Monday, February 20, 2017

Behind the Scenes . . .

I'm going to try and take your suggestions and create posts (and stories, yes) when I have a few minutes every day or two. I will get a nice backlog of posts (hopefully, pray for me!) that I can publish on the busy days so I don't forget to post.

Livi Jane wants to know a few writing things "behind the scenes," and since that was super easy to talk about, I'll start with that.

From Livi Jane: Behind-the-scenes sort of posts might be fun as well! (Aka, your process coming up with ideas, writing the books themselves, etc.)

This is an old notepad for outlining Book 5, Andi Dreams of Gold. I have not used notes in the past, preferring to write by the seat of my pants as the scenes come. But ever since getting contracts, I have too much stress to do it when I feel like it. I must write something every day. There are twelve chapters. If I write notes about what is in that chapter, then the writing on the computer is much easier. It's called a story arc. This is the quick summary (from which I have to think up 16,000 words!):

Andi Carter knows there’s gold in the creek. Her big brothers have told stories about the glittery metal. All she has to do is follow the creek far enough to pan all the gold she could ever want. With her friend Cory just as excited as Andi about the possibility of a gold strike, they saddle their horses and head out for an afternoon of adventure. But an unexpected thunderstorm ruins their plans and sends them scurrying into the woods to get out of the rain. Worse, they might have to spend the night in the dark.

Yeah, wish me luck with that. Hence, the "notes." I'm almost halfway through the notes!

Now for some fun pictures from the book I'm working on. Here's what I will suggest to the publisher:
"Cory and Andi"

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes shots I took during the days we were "cover" shooting. The far-away pictures (like the one on the right) did not turn out like I hoped, so I went a different direction. Enjoy!

My DD and I packed up the kids and headed for our local creek near my place up in the hills.

It was a cold day but the two cover kids were troopers. Later, we got some fishing in.

This is the picture I chose for the back cover. Every cover has an inset with another picture, different from the cover picture. This denotes something that frightens them in the book (yeah, I better think of something, right?) Sometimes I take the pictures first and then think up a story to go with them. Crazy way to run a business . . .

Hope you liked this peek behind the scenes!


  1. Behind the scenes posts are awesome! I love seeing them. :)

  2. This sounds rather like the way I write. And that last picture . . . Yep, there has to be something that goes with that picture. :)

  3. Thanks for this post, it is really helpful😀 Andi Dreams of Gold sounds so exciting ( I hope it is:), good luck on your book.
    <3 MA

  4. Wow, you must be very busy! :)

  5. The last pic is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    -Abigail D.


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