Thursday, February 16, 2017

Name the Ranch!

More than one fan has asked the name of Riley's and my new ranch (the big chunk of the Circle C the Carters deeded over to them for a wedding gift). I never even thought about it! So glad you are here to keep me up on these things. So, of course this calls for a ranch-naming contest (like the horse-naming contests of the past). Give me your thoughts and I'll compile the top five that I like and have a poll on the sidebar. So many other things have been on my mind these days, that I would love to have a name for our new ranch. 

The heart of our new ranch is, of course, the place I used to call her special spot (Chad showed it to me for the first time as great fishing spot on my ninth birthday in Andi Saddles Up). This place is also referenced a lot in the Circle C Adventures. I was always running off to my special spot. Now it is mine and Riley's for good.

The heart of our new ranch. The creek is merely a trickle at this time of year. 


My special spot always did have a nice view of the Sierras. We can see the sunrise from the window!

Riley's great at building fences!



  1. A fan emailed me these suggestions, so I said I'd put them in a comment:

    Happy Valley Ranch, brand Lazy H
    Circle Sierra, brand Circle S or Lazy S
    Lost Creek Ranch, brand Lazy L (Probably my favorite)
    Paradise Ranch brand Lazy P or Circle P for Prescott

    1. Nice suggestions, but Lazy L? I guess she never read Long Ride Home... <3

    2. LOL! Good point! I will remind her. he-he

    3. You could do lost creek ranch but instead of lazy L it could be lazy c ranch or even rocking c ranch

  2. How about:
    Riverwood Ranch (Rocking R)

  3. How about:
    Lazy Creek Ranch (Lazy C)
    Or it could be Rocking P Ranch (for Prescott)

  4. Hi! :) Here are a couple of suggestions:

    Hidden Creek Ranch (Lazy H)
    Forgotten Water Ranch (Lazy F)
    Wind and Water Ranch (Double W)

    I'm not so sure of all the brand names, but there they are.

  5. I can't think of any names right now :P. Maybe something with "Taffy" in it? Sorta as a memory of her :)

    1. Yess! That would be so sweet!

  6. -Rolling Hills Ranch
    -Prescott Paradise Ranch
    -Sunset (or Sunrise) Ranch
    -Taffy's Range (in memory of her :()
    -Milestone Ranch

    Abigail D.

  7. - Crystal Creek Ranch
    - Trickle Creek Ranch

  8. I like Circle P (P for Prescott). It also kinda ties in the Circle C, which is where the new ranch originated from 😉

  9. How about, "Midnight Ranch"(in honor of Riley's horse).

    I also like "Milestone Ranch".

  10. Golden Hills Ranch (the brand could be Lazy H, or Circle H)

  11. Joined Hearts Ranch (brand being interlocking hearts?)
    Guardian Angel Ranch (because Andi always has those around her!)
    Flying Manes Ranch (because of their mutual love for horses/riding)
    Flying Tails Ranch (I couldn't decide if manes or tails sounded better) ;)
    Happy Tails Ranch (A twist on "happy trails")
    Adventure Creek Ranch (they've had and will continue to have lots of adventures by that creek I bet!)

    1. I like the Joined Heart Ranch idea!

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  13. I like the "Milestone Ranch" idea, after the series :)

  14. Here are some suggestions:

    "Special Creek Ranch" (brand- Circle S)
    "Trickle Creek Ranch" (brand- Rocking T)
    "Indian River Ranch" (brand- Circle I) [From when Andi and Riley found the indians in "Andi's Indian Summer" from CCB]
    "Haven Creek Ranch" (brand- Rocking H)
    "Sierra View Ranch" (brand- Lazy S)
    "Special Spot Ranch" (brand- Circle S)
    "Riverbend Ranch" (brand- Rocking R)

    I also like "Circle P Ranch." Maybe the brand could be a double P for Prescott and then Palomino, for Taffy and also Shasta and Sunny?
    I also like lots of the other suggestions here already! :)

    1. Can't do Riverbend Ranch, that would be plagarism from the Phantom Stallion books. Sorry, but... other suggestions are good, though!

    2. Names of places and titles of books, etc., are not copyrighted. Anybody can use them. Riverbend Ranch is fine as a suggestion as far as not worrying about "copying." However, I wouldn't pick it because there is no river where their ranch is.

  15. Here are some more I thought of:

    Memory Creek Ranch (Rocking M)
    Secret Valley Ranch (Lazy S)
    Hoofbeat Haven(or Valley) Ranch (Double H)
    Hidden Sunrise Ranch (Circle H)

    Also,I was wondering if you can experiment more with the brand name, as in make up your own name instead of sticking with Circle C (just changing the letter) or Lazy L (Again changing the letter)?

    1. You can come up with whatever you think it COOL. :-)

    2. Alright, Thank you so much! :-D

    3. Yay! I'm really excited that my name won, Thanks, Mrs. M (Andi)! :D

  16. When will you decide the name for the ranch? (Well, when will you put up the poll) Thanks!

    1. Sounds good! I'm excited to know what the name is!

  17. I like the idea of the name having to do with Taffy and/or Midnight. That would be sweet.

  18. I'm up for (# to make it easy):
    1. Angel Creek Ranch (after Andi's guardian angels...)
    2. NightMare Ranch <-M capitalized on purpose->(referencing both Midnight and Taffy and setting up a story line...)
    3. Sunlight Ranch ('cause of the sunrise mentioned)
    4. Milestones Ranch (this one's good)
    5. Taffy's Pasture (we all loved Taffy and cried when she died)
    6. Heartbreak Ranch (many hearts broken, many hearts healed)
    7. Trail's Beginning Ranch (where new adventures happen)
    8. Beginnings Ranch
    9. Wild Ride Ranch (holds many memories of wild rides experienced/witness by Andi/Riley)
    10. Shasta's Sun Ranch (Shasta and Sunny)
    11. Legacy Ranch (Andi and Riley's legacy sure is a great one-hence the word "Legacy" haha)
    12. Numbers Up Ranch (oh wait that's a soccer reference haha never mind)
    Yeah that's basically it, I could keep going if you want... :) I have a few really good ones but I'm not going to say them because I'm going to write books someday haha :) I still feel bad for Cory... let's go Andi!!!

  19. Perhaps...
    Taffy's Midnight Ranch...
    RATM Ranch- Riley Andi Taffy Midnight

  20. Hmmm.....

    A&R ranch for Andi and Reily?

    That's all I an think of for now!

  21. Do you have a picture of their house?

    1. I have a couple of ideas. Maybe I'll share them on Photo Friday.


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