Friday, November 20, 2015

This and That

I have gotten behind on Photo Fridays, so I post-dated this so it would show it actually did post on "Friday."

This time it's a Photo Caption Photo Friday, with just a tad bit of explanation.

 Here I am (Andi) at age 4. Dressed up for a company dinner, seated next to a little boy I didn't even know named Michael. He didn't clean his plate but he still got desert. Sneaky little boy! (spoiler: this really is Jessica, the CCA cover girl, at age 4). 

"I saw you hide those peas under your plate!"


Jack Goodwin and his father in the mercantile. He looks nervous. Chad scares him a little.

"Honest, Mr. Carter. I didn't push Andi into the horse trough. She just . . . fell in."



"This is the third tardy note I've written for you this week, young lady!"


"No, Levi! Don't do it! Don't give your grandmother a look like that!" 



"Sarsaparilla is my favorite drink EVER. Thanks, Uncle Mitch!" 



 The Millers hired Cory to help with their corn harvest. He was not excited, but he needed the money for a new bit and bridle for Flash. After two hours, he decided Flash could do without.

"If I sit still long enough, maybe they'll think I'm a scarecrow."


  1. Haha! So cute! Thank you so much, Andi! *wink, wink

  2. OOOOh.... thanks for the new photos!!!!

  3. I love the captions! Especially the first three! ;)

  4. Ha , those are great! Thanks so much


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