Friday, February 17, 2017

Photo Friday-Characters

I've updated the Andi's Family and Andi's Friends pages. Check them out. And thanks to Livi Jane for sending me pictures! Below are a few samples. Enjoy!

Ellie age 30

This is Ellie Coulter, whom Chad courted and whose engagement party Andi had to attend (in Courageous Love) with a smashed nose and cut eyebrow from her fall off Dakota. I think the picture of Ellie is perfect! She is two years younger than Chad. 
Ellie age 10
Here is how Ellie looked when she first met Chad in Tunnel of Gold (Goldtown book 2). She was ten, and Chad was her brother Jem's age, twelve.
Mrs. M would love a fan story on why Ellie stayed an "old maid" until she was thirty years old. But it's not completely unusual. Mrs. M's grandmother didn't marry until she was about thirty. Then she went around with Mrs. M's grandfather on the back of his motorcycle! Quite a deal for the daughter of a Baptist circuit-rider preacher in 1920!

"Are you all right?"
"Cheer up, Andi. It could be worse."
And I love this picture of Riley on the left looking concerned when Andi flipped off Dakota after trying the pick-up trick. Kind of a "you-better-do-what-I-say" look, so neither of us gets into trouble with the ranch boss over this stunt riding. But Riley can't stay mad at Andi for very long. He can't help grinning at how silly she looks.

I found an adorable picture of Justin and Lucy's little boy Samuel James.
And one of his new baby sister, Andrea Grace "Gracie" Carter.

 And last of all, I thought you might like to see the real Andi and her family. Jessica, Brit, Cole, and the new baby, Ryder, Waters. They live in Arkansas. Everybody grows up!


  1. I love all of the pictures!!! :) Especially the very last one!! :D

  2. This is all soo sweet! I especially love the pic of Ellie with the horse, and real life Andi. Thank you so much for sharing them! <3

  3. The pictures are so sweet:) I really like the one of Gracie, that's just as I thought she would look like:)
    <3 MA

  4. What happened to Macy and Sunny? Are they still together?

  5. Awwwww!!! I love all these pictures, especially the one of "Andi" and her family!

  6. Awwwww!!! Precious! i love the pic of the older Ellie :)

  7. Awwwww!!! Precious! i love the pic of the older Ellie :)


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