be large enough for quite that many people!
Lucy brought Samuel and Gracie over today for a visit. I had just returned from riding when their carriage pulled up, and, having finished cooling down Shasta, I let him loose in the corral before heading toward them.
I was about halfway there when Sammy barreled into my legs and flung his arms around them. I grinned and reached down to pick him up and carry him back to Lucy. He sure is getting big! It seems every time I see him he’s grown more.
Lucy greeted me with a smile, and we made our way into the house. It isn’t often that she brings the children here after visiting the big house. The ride out here is still rather rough for the carriage. By the time she finishes talking with mother, it’s high time to start back for town before Justin sends out a search party!
We made our way into the living room, and while Lucy checked Gracie’s diaper, Sammy had clambered up onto my lap with a book he had brought with him.
I smiled and opened the book, starting with the first page. I love holding Sammy close and spending time with him! As I read, he stopped me and pointed at the page. And then, to my surprise, he read a word!
Maybe it was a small word – “and” to be exact - but it shocked me! Little Samuel, old enough to start learning to read? Time certainly does fly by.
When we finished the book, Lucy hadn’t returned. I had a hunch she was feeding the baby, so I took Samuel into the kitchen. Just yesterday I had managed to cook a batch of cookies that turned out heavenly—much to my surprise. I figured Samuel would like a couple, and after riding the range with Riley, I was a bit hungry myself.
I pulled the tin from the cupboard, and Samuel’s eyes lit up when he saw them.
“Ooo, give me a cookie, Auntie?”
Anyone who talks to me with that childish lilt instantly has my heart. I gave him two cookies, hoping it was early enough that it wouldn’t spoil his supper. 
I snagged one for myself and one for Lucy, and then poured all three of us glasses of milk before heading to the dining room.
Lucy walked in as I sat Samuel down, and she surveyed the scene with a smile. Little Andrea Grace was asleep in her arms, and she managed to sit down without waking the baby.
Next to mother, Lucy is who I want to be like if ever I have any children. The way she handles them, with a mix of patience and loving firmness, is something I admire.
We talked for a while, laughing over Sammy’s antics. Then, the clock that sits on the mantle over the fireplace in the living room chimed four times, and Lucy declared it was time for them to head home.
With her still carrying Gracie, who had managed to sleep even through all the noise Sammy made, she made her way down the steps. I followed with Samuel.
As I placed him in the carriage, he reached up and threw his arms around my neck and placed a slobbery kiss on my cheek. I smiled and tousled his hair, and made sure he was well away from the edge of the seat.
I hugged Lucy, promising to come and visit them in town sometime soon.
As the carriage made its way down the road, I was suddenly struck by just how quiet it was now without Samuel. It may not have been a particularly eventful day, but, oh, it was one I want to remember for always!
Because it seems that sometimes the smallest things in life are the ones that are the most precious. 


  1. Awww...that's really sweet. I hope Andi has kids some day!

  2. That's so cute, Mrs.M! Thanks for the post! I love the Andi's journal posts!


  3. Aww, that's so precious... Thanks Mrs M.
    It's really sweet. I hope Andi has kids someday:)
    <3 MA


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