Friday, August 14, 2015

Andi Fans Meet at Last!

It was so exciting to get the following picture (used with permission) and letter from Anne! If it wasn't for Andi and the Circle C Adventures, these two might never have met. Especially since Hannah is not from the U.S. How fun! Thanks for sending, my friend!
Anne (left) and Hannah. Pen-pals and now real friends!

Remember last year when I asked for Hannah M.'s email, as we were to be pen-pals? Well, we started writing each other and got to know each other more and more.

A couple of months ago Hannah told me that she and her family were coming to the States, more specifically, to my home state of Oregon. So we arranged a time when we could meet up, and last Wednesday she came out to my house and we met for the first time.:) 

We really had a wonderful time together and I know that we will have a life-long friendship.
So, here's a picture of us two together.:)
Thank you so much!



  1. Wow, that is so neat and wonderful! How cool is that. I would love to meet my penpals someday, so it's awesome you got to meet your penpal, Anne and Hannah! What a wonderful and special gift and time!

  2. It is so amazing you got to meet each other! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. Anne and Hannah, that is so awesome!! Meeting a pen-pal would be an amazing experience. :) Thanks for posting Mrs. M!!!!! ;D

  4. wow that so awesome!
    hey girls, I am in need of good books to read! (since the next Andi book wont come out till next year)i like Janette Oak and have read almost all of her books. Lynn Austin and Karen Kingsbury are a few more of my favorites.

    1. Ooo, do I have a list for you!
      "The Russians" series by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella.
      "The Diaries of Corrie Belle Hollister" series by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella.
      "The Secret of the Rose" series by Michael Phillips. (Can you tell I like this author? ;D)
      "Illusion" by Frank Peretti. (Don't be turned off by it being Frank Peretti, while intense this is not scary and is a great story!)
      "Sisters in Time" series.

      I have a ton of single books I love but those are my favorite series along with one of my favorite single books. I have loads and loads of recommendations, but I read mostly biographies and history textbooks, but those are all fictional books. :) Hope that helps!

    2. I was about to suggest Sisters in Time too, Emily! :) I also love the Sadie Rose books, by Hilda Stahl. :) Oh, also the Christian Heritage Series, by Nancy Rue.

    3. Have you ever read the Trixie Belden series, Janelle? I also like Hope's Crossing, and The Land of Stories series . Hope this helps. :-)

  5. Congrats you two! ;) Sounds fun! :D

  6. That is SO cool that you two got to met!


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