Friday, October 7, 2016

From Fans to Friends

Mrs. M is up to her eyebrows in:
1. Revising the first book of the Stepping Stones (my publisher sent it to me yesterday)
2. Finish study guides and lapbooks for the Milestones' last booik
3. Editing for another publisher . . . a very long (300pp) manuscript
4. Signing up for conventions
5. Revamping other lapbooks and study guides. 
SORRY Andi and I have been absent. 

But I got this sweet email from Hannah M. and wanted to share it with you all. I do remember everything she is talking about, and it is so thrilling to have had a part in connecting new friends from opposite sides of the world!

Hi Mrs Marlow!

I just wanted to let you know about something really special that happened about a month ago. Do you remember, in early 2015, exchanging emails for me and a girl named Anne M? Well, we corresponded via email all last year, and ended up meeting each other in August of last year for an afternoon. (I believe you posted a photo on your blog)

Well, our friendship has continued! All of this year, we’ve messaged each other daily, and have been hoping and praying to get to meet again. Finally about a month ago, it happened! Because we live about 4000 miles apart, it’s not something we took lightly, and it was such an answer to prayer to spend 3 days with each other.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know this, because it’s all because of the CCA blog that we met! God truly does work in mysterious ways, and he used your blog to orchestrate the start of this amazing friendship. Thank you for all your hard work in writing books and keeping the blog up! I hope you feel encouraged at how appreciated both things are!

Hannah M.
Anne M. and Hannah M.--- from FANS to FRIENDS


  1. Wow, that's lots of things going on. We have missed you guys. :)
    Which conventions are you planning for?
    That is an amazing story!!! :)

  2. Wow, that's so awesome, Anne & Hannah! :D

  3. That's so fun that you two were able to meet again!! :D

  4. That's such a great story!

  5. That'a a really cute picture. XD

    ~Libby /chat name mg13

  6. Wow, it is really neat that you two got to meet!! I am happy for you guys!!

  7. Awesome! I've met many wonderful friends on this blog; thank you, Susan!

  8. That's a wonderful story! God works in so many wonderful ways!!

    - Cheyenne


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