Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Favorite Things Part 3

 Welcome back to Andi's Journal and her (and Melinda's) favorite things. To read parts 1 & 2, go HERE.
So far I've shared Melinda and my favorite BOOKS, ACTIVITIES, WINTER ACTIVITIES, HATS, and CLOTHES. Today I've posted two more: Our favorite horseback destinations and what we would like for Christmas.

6. Favorite horseback destination

Mother does not like me riding into town alone, but that's fine with me. There is very little in town that attracts my attention. I would much rather ride Taffy to my special spot up in the high pasture near the creek. In springtime the creek is rushing and gurgling. By September (or earlier), it's a muddy trickle. Oak trees give Taffy and I shade, and in the spring, the rainbow trout almost jump out of the water and onto my hook. It's also a great place to just lie in the shade and think. Melinda used to ride up with me to my spot, but her favorite horseback (or buggy) destination is . . . wouldn't you know it? Town. Yes, that's right. Dusty, noisy Fresno. She likes to watch the train come in and can't wait to collect the mail at the post office. The mail. Sometimes we go for the mail together, and Melinda gets sidetracked at the milliner's (hat) shop. *sigh*

7. Favorite Birthday gift

There is one thing Melinda and I agree on one hundred percent. That is the special locket we each received for our twelfth birthday. It's truly my favorite gift ever. It's special because it's a tradition Father began with our oldest sister Katherine. When Melinda turned twelve, Father had been killed the spring before, so Justin stepped in and took over the tradition. So, each of us Carter girls got a locket for our twelfth birthday! I will cherish it forever. It was so hard when I gave it to Hannah to keep her from crying when her outlaw of a father, Troy, took her and the other kids away. But I eventually got it back. As a side note, Mother has a locket Father gave her too.

And that wraps up Our Favorite Things. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Melinda and my favorite things!

One more favorite of mine is to annoy Chad and Mitch while they are playing checkers. I sit on the floor next to the checker game and give all kinds of advice, which neither brother takes.


  1. I love these posts!! Thanks Andi! ;)
    My favorite horseback destination (If I had a horse!) would probably be a pond about a mile east of our house.
    My favorite birthday gift… hmm… that's a hard one! It would probably be bookends that my brother made for me! They have horseshoes for handles. :)

  2. I love that last picture!!!! It's funny, I get so confused with the Big Valley characters and the Circle C characters. I'll call Justin, Jared and Mitch, Heath and so on.
    I LOVE how you got Andi in that picture!! It's perfect! :D

    1. When I watch Big Valley, I call Audra, Melinda, and Heath, Mitch too, Jesseca!

  3. Favorite horseback destination. Well, if I had a horse, it would probably be the little town I live in. (I don't actually live IN it, I live like five minutes from it.)
    My favorite birthday present...well, right now it is my new hair flattener, but it really changes every year, haha.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. Awesome post Andi! I love how you annoy your bothers... oh, I meant brothers.


  5. I loved these posts! :)

  6. Love your post Andi !!! my favorite spot is the neighborhood across from the barn where i can ride my horse and my favorite gift is... um...i don`t really have one but if i had to pick it would probably be my dog or horse.;)

    ~ cheyenne

  7. Wow! I'm surprised your favorite birthday gift wasn't Taffy! :)


    1. Sometimes Andi surprises even Mrs. M. Lol getting Tandy when she was so young, age six, makes taffy so much a part of her life she doesn't just think of her as merely a birthday guarantors.

  8. When did Andi get her locket back from Hannah?


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