Thursday, February 2, 2017

A New Facebook Group

Greetings from Mrs. M!

Andi should be doing what I've done the past five days--autograph and sign over 100 books. Oh, yes, and shipping them out for free. Seems y'all like FREE. :-)

After all, the book is all about Andi, so where is she at a time like this to help me package and tape on shipping labels. (Please, Lord, don't let me accidentally switch books into the wrong envelopes!)

Thanks to Jesseca Dawn (email) and Janelle (comment) for your kind remarks. Whoosh! You read that book in a hurry. Slow down, girls. There is not another one of those coming out. *sad face*

Now that Courageous Love is out, I felt it was a good time to dump an old, old "fan" page on Facebook--one that did nothing for any of my fans and less for me. Very confusing and if you wanted more people to see a post, you had to . . . wait for it . . . buy an ad. Uh. No, thanks.

Instead, I really like the new Facebook Groups idea. True, you have to be on Facebook (which I don't really care much for, buy hey, it is what it is), and you have to be over the age of thirteen--and I assume you would have parent permission) to join up. But if you are on FB, come on over to my new group called Circle C Adventures and Goldtown. Already it's way more fun than that old Fan page (which I deleted this morning). For instance, I'd love it, Janelle, if you shared your thoughts about Courageous Love on that group so parents can read them and get excited too. I see that you are over there, so why not come out of  "lurking" status and post a little bit.
Banner for the new Facebook Group Circle C Adventures and Goldtown

 If you are younger and are not on FB, perhaps your mom would like to join up. That way you could see any giveaways that I do specially for that group (like I do special things on this blog). You could also give ideas. I already have some ideas for giveaways that I had never thought of before. The parents gave me a whole bunch of ideas this morning!

Anyway, thanks for loving ANDI and maybe I'll see you over on the new group. I have 282 members. When I get to 300, I'm going to do a giveaway. :-)


  1. Andi, you should get busy and help Mrs. M deal with all those mailings! After all, it's because of you she's doing them (: Congrats, Mrs. M for getting the Facebook Group up and the old one deleted (I'm not clear on the pros and cons, but I'll trust you that the new is better). Nice header; interesting format.

  2. I LOVED Courageous Love! [LOL] I think I finished it in about two hours. Thanks for publishing such wonderful books!

    ~ Ella


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