Friday, May 8, 2015

"Lunes" part 2 . . . by Anna S.

And here is the conclusion!

Part Two: What are we gonna do?

     Andi came out a few minutes later in her normal riding gear: braids and overalls. Cory grinned at her when he saw her coming, then went back to checking Flash’s saddle straps. She walked over to Taffy’s stall and began to saddle her.
   “Who’d you get for Riley?” Cory motioned with his head over to the pen next to him.
   “Coco?” Andi laughed. “Good choice.” 
    Cory looked outside and grimaced. “Here comes Mr. City.  You may wanna see this, Andi!” He laughed, and gestured towards the house.  Andi walked over, and put her hand over her mouth to stifle the giggles.
    Riley was wearing the most fashionable yet uncomfortable riding habit she had ever seen. His top hat still on his head, he sort of waddled over to the barn, where his face flushed as he looked at a young lady wearing overalls! Cory stepped out of the way to get a better view at the show that was about to begin.   

     Andi cleared her throat. “Is that the new fashion, Riley?”
     He looked down at his outfit, and then raised his head haughtily, “Yes. I presume your riding habit is the new fashion around these western parts?”       
     Andi’s face flushed as she tried to swallow the mockery that was being forced at her.  Be graceful and courteous. Be graceful and courteous. Ugh.
   “I find it easier to ride comfortably than fashionably. Can we ride now?” Andi said as she rolled her eyes.  Cory grinned and jumped onto Flash, while Riley held his hand out to Andi, saying,  “May I escort you onto Taffeta?” 
      Andi pulled her hand back, and replied,  “I’m fine, thank you.” she promptly got onto Taffy, and turned around to face Riley.      
    "And Riley – her name is Taffy. Just Taffy.” she turned back around and caught up with Cory while waiting for Riley to get onto Coco. Fifteen minutes later, Cory and Andi were galloping across the ranch with Riley trotting behind them.
   Cory turned around to Riley, “Hurry up, will ya? We want to get to the creek before dark!”
   Riley’s face turned purple, and he pulled out a horse-whip that neither Andi nor Cory had seen before, and started whipping poor Coco to go faster. He definitely got a reaction, just not the one he wanted. Coco started crow-hopping, trying to stop the whip. Andi turned around when she heard Coco’s whimpering noises, just in time to see Coco shoot off in the other direction with Riley holding on for dear life. He dropped the whip so he could hold on with two hands, but that didn’t really change Coco’s attitude. Andi yelled for Cory, and they both galloped after Riley, hoping to stop Coco before the horse or Riley got hurt.
   Andi got to Coco first, and slowed the horse down before he could buck Riley off.
   Riley looked at Andi with relief and embarrassment, but looked away when he saw Cory holding the whip and glaring at him. Cory ended up leading Riley with Andi close behind them.

Part Three: Mission Impossible

When they arrived back at the ranch, Riley went immediately inside while Cory and Andi unsaddled Coco and Taffy. They went inside to the kitchen and ate cookies while Andi complained to Cory.
   “Cory! Why did he even come here? We’ve definitely got to get him far away from here before he hurts anymore animals. Boy, was Chad mad when he saw poor Coco! Any ideas?”
    Cory was quiet as he dunked his cookie in milk, the looked up.
    “I think we just need to play a harmless trick on him to get him back into his place. And I have just the right one in mind. I’ll come see you tomorrow, and we can put our plan into action.” Cory got up, said good-bye to Mrs. Cater, and left. Andi said good night to everyone, and went to bed so she could think.
   The next morning, Andi came down to breakfast to find a surprise waiting for her. Cory was sitting in Melinda’s old seat, grinning at her as she sat down with her eyebrows raised. He shook his head, his way of saying don’t say anything. They made small talk until breakfast was over, and then went outside for a ride. As soon as they were in the barn, Andi turned around with her hands on her hips.
   “Okay Cory, spill. You kept me up all night thinking, and I’ve gotta know the plan.”
   He laughed, and said, “Okay, Andi. Here’s the plan. Remember our, uh, little incident when we first met? The snake? Well, I’m gonna do that again, except a little differently. We’re going to make Riley wish he’d never come here.” Andi giggled, and followed him out on Taffy as he rode off to set up his booby traps.
   Andi’s first job was to get Riley to go riding with her again, and she assured him that this time would be very different from the night before. He finally agreed, and, since he was wary of riding, Andi led his horse. They rode out to the creek, where Cory was hiding in the bushes. She helped him off, and then they walked until they were about three feet away from Cory.
   “Since you’ll be leaving soon, I thought you’d want to see where I come to get away from everything. It’s so, well, untouched by man.  I love watching the animals in their natural environment, so free and happy!” Andi spread out the picnic blanket and motioned for Riley to sit while she got the food out. She stepped over to Taffy, made sure Riley wasn’t looking, and gave Cory the go ahead signal. He nodded, and then bent close to the ground. Andi looked away, trying not to laugh and give away their plan to Riley. She didn’t have to wait long. A loud scream came from the blanketed area, and Andi rushed back over, looking for Riley. She found him pressed against a tree, his eyes closed, and his face leaned to the side. She suppressed a laugh, then walked over to Riley and shook his arm.
    “Are you okay? What’s the matter?”
    Riley looked at her, then shook his head.
   “When you mentioned that wild beasts roamed this area, I was not expecting that title to include snakes!” his face grew pale, and he pointed behind Andi. She whirled around, only to find herself reaching down and scooping up the harmless garden snake stroking its back.
    “¡Oh, pobrecito! Did Riley scare you?” Andi stopped her on going conversation with the snake to hold it out to Riley, but he just shuddered.
   “Come on, Riley. Let me show you something.” Andi pointed out the minnows swimming in the creek below them. While Riley was occupied, she put down the snake and walked quietly over to a rock by the creek, where she pulled out her next mission.
   “Riley, hold your hand out and close your eyes!” he did as he was told, and the bomb was put into place. When he felt something moving he curled up his hand. When he opened his eyes, he saw goo coming out of his hands, and flattened his hand out. Andi quickly took the handful of slugs, and put them in a bucket she’d brought along. When Riley figured out what had happened, his face turned red, and said as he had a stare-down with Andi,
   “Andrea, I had determined to accompany you to this esteemed spot of yours with the expectation to ask for a courtship between us. As I was passing through your western town, I began reminiscing my childhood memories here. I then came to the conclusion that I should very much so enjoy having a similar relationship with you once again. However, I now see that our two worlds are thoroughly and utterly diverse, and I shall never bother your diabolical country lands again!” Riley stormed off, got onto his horse, and rode off.
   Cory came out of hiding and walked up to Andi. She turned and smiled, rejoicing that their plan had worked.
   “You know, Cory, I think today is my new favorite day. It used to be the first day of school.  Now I see what it really is - the first day of a new week. A week of adventure, of fun, and things that I don’t even know about yet.  Why did we ever think it was the worst day of the week?” Cory smiled, and shook his head.
   “I don’t know, Andi.” The two walked to Taffy, grabbed their final mission, and headed to the creek. They had some fishing to do.
The End



  1. That was a really fun story! And it had a lot of interesting twists! :) Great job, Anna!

  2. That was super funny! I loved it! lol:)

  3. Great ending, Anna!


  4. Great job Anna! Love it!


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