Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Fan Fiction Award!

What a nice New Year's surprise. This morning I received an email from The Writer Awards, a group of volunteer writers who banded together to find the best fan fiction blogs and websites. Go figure. Most of the actual Fan Fiction stories surrounding the Circle C Adventures are a sub-blog at the Fan Fiction Blog. But maybe they like the whole "Andi's Adventures in the Old West," since the entire thing is a big fan venture, and they posted this URL as the winner. Whatever the reason, thanks to you, fans, for participating by being faithful to Andi's blog, since without readers the whole fan fiction idea would not fly.

And the award? This little graphic to post, and they plan to promote the top 9 sites, so maybe others will learn about Andi and her adventures in the Old West. CircleCAdventures.com

Here is what they wrote:

First off, a huge congratulations! We've selected Circle C Adventures as one of the top fanfiction websites and blogs of 2017! We were suggested over 200 fan fiction blogs and sites to review. It took awhile, but we went through them all and pulled together the final list of sites that we felt were the highest quality and most unique. 

A huge congratulations! Out of the hundreds of sites, you made the list! The top 9 we selected were all so high quality that it was very difficult to rank them; every blog selected is of extremely high quality.


  1. Congrats, congrats! So excited for you! You deserve it! Thanks for having this fan fiction site. I've enjoyed reading the stories :-).


  2. Congratulations Mrs. M! I am speechless! You are amazing! You are so talented! Again, congratulations!🏅


  3. Congrats!!!! I love reading fan fiction!! Everyone keep up the good work

  4. Congrats! That's amazing!

  5. Awesome, Mrs. M! That's amazing! Congratulations!


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