Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Title for Contest Book . . . part 2

There is something "wrong" with Blogger today. All those links of your blogs are not working so I took down that post for now. I tried to fix it, but the new gadget won't even show up on the site. So, I will wait a few days and then see what happens. Here's the thing. When I first put up the links to your blogs, I tested a few random ones to see if they worked okay . . . and they did. So it must be a Blogger thing (the links are taking me to other places on this blog with a "can't find it" notice.

I'll let Blogger sort through their problems for now. The voting for the contest title commences today and runs through Saturday morning. Check out the poll on the right sidebar and choose between these top three titles (based on previous votes):

Along the Western Trail
Under the Sunset
Beyond the Horizon



  1. I think I may know what the problem is with the blog links. When I click them, it comes up with your blog address PLUS my address added on to the end of it, as if it were a page on your blog. That's probably what is wrong. How it got that way and how to fix it? I don't know. My best bet would be to go and use the gadget "add external links to your favorite sites" and see if that works. Unless you're already using it and it's just being dumb... :) I don't know. Hope that helps, though!

    1. Yep, your HTML code seems to be the problem. When I click the link to a blog, this is what shows up:
      So it's two HTML codes, it's adding your "circle c adventure" http code and my http code at the end of it. So if you can fix that it should fix itself up. :) I don't know! Just tryin' to help. :)

    2. Yeah, I figured that out first thing. The trouble is, on the external links (that's what I'm using) the URL shows ONLY the address for the new blog. Not a hint of my blog address. I'm stumped. When I first set it up a few days ago, the links worked FINE.

      I tried to create a PRACTICE external link and try one or two URLs all over again, but THIS time Blogger would not show the gadget in place on the my blog, even though the "layout" showed it right there on the left sidebar at the very top.

      Talk about frustrated!!! I figured I'd give it a few days and see what happens.

      The weird thing is . . . the gadget for the poll for the voting for titles went up with no problems!

      So maybe Blogger has a URL/website address issue. No use getting all hot under the collar until it is shown that it's not a Blogger problem

      Worst case scenario I just take the links down. That would be a shame, since it took me a LONG TIME to set it up just right. GRRRRRRRRR
      Did you get my email?


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