Monday, May 4, 2015

Toledo McGuire

The final runners-up poll for the picture of the new character in the upcoming Heartbreak Trail was very close! 55% to 49%. If I had a very strong feeling about one or the other, I would use my "power of the author" to go ahead and choose. And if it had been a true tie: 50% to 50%, I would choose as well. But the whole point of putting up a poll is finding out what you all want. And it looks like you chose:
Of course, once Heartbreak Trail releases in July, we can have another "after the fact" poll. Perhaps, after reading the story, your "vision" of Toledo McGuire, the cocky trail hand, will change.


  1. Cool!! I so can't wait for June! :D

  2. Yippie! I voted for him! Cannot wait for it to come out!!!

  3. Well I have to say I voted for #3 but I would have been happy either way... after seeing the other two pics of #4 that is :) Glad Willie... ;) I mean Toledo #3 won ;)

  4. Aw rats! I wanted #4 to win. :(
    Oh well, he can look like #4 in my head as I read the book I guess... ;)

  5. Oh good! That's who I was hoping would win :)


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