Friday, October 16, 2015

Photo Friday: Behind the Scenes Part 2

Some more fun pictures we took for possible covers, in no particular order.

Rosa and I posing just for fun.

Another favorite picture. Maybe a future book cover?

I don't like this pic at all, even though it is good of Taffy. I don't like my hair like that.

It was October and nobody was enjoying the cold, brisk weather. Rosa (Joy) was freezing in that outfit.

Levi (Jarrett), Andi (Jessica), Hannah (Esther), and Betsy (Michaela Joy). This Levi did not end up on the cover.

A bit too much, I think. Star's ears are not quite right.

Mrs. M was the warmest of them all in her sweatshirt!


  1. Mrs.M do you sell those Journals you gave to the Tenth Anniversary Expanded Long Ride Home winners?

    1. Yes. They are a little pricey. $9. Plus $2.00 shipping. VistaPrint is very expensive (where I buy the journals). I bought a few extra just in case someone wanted to buy one. But I didn't think many would want to. I can put a PayPal button up on the blog in case somebody wants one.

    2. I put a PayPal button for journals on the left sidebar at the top. :-)


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