Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reader's Choice Award-pick YOUR winner

The summer is getting away from me! I posted the winner but did little else but send her prize. Now . . . drum roll . . . I have created a document (PDF file so it's easy to download and read) of the June contest entries. I have left off the names, so if you want to identify your story by number and give your name in the comments, that is up to you. Click on the link:


And now for my crazy idea!
I'm running a READER'S CHOICE AWARD. There were sixteen (16) stories--which is an incredible turnout for such short notice. I put up a voting widget on the sidebar and am offering a "book of your choice" for the winner of the READER'S CHOICE AWARD. (Note: Story #7, "A Long, Long Day" was the original winner, so you can't vote for it again. It is not listed on the widget.)

NOTE: a number of contest entries came in without story titles. I named these stories, so if you don't think your story is here, trust me, IT IS. Start reading and you will recognize your story. :-)

Judges read and like things that other judges may not enjoy so much. Let's see what young (and old) readers have to say. Have fun . . .Voting ends August 20, so tell your friends and pick your winner!


  1. I think that is a good idea!!
    it would be fun.
    Kaitlyn Wiseman

  2. Yes, that would be fun!! :D But we're not supposed to vote for our own, are we??? ;)

  3. You will get one vote. You can pick whichever story you like best. If you like your own story best, then of course vote for it!

  4. It sounds like a blast! Count me in!

  5. I put up the voting widget on the right sidebar. :-)

  6. This is a great idea!! Nice addition to the contest, Mrs. M!
    (These stories are GOOD!)

  7. Those are all great! :-)
    If I were to submit a story, is there a limit to how long it can be? I have an idea for a story, but if it's too long to post I'll have to cut it down. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mallory Beth,
      You can send along a Fan Fiction story and I'll post it over here:

      The Summer Contest, of course, has ended, but we all like to read new fan stories. Word count is limited to under 3,000 words.

      Hope that helps!

    2. You can send it to me through the Email Andi widget.


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