Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Testimony of God's Protection

This just in from Abbi Grooms, a fan-fiction writer and another of us "waiting with bated breath" for Courageous Love to arrive. She wanted to share a testimony of how God protected her and her family and friends during a very scary situation a few weeks ago. Read it for yourself in Abbi's own words:

This is Abbi Grooms. I wanted to share a testimony I thought others would like to hear. A few weeks back, my family and some friends from church went bike riding. Of course we kids rode far ahead of the adults, but not realizing how far ahead. It turned out that the adults had to stop several times for repairs; therefore, we ended up very far ahead of them.
One of the 16-year-old boys flew past us while we were riding. The small group with me, my two cousins (12 and 15 years old), and a friend from church who was also 12 years old. I’m 14, and we’re great friends. We thought we would catch him, so we really put on the speed. We rode and rode and rode, but never saw any sign of him.
Dusk fell, and we rode on, worried for the boy and pushing our feet. We made it to a path in the middle of the woods, and it got pretty dark. Both 12 year olds were noticeably worried, and the fifteen year old and I could barely mask our own fear! But we knew we had to for the others.
We rode on, looking for the boy who had passed us, and it got darker and darker. He was nowhere in sight!
One of the 12 year olds went into hysterics, and I knew we had to go back. I stopped and just prayed. I felt calm, and that we were gonna be okay. I told everybody we would be fine. Now, focus! We reached the end of the trail in complete darkness. There was nothing we could do but turn around, so we did.
We rode hard, and keep in mind, this is a bikes-only trail and . . . we saw headlights! I think it’s understandable, but we freaked! We were shouting to each other, “Off the road! Off the road!”
We plowed into the fields next to us, and we were booking it!
Then we heard, “This is the police. Stop where you are!”
I shouted “Guys, its the cops!”
We slowly stopped. The cop asked if we were lost, then he took us to our parents.
It turned out that the boy who had sped past us earlier (and who we were looking for) had stopped down by a ravine just ahead of us. We had flown right past him with seeing him.
Our parents had the whole police force out looking for us. Dogs were on the scene, and they were just about to call in the helicopters.
The amazing thing was, right after the cops found us, some ATVs were coming down the bike path with (apparently) drunk riders. The cops turned on their lights, and off they went after them.
God only knows what those ATV riders might have done when they caught up with four, pretty-much helpless. We had only our fists, and the older boy and I had our pocketknives. They would have had a hard fight, but God only knows how it could have ended.
There isn’t a doubt in my mind that He let the police find us just in time! Thank you, Jesus! When our parents learned all the details, they weren’t as upset as they had been, and we got off with only minor punishments.
I don’t think I’ll be doing that again soon! 

God loves to protect His people! My granddaughter Julie (the new cover girl for the Stepping Stones series) was almost kidnapped right from her own driveway two years ago (it's a long driveway). She (seven years old at the time) was taking out the trash to the garbage cans that sit behind the hedge next to the street, and a person in a hoody (with a white van in front of the hedge on the street side) grabbed her shoulder. Just then, her older sister Ellie (nine) came outside on the front porch. She saw it and yelled, and the potential kidnapper took off. 
Never dwell on "what ifs." 
"What if" Ellie hadn't come outside just then? Or, in Abbi's case, "what if" the police had not arrived just then? 
There are no "ifs" in God's kingdom, Corrie ten Boom often said. It is a good reminder to "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." 


  1. What a great story! God really does protect and care for us!!!

  2. That was scary! I am glad that God is always with us!

  3. Wow!☺ That was an amazing story! Thx so much for sharing! God truly is good!😂

  4. Wow! God was certainly watching out for everyone! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that He knows every step we take.


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