Friday, February 24, 2017

Photo Friday: My New Home

Such a surprise I got when I first saw my new house! If you remember, nobody but nobody would let me see even a peek at what my brothers and Riley were doing up at my special spot that whole year before the wedding. It's like Chad posted ranch hands on guard duty lest Shasta and I "accidentally" headed toward the creek. Ooooh! I was just itching to see it. Then worse! Mother, Katherine, Ellie, Melinda, and Lucy headed out there to furnish it in the spring. (If Aunt Rebecca had survived that winter, you can bet she would have been out there too, fussing and giving her opinion.)

The wait was worth it! How they built that house without chopping down any of my favorite climbing trees is amazing, but they did it. Lots of shade, with a view of the creek just outside the back windows--along with a stunning view of the sunrise over the Sierras. Here are a few pictures. Not too fancy, not too bare. My mother and sisters really do know me! I love them so much!

The house is two stories, but not huge like my old house. And there is a porch. And look at all the shade!

Here's the kitchen. The only trouble is . . . I'm not that great at cooking. But isn't that little cook stove sweet? I do know how to start it up. And Melinda made a point to tell me that she cut and put on the shelf edging over the counter (the white, lacy material).

And mother gave me a set of Aunt Rebecca's china. "She always wanted you to have this set, sweetheart." I'll try to do a close up on that sometime.

Not too fancy, this hanging lamp is so practical for the dining room table. Notice the lace curtains. My sisters are very kind!

The bedroom is cozy, and my family even put up wallpaper! There is a big, braided throw rug, and they didn't stint on the space. The last picture shows the full room. This is the perfect little house for me next to the creek (well, not too close in case the creek overflows in the spring like it often does). If I want rich, fancy living, I'll go visit my mother, Chad, and Ellie, who have the "big house" to themselves . . . at least until Chad and Ellie's first baby comes along. Then the ranch house will most likely be filled with laughter, crying, and little boys' yelling as loud and bossy as Chad.


  1. I love the house! It is so Andi, LOL!!
    <3 MA

  2. I love the house!!

  3. Howdy Mrs. M!
    Just wanted to tell you that I really liked this post and that I am sooooo happy about all the blog posts you've been doing's so nice to be updated again! But, I also have sad news. I don't think I'm going to be entering the POV contest. I was very excited about it, you remember, and really, I'm still very excited about it...I just won't be entering myself. I've come to the realization that I am not a writer(my mother disagrees, of course, but you know how mothers are. :) I actually managed to write most of a story, but I was so disgusted with it that I couldn't continue. And... I probably would've had a hard time getting it finished in 2400 words...way too many. So anyway, I'm sorry. And as usual, I have a question! You should be getting used to this from me. =) I want to know what happened to Andi's locket. She puts it on Tucker and it never gets mentioned again.
    -Hope M.

    1. That is a good question (the locket). I will add it to my "list" of "whatever happened to . . ." ideas.

      Sorry you're not entering. You should really give it a try. I had another entry with a similar attitude, but she "took the chance" and it's a good story. Take a risk!

      I'm trying to figure out a way to make the contest a "private" reader's choice voting poll, so nobody will see how many "votes" any other story gets. Only I would see it. So, take the risk. Believe your mother!

      I thought the same thing when I wrote stories as a kid and as a teen. NOBODY read my stories except one little sister. NOBODY read my Andi stories as an adult too until I finally got talked into it at a writers group meeting.

      And we all know what happened about that! You might be hiding a secret author deep inside. (I didn't think my stories were very good.)

      Just sayin' . . .

      And if it's 2,400 words, you could save it for the fall short-story contest, that allows for a longer word count . . . pretty much about 2,500 or so, depending on the age group.

      Here's a link to that:

    2. Just what I needed...another mother. No, seriously, I really appreciate your advice. And I will definitely think about it. Even though there's only a few days left. :(

    3. Oh my. What am I gonna do? Even if I were to somehow come up with a good idea, and write the story on paper, how would I ever get it on the computer and sent in by TOMORROW?! Yikes! I'm in a nasty fix. Again.

    4. Mrs M. I have a question. I have never entered one of your contests. How do I send you my story? Help!
      ~Hope M.

    5. Send it to

      And you can turn it in March 2 since I won't have time to do anything with the entire until Thursday or Friday.

  4. Cool! I'm glade you like your new home Andi! <3

  5. That is soooooo cool!!!! And very beautiful, but just your taste Andi. :) I love it!
    ~ Cheyenne

  6. Could you post some pictures of Justin and Lucy's house?

    ~ IT

    1. Mrs. M will see what she can do about that . . .

  7. I love the house! Is the dress on the bed yours too? It's really pretty. ;)

  8. So fun! Love the pics!

    (This is to Andi) Do you have your family over for dinner sometimes? Or do you just go to their bigger ranch house? :)

  9. Amazing! The outside is just so adorable!

    -Abigail D.


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