Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Last Ride Sneak Peek #1 . . . Part 2

Here is part 2 of The Last Ride Sneak Peek 1:
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       Riley whipped off his hat. “Howdy, Miss Carter. It’s good to be back on the Circle C after all these years.” Smile lines crinkled his face. “And you’ve grown up too, I see.”
Riley Prescott
      Andi stared at Riley, dumbstruck. Riley? Sid’s nephew Riley and Andi’s constant companion when she was small? She peered into his face, searching for a hint of the little boy who had filled her days with adventure so many years ago.
      It was no use. Andi didn’t recognize him. She did recognize, though, that this Riley was quite old enough to shave, and he should have taken care of it this morning. She flushed.
      “What is it?” Riley chuckled at her close scrutiny. “Have I got a wart on my nose?”
      Andi blinked and stepped back. Her flush deepened. “I-I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I didn’t mean to be rude.” How long had she been gawking at this young . . . stranger?  
      Yes, he’s a stranger. A stranger with Riley’s name.
      A soft yelp from Riley’s feet saved Andi from embarrassing herself further. Riley reached down and scratched the dog. “This here’s Tucker. Smart as a whip. Pa gave him to me a few years back. Sid says another dog on this big ranch is no trouble.” He paused and straightened, as if waiting for Andi’s approval.
      It wasn’t any of Andi’s say-so. She shrugged and rubbed Shasta’s nose. As if from nowhere, a lump of sugar appeared in Riley’s hand. Shasta gobbled it up and nuzzled the wrangler for more.
      Sid broke the awkward silence. “Your brother knows what he’s doin’, Miss Andi. Shasta’s good blood. Chad only wants the best for him.” He scratched at his whiskered chin. “He wouldn’t hire Riley if the man didn’t know his business.”
      Man? Andi frowned. “He’s too young to have any experience.”
      “I am well into my nineteenth year, Miss Carter,” Riley protested, all the while stroking Shasta’s neck. “When I left your ranch and rejoined my family, Pa was transferred to Fort Bridger, then to Fort Laramie, and later all over the west. When Fort Yuma closed last fall, I figured it was time to strike out on my own.”
      “Tell Miss Skeptic what you’ve been up to at all them forts, boy.” Sid’s eyes blazed with pride.
      “There wasn’t a fort in the last eight years where I didn’t have full charge of the army’s horses, including training their young stock,” Riley explained. “You’ve nothing to fear from me regarding your colt’s training. Horses take to me, see?” He let Shasta rest his head on his shoulder. “We’re friends already.”
      “He’s got the gift,” Sid said.
      “We’ll see.” Deep down, Andi knew Sid was right. What her brother didn’t know about horses could not fill Mother’s thimble. If Chad thought Riley could handle the job, he undoubtedly could.
      But do I want him to?
      Andi didn’t like the idea of any stranger—even Riley—training Shasta. She sighed. Chad pretty much did what he figured was in the best interest of the ranch. There wasn’t a lot Andi could do about it when her bossy brother made up his mind.
      There was one thing she could do, though. She could find out if the new wrangler was in charge of all the two-year-olds, or if Shasta would be left in her hands.
      I’ll ask Chad at supper.


  1. Can't wait to read the whole book! :D

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  3. Great sneak peek! Thanks, Susan!

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  6. I'm really looking forward to this book!!!! :D Thanks for the sneak-peak, Mrs. Marlow!

  7. Love it so far, but I'm sad that it's the last book! Thanks for writing for all of these years.

    1. Hey, Rebekah, where did you get the idea that The Last Ride was the last book in the CCMilestones series? I'm working on book 4, Shadows from the Past, right now. It's almost finished. :-)
      Mrs. M

  8. I can't wait for the next two books!!!!!!!!!


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