Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tenth Anniversary Winners!

The contest for the expanded edition for Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home close yesterday, September 30. There were 255 entries. Giveaway Tools chose the three (3) winners:

1. Audrey [I need your last name to mail your book and journal]. audrey and wiggles [at] gmail
    Audrey's favorite character: Mitch
    What Audrey would like to see in future books: More about Mitch. Oh, and I would like to see Andi get married.

2. Charity Martinez: camartinez [at] yahoo
    Charity's favorite character: I can't decide. I love them all!
    Charity only entered once so there is no answer for future books.

3. Hannah [I need your last name]: cinniepooh [at] hotmail.
    Hannah's favorite character: Andi
   What Hannah would like to see in future books: Andi to be lost and caught in a forest fire and escape.

To see what this contest was all about, go HERE.



  1. Cool. My sister's birthday was on the 30th. She turned 11.

  2. Yeah! That was a lot of fun! I thought I entered my favorite character, but I guess it didn't go through. My favorite character is Mitch. :-)

    1. Well, the entry that "won" was the one about the future. I will add the favorite character. I did find it but forgot to add it when I was making the post.

  3. Congrats winners! :)


  4. Um, Mrs.M, what do you mean a new winner?

    1. If the winner doesn't claim their prize, then I'll generate another, new winner.


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