Friday, December 25, 2015

Photo Fridays: Christmas Photos

A Christmas Photo Friday! A Victorian Christmas was celebrated by many, especially the well-to-do. 
If you want to read how Andi's family celebrated Christmas, go HERE. It is an old post from two years ago. You can see fun pictures too. 

If you never got a chance to read "Christmas Interrupted" from last year's Christmas post, go HERE.

Here are a few more pictures. Christmas on the Circle C ranch . . . 

When I was nine or ten, I begged to go up and help cut down the Christmas tree. I nearly froze to death. Note to self: Next time wear Mitch's old trousers and ratty jacket instead of my good, wool coat. 

Our town goes all out and even hangs a Merry Christmas banner across the street.

The Christmas after I turned thirteen, Justin brought home Lucinda Hawkins to meet the family. 
I was not impressed at first, and I confess I wasn't very nice to her. That made for a very uncomfortable, "unhappy" holiday. I grew up some and after much pondering decided it might be fun to have another sister. And it is! 
(In this picture I raced inside for a quick introduction to Justin's intended, then ran back out as quick as I could to be with Taffy. Mother was not pleased at my lack of Carter hospitality.)

My sister Melinda has a wardrobe full of pretty dresses, 
but nothing pleases her more than to receive another one for Christmas.  

Every year we sing Christmas carols around the piano, while Melinda plays.
We'll do it again on Christmas Day, when Kate and the kids (and Aunt Rebecca) join us.
So far, the tree has never burned down, but we've had some close calls with lit candles, 
thanks to Levi.


  1. Andi looks SO adorable in the picture when she is in a red dress!
    Merry CHRISTmas and thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the pictures!! :D Merry (late) CHRISTmas!! And happy New Years!


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