Friday, July 17, 2015

Photo Friday: Riley's Horse Dakota

Thanks for helping me decide what Riley's horse should be. It was so hard . . . and so close! I didn't even vote. I could not decide.
It stayed a tie between the bay appaloosa and the gray appaloosa for a while, but the bay squeezed out ahead during the final hours of the contest and ended up winning with 40 votes compared to 35 (out of over 100 voting). So, let me introduce Dakota, Riley Prescott's bay appaloosa



  1. Its the perfect horse for Riley:) love the name Dakota!!!!

  2. Cool horse! I was torn between this one and the grey. Dakota is a wonderful name, Great Choice Mrs. Marlow!

  3. One of my characters in the Triple Creek Ranch series has a horse named Dakota, but they look nothing alike. :) This is what "my" Dakota looks like

  4. Rebekah your series sounds really interesting where can I find one of your books at?

    1. You can either look on Amazon under Rebekah Morris or you can visit my website at
      Thanks for asking.

  5. I didn't vote for the bay but it is a really pretty horse. ;) The name Dakota fits perfectly with the horse and with Riley. ;D

  6. Oh well, I could see Riley on the gray more than this one but, hey, it works! Go Dakoda!

  7. I almost chose this one, but I voted for the grey one. I love the name, though!


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