Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo Fridays: Melinda's Wedding

You won't read about Melinda's wedding in any of the books. It's one of those "behind the scenes" deals. By the time Courageous Love rolls off the presses, Melinda and Peter are already married. They live in town, since Peter still works for his father at the Fresno County Bank. During Courageous Love, Andi is in town too, staying with an ill Lucy and baby Samuel while Justin is in San Francisco for a big trial. Andi's biggest fear is that her sister will show up for a visit, and Lucy's house will definitely not pass a "Melinda Wilson" inspection. I'm no better at cleaning house than she is at mucking stalls.

But today is Photo Friday, so here is a picture of Melinda (getting all giggly about her upcoming wedding). Geesh, I hope I don't get all frilly and girly about it. I think I'd like to get married on Shasta's back. Now, wouldn't that be fun? But the real question is: would Mother let me? And would anybody come to my wedding if they knew I was being married on horseback. Hmmm . . . something to think about.

Peter looks like he has always looked--citified. But he's been Mitch's best friend for AGES, and I'm awfully glad Melinda is marrying him instead of that horrid Jeffrey Sullivan who used to hang around the ranch so much. So I'll let his "hands on the hips" stance go for now. But whoosh! Look at all that curly hair! He should have visited the barber before his wedding day.

Melinda became Mrs. Peter Wilson on September 20, 1884. Like most young ladies in the Victorian Age, Melinda was married at home. Kate was her matron of honor and I was one of her bridesmaids. It was simple, but the house was overflowing with town guests, since the Wilsons are pretty well known. Afterward, the guests ate a light lunch and then off Peter and Melinda went to . . . wait for it . . . the Continent. If you don't know what the Continent is, well, it's Europe. Paris, London, and all that. I have no wish to go that far on a honeymoon excursion. Yosemite would be far enough away for me.
Melinda in her wedding dress in the parlor. Countdown to her big day!


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    1. How fun! I love to find out what happened "afterwards!"

  2. That`s a beautiful picture of Melinda!

    ~ Cheyenne

  3. So Maria, um, has there been any updates on Tyler?



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