Thursday, February 22, 2018

Which Circle C Character Are You? (Repost)

One of Andi's fans, Julia, created this fun personality quiz for other Circle C fans back in June 2016. I thought I would repost it for those of you who have not found it (hidden away in the more than 600+ blog posts in the Archives).

RULE: Don't peek at the answers until you finish the quiz!


1.  If asked, your family would say that you are...
A. Proper
B. Trouble
C. Bossy
D. Easygoing
E. Reliable
F. Interfering
G. Adorable
H. Independent
I. Forgiven

2. You can honestly say that you would rather spend your time...
A. Sewing or reading
B. Anything with horses!
C. Being in charge
D. Helping run a ranch
E. Defending justice and watching out for your family
F. Pointing your family back on track
G. Doing whatever your older sibling/cousin is doing
H. Riding horses- and not letting someone tell you what to do
I. Talking with your parents and siblings

3. What is your relationship with your siblings?
A. I think I'm pretty good at advising them, but I know when to stay out of their way.
B. I'm the youngest so they're always telling what to do, but I still love them
C. Sometimes I wish that they'd pay attention to what I tell them but we're really close.
D. They're awesome! I don't mind going out of my way to help them either.
E. I've sort of slid into a parental role as the oldest child.
F. I have one sibling and I'm always looking out for him and his family!
G. I'm smack in the middle of a brother and a sister...
H. We used to fight a lot but we've gotten better.
I. I've been horrible to them but I'm trying to start over.

4. If you had to choose between family or a friend, who would you choose?
A. I would hope that I would choose my family!
B. It would depend on if my friend really needed me.
C. Family all the way, no doubt about it.
D. I've been in that situation before and I chose my friend before my sibling. I would never do it
E. My family. It's my job to protect them.
F. If what my family was doing was wrong by society's standards, I'd choose to turn them around!
G. My family- it's nice to have a real family.
H. My family. There's no way I'd let anyone say otherwise.
I. I've chosen someone over my family before and I've never regretted any decision more than that

5.  What's your fatal flaw?  
A. I'm too straight-laced
B. I don't think before I leap!
C. I'm bad tempered
D. My friends sometimes take precedence over my family
E. I tend to be too serious
F. I care too much about public image
G. I will do anything to get my way
H. I struggle with respect
I. I like to think that I've conquered it, but I was too headstrong.

6. Have you ever had a beau?

A. Yes, I have one now, and I like him a lot:)
B. No! But my friend wishes that I was his beau.
C. Nope. Not on the top of my priorities right now.
D. I'm not ready for that kind of relationship yet.
E. Yes, I do.
F. No, I consider myself to be self-reliant.
G. No, that's for older girls!
H. Ew!
I. I did, but it wasn't all that I thought it would be.

7.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. A mother and wife
B. A rancher
C. I'm already doing what I've always dreamed of doing
D. I don't know. For now, I'm good with helping run the family business.
E. A lawyer.
F. Charity work seems appealing. So does keeping my family in line!
G. I've never really thought about it.
H. If I had to be something I'd be a rancher.
I. I want to be like my mother.

Count up the letters and determine which letter you chose most often. Now, read below and see which character you are!


If you got mostly A's.....
You're Melinda. You're the sensible voice of reason in your family, and while people might not always ask for your advice, you are always ready to offer it, and it usually ends up working out better if they listen. You always think things through before committing, and you probably enjoy indoor activities. You love to be girly, and While you may come off as too straight-laced at times, everyone knows that you've got a heart of gold.

If you got mostly B's.....
You're Andi. Like Andi, you're the one person in your family who keeps everyone else from being bored and if you had to choose between boys and horses, you'd choose horses! You're probably one of the most caring people out there, although you often show it in a way that causes trouble- which you always end up getting out of! Lucky, caring, and reliable in a time of dire need, you're the star of the show!

If you got mostly C's.....
You're Andi's second oldest brother, Chad. Like Chad, you're probably on the older end of your siblings' relationship, and while you can come off a bit coarse at times, you're a natural leader. Sometimes though, that leadership can turn into bossiness. You've got a strong exterior, one that makes people want to rely on you, but deep down inside we all know you're a big softie. No matter how much your younger sibling gets on your nerves, they know they can always count on you to be by their side when trouble hits. Reliable, strong, but definitely considerate, you're Chad.

If you got mostly D's.....
You're Mitch.You've got a reputation for your easygoing attitude. You're serious when the situation calls for it, but usually you're that fun-loving, helpful, and funny person we've all got in our lives and all secretly admire. You're also very loyal, but, at times, you get your loyalties confused. When you get your feelings sorted out however, you're the person we all want on our side!

If you got mostly E's.....
You got Justin. Wow! If you could have a dollar for every time we've all wanted an older brother like you, you could probably buy the Circle C! You have a reputation for being kind, fair, and just. You are the first one all of your siblings turn to for help, and there are times when they're all coming to you for the same incident! You enjoy defending the innocent and when you succeed you're very humble. You're probably pretty hard on yourself when you fail though. It's okay to cut yourself some slack!

If you got mostly F's.....
You're Aunt Rebecca. Like Aunt Rebecca, you always have the best intentions and you're not afraid to point people back on track. You might come off as a little finicky sometimes, but worrying over the people you love is just your way of showing them that you care.

If you got mostly G's.....
You're Andi's adorable younger cousin, Betsy. You're the constant tag along of your older sibling or cousin and while they might seem as though it annoys them, they honestly wouldn't know what to do without you! You are sometimes a little stubborn, but in the end you are the perfect person to fill up that space that only a sweet, adorable person can!

If you got mostly H's.....
You're Levi, Betsy's older brother. A little rough around the edges, Andi's first impression of Levi wasn't the greatest. As he gets older, Levi matures and slowly but surely learns when people have his best interest in mind and when he actually needs to speak his mind. He struggles with back talking, but his pluck does come in handy when he has that run in with Toledo...

If you got mostly I's.....
You are Kate, the oldest Carter girl. You were probably a little headstrong when you were younger and there were probably times when you wondered why you couldn't live your own life. You understand how valuable forgiveness is, and you've learned to cherish every moment you spend with your family. You're a strong young woman who has learned the consequences of messing up, but has also learned the beautiful message of forgiveness, and as a result, can probably forgive others very easily, which is a hard thing to learn. Good for you!


  1. Great job Julia, this was fun!! :D According to this test, I'm a cross between Melinda and Chad... I guess that's pretty true. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this! It was fun!
    Hehe, I'm Andi!:D But, all I got was 2 B's, then I got one in all but G, H, and I. Boy, I don't match anyone very much, do I. ;)
    Thanks again for posting this!

  3. Whoops! Mrs. M, I just noticed that I put Betsy down as Andi's cousin, not her niece! I'm sorry!😁 Thanks Kaitlyn! I'm glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to make😊
    -Julia S.

  4. Oh, this was fun! Apparently I'm Justin. Which is actually really true. I've always a had a lot in common with Justin. ;)

  5. Thanks for putting this fun quiz together, Julia! :) It was fun. :)
    According to the test, I'm like Melinda, which I guess I kind of am. ;)

  6. Haha I'm a cross between Andi and Mitch, but I have a tad of Justin, Chad and Melinda too... Some of the questions I had more than one answer though.

  7. Thank you for putting this personality test together Julia! Well done!
    I had a little bit of everyone, but I was most like Chad and Levi...I definitely know that I'm a lot like Chad.

  8. lol, survey said I'm between Levi and Chad..

    well that's a compliment.

    think over all I'm more like andi herself, but i tend to think before I do things, other then thet, we're pretty much identical.

    (except that I do want a husband, but I'm waiting one God for now.)


  9. I'm a cross between Andi and Chad (My two favorite characters!).

    Lexah N.

    1. Wow! Me too! Thanks so much for putting this together, Julia!
      It was really fun!

  10. I'm a mixture of Chad and Mitch...which is a little odd since they're both kind of opposites, with a little dash of Andi and Melinda thrown in. ;)

  11. Hahahaha, I got Chad and Mitch. Extremely accurate, to be honest. I'm passive aggressive, easy going and passionate all at the same time. B-) Thanks for putting this together, Julia! This was really, really good and well done, I enjoyed! :)

  12. Heheh, I guess I'm Levi! XD

  13. This is really neat! I'm mostly a cross between andi and Chad which is definitely true. :-) great job! This is very well done.

  14. This was really fun, thanks Julia! I am a mix between Chad, Mitch, and Melinda, with a little Andi. ☺

  15. Kristina Van GorpJune 13, 2016 at 5:51 AM

    I am mostly Chad and Melinda with a little of Mitch,Justin,and Levi. I really couldn't answer number 3,none of them seemed to fit.
    Thank you, Julia!

  16. Kristina Van GorpJune 13, 2016 at 5:52 AM

    I am mostly Chad and Melinda with a little of Mitch,Justin,and Levi. I really couldn't answer number 3,none of them seemed to fit.
    Thank you, Julia!

  17. I'm a mix between Andi and Levi... I guess that's a little scary, but sooooo true!

  18. My little sister got Andi and now she really wants to read the books to see what Andi is like! :D

  19. I got mostly Andi and a little bit of Betsy☺

  20. Well it seems I am definitely an older sibling! lol! I am Justin, Melinda, Chad and a little bit of Kate. It is true though, I am always looking after my younger siblings even if I do come across a little bossy like Chad (or headstrong like Kate. I am working on it though. Good quiz! I love it!
    JJ Em

  21. I finally decided to take the quiz! I got mostly Chad, then Levi, and then Andi and Justin tied for last :D Y'all are so welcome!! I had a blast making it!!!
    -Julia S.

  22. Combination of Andi and Chad with a little of Justin thrown in. Kind of a weird combination :).

  23. Ok. I came back and redid this post just for fun. Nope. Haven't changed at all since last year. I'm Andi, Chad and a little Levi.


  24. Hmm, I'm mostly Andi, with some Mitch and Chad also.
    That's pretty true!
    This is such a fun quiz. :)

    -Sadie S.

  25. I am a mix of andi and levi

  26. I am a mix of andi and levi too

  27. I'm a cross between Andi and Chad but only because I have a horrible temper but Andi did say she does to! :)

  28. I'm Andi but one was chad one was Levi and one I couldn't decide between Melinda and Andi.

  29. That was fun! I was hoping i'd be Andi (of course) but I ended up being Levi, which I'm OK with.

  30. I'm equal parts Melinda and Justin, but I'm too young to get married, so I had to pick "D" on that question. The quiz actually described my personality very accurately.

  31. So fun! I took it again and now I'm mostly Andi, with a little of Chad, Mitch, and Melinda. Quite a mix. :) Thank you for re-posting this!

    -Sadie S.

  32. I'm a mix of Betsy and Mitch! That was really fun! Thanks for posting this, good job Julia :)

  33. I took it again, and I am mostly Melinda, with a bit of Justin, Levi, Andi, and Mitch. If I remember right, I was mostly Melinda last time but can't remember what else. That was fun though!

  34. I took it again and I'm a mix between Andi, and Levi. Also a dash of Chad. That fits me to a T!!!LOL!

  35. i am Chad and Justin. Chad I don't see a lot of similarities, but Justin and I are pretty much twins!

  36. I'm in between Chad and Betsy. That didn't really surprise me. Chad and Betsy combined makes what I act like. Sometimes adorable, sometimes a quick temper, I've been told that mature like Chad. I didn't like who I had at first but I like it now. Thanks Julia! This was an awesome and really fun quiz! I'm really glad you took so much time to work on this. And by the way: What character are you? I'm just curious.....


    1. Wow I made this so long ago! I'm so glad Mrs. M reposted it and I'm so glad that y'all enjoyed it!! :) I am Chad, with a tiny bit of Justin and Levi, Leah :) thanks again for reposting Mrs. M!

      - Julia

  37. Good job! I am a cross between Andi and Mitch. mostly Andi.

  38. My sister got a mix between Melinda and Mitch.

  39. My brother got Justin.

  40. I had so much fun going through this quiz with my Mom. I found out I had qualities I didn't know I possessed. I turned out to be Melinda/Chad with a dash of Levi and a pinch of...horror of horrors...Aunt Rebecca! I've always liked Chad, so I was flattered when my score turned up his name, and Melinda's description fit me nearly perfectly.

    This was so much fun, I wish all authors had one of these.

  41. That was so fun. Thanks Julia. I am Andi yay.

  42. I was a Levi-Andi cross with a little Melinda, Chad, and Aunt Rebecca thrown in. :) LOL!!

  43. I'm mostly Chad with a little bit of Andi:)

  44. I am a mixture of Melinda and Chad. Thanks for hosting this quiz, Julia! My mom, dad, and I had fun ;-). Just curious, Mrs. Marlow, but which character did you turn out to be?


  45. Have you taken this test yet, Mrs. M? If you have, are you ok with sharing who you are? :) Thanks for reposting this! And thank you Julia for putting this together!

    1. No, I haven't taken it. Lol
      But glancing over it, I find I'm answering a different letter to each one. I guess that means I am a little bit of each character. But that makes sense since I created them. Ha ha!

    2. :)
      I thought that I would end up like that but then I ended up with two "b's" and two "H's", a "C", "a", "and "F". I'm a little Aunt Rebecca!! Which ins't so bad because I always loved Aunt Rebecca and was very sad when she died.


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