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"Lunes" part 1 . . . by Anna S.

Welcome to another fan story! This one has a Spanish title. It means "Monday." Enjoy! 
Part 2 tomorrow. . .

Anna S.

Monday isn’t most people’s favorite day- and for a while, I was with them. Now, I think my mind has changed. But, let me back up. It all started Sunday evening at five o’ clock.  We had a, well, visit.
One that was very unexpected.

Part One: An Impromptu Encounter

   “¡Ella está muy frustrante!” Andi Carter whispered to herself as she clenched her fists angrily.
   , she is frustrating at times,” a masculine voice said quietly behind her. Andi turned slightly when she felt a touch on her shoulder.
   “I’m seventeen, Mitch! I like surprises, and Mother knows that. Just not surprise’s like this!” she wailed as she sat down on her bed with a thump.
   “Relax, Sis. Now you need to get downstairs before Mother gets angry.” Mitch said with a half smile as he leaned towards the door. 
     Andi took a deep breath, then, shaking her head, she sulked down stairs.
   Mrs. Carter turned towards her with a smile. “My dear, can you come to the kitchen with me? I want to talk with you.” She put her arm around Andrea and guided her into the kitchen. As soon as they were alone, Andi whirled around, “Mother! What’s he doing here? Was he invited? What’s going on?” she sat down on a chair and crossed her arms as she looked at her mother while she waited for answers. Mrs. Carter took a deep breath and put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder.
    “Yes, I knew he was coming. He contacted me to tell me he’d be in town, so naturally I invited him over.  I knew you would object, so I didn’t tell you.” She sighed, and pulled up a chair for herself.

 “You mean to tell me that you invited that man here without letting me know, and made me get into this pink dress, which, Andrea said as she gave a little half smile, “is very soft. But for,” she continued, ”a visitor I didn’t know was coming? I’m very hurt, mother.” Andi said sadly as she looked at the floor. Her mother looked at her straight in the eye and said, “Andrea, I am sorry I hurt you, but I was right, and you know it. So I expect you to go back out there,  to not mutter ‘Excuse me’ as soon as you go in, and run to your room again, but to be graceful and courteous, and to sit quietly until his visit is complete. Is that clear?”
   “Yes, Mother.” Andi said meekly as she pecked the floor with her foot. She stood up and followed her mother out of the kitchen and into the dining room. When the ladies walked in, a young man stood up and pulled back a chair.
   “Here you are, Andrea.” Andi sat down stiffly, and looked up into the face of Riley Weaver.
For a moment, all was quiet, save for the sound of clinking silverware.
Andi looked across the table at Riley. She set down her fork and took a big gulp of water.   
     Andrea cleared her throat nervously, and asked,
   “How was the big city, Riley? Did you learn a lot?”
     Riley cleared his throat and slid his hand through his already slicked back black hair.
    “Well,” he said clearly, “ I have acquired the information for which I journeyed to New York City to gain, and am now taking off a period of time from the business. I shall return home to the city and my banking partners after the passing of three score days.”
      Andi was quiet. Then she said,
     “I am very happy for you and all your, um, accomplishments. Where are you going after you leave town?”
     “I shall continue on to San Francisco, from which I shall accompany two of my partners to Kansas City, and we shall continue our journey from the west until we reach our destination.” Riley answered smoothly as he wiped his mouth on a napkin.
     Andi looked at the other three people sitting at the other end of the table curiously. Are they thinking that his fine-tuned speech is not so foreign and just plain annoying, or is it just me? 
     Her brother Chad’s face showed that he was highly annoyed with the hoity-toity city boy sitting in his house, and Mitch looked amused, as if he was waiting to see who would blow with annoyance first, Chad or Andi. Mrs. Carter’s face was unreadable, like she couldn’t quite grasp what to think about the new Riley.  They were quiet for the rest of the meal, except for some small talk.
    After dinner was over, Andi was left alone with Riley in the parlor while her mother cleaned the kitchen and her brother’s did the chores.  They sat across from each other, neither knowing what to say. There was soon a knock on the door, which she jumped up to answer.
  “Cory!” she said with surprise. Then she remembered: they were supposed to go riding that evening.
    Cory looked at her with a confused look on his face.
   “Are you okay, Andi?” Cory asked her. “You never forget a riding night, especially when it’s with me, since I’m back from college!” she shook her head, smiled, and invited him in.
    “We had a guest,” she explained as she led him to the parlor. They walked in, and Riley stood up as he saw her entering, but his eyes narrowed suspiciously when he saw Cory. Andi walked quickly between them and said with her arms leaning toward Cory,
   “Riley Weaver, meet Cory Blake. Cory, Riley.” She gestured as she stepped back to let them shake hands. Cory stuck his hand out, but Riley just smirked, and said to Andi,
   “What is he doing here?” Cory looked offended, and said,
   “I should ask the same about you.” she looked at Cory, then Riley, then back at Cory.  What’s the problem? Why is Riley being so rude? I guess I should step in.
   “Ahem.” Andi said as she looked at Riley. “Cory and I are going riding tonight. Would you like to join us?”
    Riley pondered it for a moment, and seemed very thoughtful, then said, “ Yes, I think I shall. Although, I haven’t ridden since I was a young child.”
  “Alright. Cory, I’ll go get changed, and then I’ll meet you outside. You don’t have to saddle Taffy for me; I’ll be back in a flash.” Andi said over her shoulder as she walked upstairs. Cory grinned. ”Okay. Who do you want me to saddle for him?” Cory asked as he gestured to Riley. She smiled.
  “You pick!” and ran up the stairs.



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