Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New CCMilestons Character Page

It is a lot of work to keep up with two different sites. I don't want to create yet another Blogger "page" to muck up the tabs at the top of this page, so here is the teaser, and then you can hop over to the real page on the web site if you want to see the characters I've put up over there.

"Andi is growing up in the Circle C Milestones series. The books span Andi's life from age fourteen to nearly eighteen years old. A whole new cast of characters (as well as beloved ones from the Circle C Adventures) surround Andi and give her plenty of opportunities for adventures that include not only joy and excitement but also heartbreak and loss---just like real life." To read more, go to the CC MILESTONES CHARACTERS.Then, in a comment, let me know which (if any) other characters you'd like me to put up so you can see what they look like.    


  1. I'd like to see Riley, and then maybe the rest of Andi's family :) But I know there's another page for her family on the blog so I understand if you don't want to add them :)

    1. I plan to add Riley when we get closer to the release of The Last Ride. Yes, I was thinking about adding the rest of her family (like I did for Justin, kinda like an update on them now, a few years later), but I didn't know if it would seem redundant. I will do that sometime, and every time I do an update, I'll just link y'all over to the page. That would be faster and easier than trying to create two pages. And honestly, it's WAY easier to make things turn out on the website. Blogger is a little bit trickier.

  2. Looks good! I would like to see Riley too.
    Sid McCoy looks like some one I know in real-life. :)

  3. I like it! If I think of anyone to add in, I'll let you know! I can't wait for Heartbreak Trails!!! You said it's coming out in July? Please let us know the second that we can order it!!!


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