Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The "Lost" Stories

This is the main page to find all of the Circle C Adventures' Lost Stories or Scenes.

Click on the links to read lost stories or scenes:
1. Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home
2. Christmas Interrupted
3. A Risky Solution to a Hot Day (original beginning of Trouble with Treasure)
4. Andrea Carter and the Terrible Secret (unfinished)

"The Lost Stories" category is the place where Mrs. M unveils lost scenes, stories, and other tidbits that either did not end up in the books or were stories she began but never found a story "home" for them. It's a little like an "extended cut" version of a movie. Well, the other day, Mrs. M's 11-year-old grandson Kevan asked, "Why don't we ever get to see what's going on back at the ranch when Andi's with the Gardunos?" (He and his brother are reading the Circle C Adventures and doing the lapbooks and study guide for their literature this year in their homeschool).

Good question, Kevan! As a matter of fact, when Mrs. M originally wrote Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, the story was much longer---43,000 words instead of the 36,000 words she sent in. That's 7,000 words of LOST SCENES you may enjoy. They are scenes Mrs. M cut out because they were what Kevan mentioned: "meanwhile, back at the ranch . . ." One publisher had turned down the story because of the shifting in scenes, so Mrs. M took them out. But . . . she kept them.

For Kevan's enjoyment (and maybe yours too), Mrs. M will bring a series of "lost scenes" to fill in the blanks for readers of some of her early works (and a story that never made it into the Tales from the Circle C Ranch short-story collection).

She hopes you find these "lost scenes" fun, and please excuse the point-of-views shifts between characters. Just pretend you're watching a TV episode. After all, these scenes never made it into the book, so why worry about head-hopping?

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