Monday, August 1, 2016

June (Summer) Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sadie Parker for winning the June (Summer) writing contest. She won the horse etching kit and the book of her choice (Courageous Love). Her story is titled "A Long, Long Day." And thank you to my judge, Colleen Reece, multi-published author, for reading all of the entries.

A Long, Long Day
by Sadie Parker

 Sixteen-year-old Mitch Carter flung a fishing line into the creek. Glancing over at his sister Andi’s face, he knew that fishing had been the perfect thing to do. The clear sky above them was the result of a dreadfully rainy day the day before. The bright sun hung high above them, bathing the sparkling, dewy grass with its gentle rays. (Read the entire story on the Circle C Contests and Giveaway Blog.)



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