Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Real Taffy

Ellie, Kevan, and their new Taffy
My granddaughter's horse, Suzy Q, was more Arabian than my family wanted to mess with. She started showing her "stuff" (and not in a good way!), and she was too green for a first-time horse owner.

A trainer loved the horse, however, and offered to trade a quarter horse (six years old) for the 13hh Arabian. They snatched up the deal and got a bargain in the process.

This is a 14hh palomino quarter horse (even has papers), and guess what Ellie named her? Yep. TAFFY! Hurrah! She's dirty and likes to roll in the dust, but they're going to clean her up and now I have a palomino to take pictures of. My day just got really good!

This Taffy has 4 pretty white socks and white blaze on her nose . . . just like the real Taffy! 
Next spring she will hopefully get a little more golden. My DD plans to supplement her feed with something that will help her coloring. Go figure. Summer sun bleaches a palomino out.



  1. Aww, so glad 4 her ! And now you have a " Taffy" for the book covers! Wish we could have horses :(

  2. Wow. What a pretty horse! :) I'm glad everything worked out in the end for everybody.

  3. How exciting to get a "real Taffy." :) I'm sure everyone is delighted.

  4. So cool!!! I'm Ellie is very happy to have a real live Taffy! :-)
    Hannah M.

  5. Aww! She almost looks like my pony! (only, her name is Goldy. Not Taffy. ;)

  6. She looks exactly like Taffy! Glad your granddaughter finally found the perfect horse. :)

  7. How fun! I love Quarter Horses. That is the only kind of horse we have. I am kind of sad they sold Suzie Q as I love Sorrel horses. Plus Suzie Q looked like my little mare. But I am so happy for them, I am sure they will have lots of fun with her!

  8. How exciting :D
    some friends that I ride with have both an Arabian and a Quarter horse. and although i love the smooth gait of the Arabian he can have some serious attitude issues... thankfully never while I have been on his back ;) but the Quarter horse Molly is a a really sweet Buckskin. The Quater horses tends to have the best temperment... totally love that breed :D.
    Hope she has a lot of fun with Taffy ;)

  9. Sorry the other horse work didn't work, I know that happens a lot to families. Hopefully "Taffy" works out okay. Thanks for updating us and I'm so glad you have a new Taffy model! :D


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