Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Favorite Things Part 2

Welcome back to Andi's Journal and her (and Melinda's) favorite things. To read part 1, go HERE.
In the previous journal entry, I talked about our 1) favorite books, 2) our favorite activities, and 3) our favorite winter activities, so now we are going to share some other favorites. And oh! Don't forget to share your favorites of these categories (like books and activities) in the comments below.

4. Favorite hat


This might sound obvious, but I prefer to wear a hat that I can scrunch down on my head, slip the stampede string under my chin, and be assured that my head gear will not fly off in the wind. And I don't just mean while I'm riding Taffy. A floppy sunhat like Melinda prefers (and the more flowers and foo-foo the better), will whip off my head the moment I step out of the house. And if you try to scrunch it down to make it stay on better, the brim flops over my eyes, which is not much of a style statement and an embarrassment to both my sister and my mother. So, I'll stick with the cowboy hat.

5. Favorite clothes


When Melinda and I talked about our favorite clothes, she made me promise that I couldn't say overalls. "Everybody in three counties knows you like overalls best, and now that you're too old to wear them, they don't count." As an afterthought, Melinda also said, "You can't choose a split skirt either. That's too much like britches." *BIG SIGH* So, number 5 might as well read "Favorite DRESS" and not favorite clothes, after all. So I had to come up with something different.

Al-righty. Above is a picture of my favorite clothes and Melinda's favorite clothes. Melinda loves party dresses of all kinds and colors. Nothing pleases her more than a pretty gown. For me, comfort is the most important, and the ability to ride in it in a pinch. It took some thought, and Melinda rolled her eyes when I settled on, "My button-down skirt and blue-plaid shirt." (Well, Mitch's blue-plaid shirt that I found in a trunk last winter and grew into. It's well-worn and not scratchy, like a lacy blouse.) And in an emergency, I can ride Taffy in this skirt and "not let my bloomers show."

The purple stain is hidden under the basket.
Melinda had more instructions. "And since this is not a LEAST FAVORITE journal entry," she added, "you can't talk about the gown you wore three Christmases ago in San Francisco." 

Dirty darn. I was thinking about that party dress too. My truly least favorite dress (after the red, scratchy one Aunt Rebecca bought me when I was small). The purple punch stain simply would not come out, no matter how hard the laundress scrubbed. *big smile*

I couldn't wear it, and now I've outgrown it. I'm not sad it's ruined. It made me itch the entire holiday.
Shhh . . . I sneaked a picture of my least favorite dress for this journal. Don't let Melinda know.

What are your favorite hats and clothes?



  1. Kristina Van GorpJune 19, 2015 at 6:58 AM

    My favorite
    Hat: either my cowboy hat or Cabelas baseball hat
    Dress: my new teal polysatin dress with fabric pink roses sprinkled randomly around the dress
    Winter Activity: outdoors I like to go sledding in the Rocky Mountains, but indoors I like to play games like Clue or Racing'n'Rodeo
    Activity: I would love to ride a horse but I can't. So I like to read, draw, and do my schoolwork
    Book: of course my favorite is Andrea Carter and the Price of Truth or Thick as Thieves. Beyond all of Mrs. Marlow's series my second favorite author is Lois Johnson.
    That rounds it up for me. Can't wait to hear from the rest of you( including Mrs. Marlow)

  2. Hat: A ball cap, of course! :)
    Dress: A T-shirt with a tiered & gathered skirt that I can move freely in.
    Winter activity: Reading in front of the fireplace!
    Activity: Reading, crocheting, and singing, if singing can be counted as an activity.
    Book: I've read so many I don't have a favorite! But my favorite series are the Circle C's, Goldtowns, and Sisters in Time.

    1. Another one of my favorite activities is reading while riding in the combine! :)

  3. Hat: I don't like hats.
    Dress: I love this one purple dress. It's kind of old-fashioned, but my favorite color and so elegant!!
    Book: The whole Chronicles of Narnia series
    Activity: Swimming
    Winter activity: Reading

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. Hat: I love ball caps.
    Dress: I don't like dresses or skirts.
    Book: circle c adventure/milestone series and some of Gilbert Morris's books:)
    Activity: Horse riding, exploring, and a whole bunch of out doorsy stuff.
    Winter activity: reading, sledding, and sleigh riding:)

  5. Hat: ball cap or my dad's big straw hat! Lol
    Dress: I'm i little odd, I guess. I can be in shorts or jeans and a t shirt and a ponytail or messy bun, but on Sundays I'll dress up and fix my hair nice.
    Books: All Mrs. M's books, Mandie series, and Avery's battlefield and Avery's crossroad.
    Activity: reading, writing, playing with my dog.
    Winter activity: same. And playing in the snow..

  6. Mrs. Marlow, when will Heartbreak Trail be available for purchase?

  7. Fun post! I love hearing more about Melinda :) Here are my favorites:

    Hat: Pink baseball cap with a little embroidered whale on it
    Dress:Comfy short sleeve purple dress
    Books: Circle C adventures, Lord of the Rings, White Fang
    Activity: Reading, horseback riding, playing guitar
    Winter activity: Cross country skiing!

  8. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed it. :) And I love Andi's descriptions. I know how she feels!

    Hat: I LOVE my ushanka. I literally wear it the moment it gets cold. It's soooo comfortable. As soon as spring comes around I shed the ushanka and wear either no hat at all or a cowgirl hat.

    Dress: I have this really cute skirt and shirt I call my "trident outfit". I actually don't have many dresses... I mostly wear jeans because I'm outside most of the time. But when I do wear fancier clothes, I wear the "Trident" outfit. It's a multi-colored skirt that looks like the package of an orange trident gum pack. The shirt is a beautiful peachy orange.

    Books: Agent 146: A Nazi Spy in America, Daughter of Grace, The Russians series, The Secret of the Rose series and all of Mrs. Marlows books. :)

    Activity: Writing, riding, exploring, working on the farm... basically anything outside. :)

    Winter activity: Writing, riding, skiing... all the same activities. :) Oh! And we're hoping to try skijoring this winter!

  9. Hat: cowboy hat or baseball cap with crosses
    Dress: shirt and skirt
    Activity: riding my horse and reading trail riding
    Winter. Activity: sleigh riding sledding playing with horses
    Books : circle c and the black stallion books
    Loved your favorites Andi !!


    Dress:A blue denim dress
    Activity:I like milking my cow playing with my dog and I do like to ride a hose but we don't have any
    Winter Activity:Well...winter is mostly doing chores in the muck and bringing in wood.
    Book: I like circle c and wimpy kid and the hunger games and The divergent sires hard choice.

  11. Hat: I don't wear hats much
    Dress: Actually, I prefer skirts :) My favorite is denim with embroidered white flowers
    Activity: Reading and playing my flute
    Book: Circle C and the Adventures of Nathan T Riggins

  12. 1. Going to the barn that I ride at and having a lesson there is my first thing I like to do!
    2. Then reading Mrs. M books!!
    3. Playing Dutch Blitz.
    My favorite things to do!

  13. One more thing.
    I like to wear skirts and!

  14. Hat: I like my team sorting cap
    Dress: anything comfortable but cute
    Book: anything with Andi Carter or Mandi Shaw
    Activity: Riding horses, reading, writing, exploring the woods, I can't really chose
    Winter activity: swinging

  15. Andi I don't blame you for not liking skirts that much when I was younger I loved them but now I only wear dresses and skirts on most Sundays my church is very VERY casual.

  16. the others my fav. books are any adventure books! :) chess is fun if you can win I can't. Hat would be a ball cap and winter activity would be books or writing I only like to be outside when I'm at my grandparents because they live in the country but I'm in the city.


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