Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Good News and I Need Help

I apologize for being remiss about posting on Andi's behalf. But when you find out the reason, I'm sure you will forgive me. I've been scrambling like mad to finish Book 4 [Shadows from the Past, but that title might not stand]. It's kind of long.

Last week I received an email from my editor at Kregel. He wanted to know if I could turn in the manuscript early, so the book can come out early (instead of February 2017).

Of course I said "yes," so now Book 4 will come out late next FALL 2016 rather than Winter 2017 (three whole months early). Since Book 3 comes out in two months, it won't be such a wait for everyone.

I will turn in the finished manuscript January 4, and soon afterward, I'll be bombarded with a marketing questionnaire which asks, among other things, title suggestions. I gave them my title awhile ago to possibly put into the back of Book 3, but they used "Watch for Book 4" instead of my title. Yeah, that's a hint they might not go for it. So, I need other suggestions. Help!

Since it is impossible to think of a title to a book you know nothing about, I have put together a brief summary. I don't know if it will help or not, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind learning what Book 4 is about, right?

I would appreciate any and all title suggestions for the new book. I know the summary is not much to go on, but you are all very good at thinking up titles, like for the contest books! (I think somebody suggested "Circle C Steppingstones" for the new series. I plan on pitching that series title. If you are the "owner" of that suggestion, please speak up so I can thank you if Kregel uses it.)

Anyway, here is the 40-word summary and then the longer synopsis. Good luck and thanks for anything you can come up with!

1. 40-word "nutshell summary"

A series of unexplained attacks against the Circle C ranch forces Andi’s family into the realization that escaped prisoners have revenge on their minds and intend to make the Carter family pay for past wrongs.

2.  Synopsis
Nothing gives Andrea Carter greater joy than to know she’s pulling her own weight on the Circle C ranch. Unless it’s racing Shasta or learning to stunt ride with the help of her brother Chad’s new wrangler, Riley Prescott. After an afternoon of riding practice, complete with a humiliating spill, the two head home. They quickly stumble onto a mysterious cut in the fence surrounding brother Mitch’s special breed of calves.

And that’s only the beginning . . .

A cryptic warning follows, delivered via brick through the plate-glass window in town, where Chad’s engagement party is in full swing. Then cattle begin to sicken and die, and the horse barn catches fire. Who are these mischief makers, and why have they targeted Andi’s family?   

When evidence points to escaped prisoners whom big brother Justin prosecuted years ago for robbery and murder, none of the Carters feel safe. Andi offers to stay in town with Justin’s family while he’s away. Little does she realize they are being watched.

A few days later Andi, Justin’s wife, Lucy, and baby Samuel are kidnapped as part of the outlaws’ plans for revenge. As Andi and her family are carried far away from ​everything they know, her hopes are pinned on Riley—the last person to see them before they were taken. Can Riley find Andi before she disappears out of his reach?



  1. Cryptic Caper, Rancorous Revenge, Carter Conspiracy(I'm not sure that works grammatically).
    Well, that's all I can think of for now, but I'll post some more when I think of them later (:

  2. Wow! Sounds like a "sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat" book! Can't wait for it to come out!!!

    Raging Revenge
    Revenge on the Ranch
    Haunted Revenge
    Ranch Revenge
    Circle C Revenge

    (Can you tell I think "revenge" should be one of the words in the title? :D)

    I will post if I think of more!

    1. Oh, I have one more!

      Perilous Payback

    2. Ohh, I like Perilous Payback! That's a really exciting title Anonymous!

  3. Next Fall?!?! Yay!!! :D

    Here are a few titles I though of. :)

    Forgotten Echoes
    Haunting Shadows
    Lurking Dangers
    Hidden Shadows//Hidden Echoes
    The Shadowed Past

    1. I really like Forgotten Echoes, Haunting Shadows and The Shadowed Past, Jesseca!

  4. I have a few titles

    Carter's Catastrophe
    Rebels on the Ranch
    Rebels and Ranchers

  5. Here's a couple ideas!!

    Shadows and Secrets
    Shadows and Sabotage
    The Midnight Saboteur
    The Mysterious Watchers

    1. I thought of one more ;)

      Paying for the Past

  6. I like Forgotten Shadows(Jessica Dawn's idea) Shadows and Secrets(Lauren's suggestion)
    Other ideas
    Tricks and Danger
    Kidnappers Trail
    Unknown Danger

  7. Wow, everybody! Thanks for all of the swell suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

  8. i thought of the series title Circle C Steppingstones.

    1. Really? So did my younger sister! Great minds think alike! ;)

  9. Revenge on Justice
    Good shall prevail
    Consequences of our past
    Cruelty Caper
    Never Forget...

  10. Murders and Mysteries
    Circle C Jeopardy
    Hazards from the Past

  11. Second Shadows


  12. Trials and Triumphs
    Hardship and victory
    when the past comes back to haunt
    Rescue and Revenge

    Hope this helps:)

  13. Haunted Shadows
    Shadows Revealed
    Hope these help

  14. Yay!!! I think this one will be my favorite of the Milestones. ;) Hmmm... I'm terrible with titles... And I personally like "Shadows from the Past". ;) I'll pop back in if I have any ideas!

  15. These are great! And I think this book 4 is my favorite as well. At any rate, I wrote nearly 55,000 words. I didn't want to stop! :-)

    And . . . YES! I PROMISED to have Andi get married, and *spoiler alert* I did it. You're gonna LOVE it. :-)

    1. Awesome!! *cheers*

      Oh, great!!! I'm so, so glad!! I can't wait to read it!!! :D

    2. *Squeals* Yay!!! Now I'm even more excited to read the last two books!

    3. So far Heartbreak Trail is my favorite. So excited for these to come out!

    4. Yay!!! I hope it's the one I want! :D

  16. I've been away for a week so I didn't see this until just now...I ran around the house screaming! I'm sooo excited! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  17. Here are several title ideas:
    Lurking Shadows
    Danger Valley
    Forgotten Past
    Danger Corner
    Pathway to Peril
    Sunlight and Shadows (This one just kind of popped into my head. It's kind of random :P)
    Past Times and Present Danger (or just Past and Present Danger. Those are probably too long, though)

    That's all I have for now! I'm super excited to read the last two books!

  18. Ms. M
    Here are some thoughts:
    The Fight to Find
    Revenges Price
    Fighting Fugitives
    Return with Revenge
    Revenges Rampage
    Transgressor Tracks

    From Adahmariyah

  19. More thoughts.
    I looked on a thesaurus for kidnapper and found shanghaier. What about Shanghaier Strike

    Your fan Adahmariyah

  20. What about something like "Returning Rivals"? Hope its not too late!

  21. I am SO excited that book 4 will be coming out a couple of months early!! : )


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