Sunday, April 10, 2016

Convention Fans

Mrs. M had a great time in Cincinnati and Wichita catching up with some fans. Krystal Skye, a winner in the story-writing contest, visited the booth and showed the Along the Western Trail she won. It was fun meeting the winner!
Krystal Skye (her pen name) and Mrs. M
The fans in Wichita showed they have a lot of self-control, having put off getting their copies of The Last Ride until they could get them in person from Mrs. M. Hope you are enjoying the book, ladies! Oh, on a sadder note, another couple of fans, Kaitlyn and Karalyn, ended up sick at the last minute and could not attend the convention. I'm sorry I missed you!)
Rebekah R., Rebekah M. Mrs. M, Rishona R., Cora R., Jesseca Dawn
I've received a couple of requests to post fan stories and/or stories from the contest entrants who did not place. Don't worry. I have not lost them (at least, I hope I have not), but it's hard to do a lot of this during convention season. I will try to put a story up by the end of the week.


  1. Could you post the one from Cincy? And have you met any more contest winners?

  2. Congrats y'all! I'm glad you got to meet Mrs. M. And Mrs. M, I'll hopefully see you again in another few years! ;)

  3. That's awesome!! :D How fun to get to meet Mrs. M!! :) Love the pics.

  4. I am so happy for all these young women to have gotten the chance to meet and meet you, Mrs. Marlow! Glad everyone had so much fun! I heard a lot about it. ;)

  5. So fun! Glad you all got to meet Mrs. Marlow! :D

  6. It was great to see you!! I'm so glad you were in Wichita!

    And yes, I am really excited to start reading "The Last Ride"!!

  7. The convention was so much fun and I was really happy I got to meet you!!
    Also I am loving the book and have already read it once and am halfway through it for a second read! (so yes I am very much enjoying the book ;))

  8. That is so cool that everyone got to meet everyone. Someone should have told me there was a party! What up with that? lol.

  9. Wow, I couldn't have waited that long to read The Last Ride. You guys are amazingly patient!

    And, Mrs. M, it was really neat to talk to you at the Cincinnati convention! I hope you can come again next year!!! I might have something written to show you next time. Besides fan stories... :-)


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